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Posted by cdeaglejr | Aug 15, 2016 @ 05:15 PM | 3,316 Views
Several Hubsan FPV quads are supplied with a transmitter that can be easily improved. The internal 5.8 Ghz antenna can be replaced with an external antenna. Simply remove the internal antenna, drill a hole on the left side of the transmitter, and mount an antenna jack. Wire the jack to the contacts of the original internal antenna.

This transmitter eats batteries and the built-in 5.8 Ghz antenna is a poor implementation. The first modification I did was replace the internal antenna with an external antenna. It required drilling a hole in the left hand side of the case, mounting a jack for the antenna and wiring the jack to the attachment points of the original "wire" antenna. The second modification involved powering the transmitter with a 1000 mah 3S Lipo battery. The battery was wired to the transmitter using a UBEC that "steps down" the 11+ volts of the Lipo to 6 volts. The UBEC was placed inside the transmitter in the original AA cell compartment. The cable for the battery passed through the cover via a small notch cut in the cover. The Lipo was attached to the back of the transmitter using Velcro. This permits the Lipo to be recharged.
Posted by cdeaglejr | Aug 15, 2016 @ 04:53 PM | 3,853 Views
Since it takes about three hours to charge the Hubsan H501C battery with the supplied charger, it is desirable to charge the battery faster. I'm using a SKYRC e4 Balance Charger to charge the 2S 2000 mah battery. Simply plug in the balance cable, either build or buy a banana plugs-to-EC2 cable and charge the Hubsan battery at 1A. The time to recharge depends on the actual balance charger that you use. This technique should work for other Hubsan batteries with a balance cable.