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Posted by Suenaga | Oct 27, 2016 @ 11:58 AM | 8,290 Views
Safe Rx install in Hanger 9 Extra 330SC 65" wingspan

Sorry for my absence from this thread--real world stuff has been pretty time consuming for me as of late. I did manage to install an Eflite Safe Rx in a Hanger 9 Extra 330SC this week, and maidened it yesterday. This plane is equipped with an Eflite Power 60 motor, Castle Talon 90 esc, and Savox servos. Iam flying with 6S 5000 mah batteries. With this particular setup there was no issue with the safe rx arming, and the servos needed no servo reversing for the safe correction directions.

The plane is a terrific flyer, but I do have some slight porpoising at select speeds (around mid throttle) in beginner mode only. If you go hands off the sticks in beg mode I don't see any of the porpoising, but it appears when the sticks are in use (right stick)--I guess it could be the dx9, but I doubt it since there is no such behavior in int or exp mode. Its not severe, but it is intermittent and noticeable. She lands and takes off like a dream in beg mode. I was able to lessen the porposing with lower elevator rates and pushing the battery forward quite a bit, but still within the generous cog specs. Self level is definitely the issue for this plane, with its huge control surfaces. It's unfortunate that this plane was just discontinued. I haven't heard anything bad about it and its first 4 flights yesterday bore that out for me. I'll try to get some video this weekend, if nothing else comes up, lol.
Posted by Suenaga | May 25, 2016 @ 08:31 PM | 10,963 Views
Some forward flight practice today with 3 of my Helis at the MARKS RC Club Field in Highland, California

Learning Heli's at MARKS RC Club Field (10 min 32 sec)

Posted by Suenaga | May 24, 2016 @ 03:12 PM | 11,245 Views
Here is this week's flight with my new Goblin 700--I didn't do a great job on my video editing, so sorry about that

This is my 4th flight on the Goblin. I love the stability of such a large heli--I am flying with a Bavarian Demon 3sx FBL and 12S 5000mah Glacier stick packs. Im learning slowly but loving every minute of it!


Heli Noob flies his SAB Goblin 700 (4 min 36 sec)

Posted by Suenaga | Feb 27, 2016 @ 02:45 PM | 12,198 Views
Nothing special for all the great Heli pilots out there but here is the maiden flight of my Trex 550 Pro DFC as well as my first flight with all my heli's without the training gear--at 57 I have just begun to learn Helis and its a steep learning curve for me---


An old guy learns to fly RC Helis--Trex 550 Pro DFC Maiden (9 min 6 sec)

Posted by Suenaga | Jan 13, 2016 @ 07:56 PM | 14,053 Views
Here is the initial testing and maiden flight of one of my Trex 500 Pro DFC's with Spektrum's new AR7210BX FBL unit onboard. The AR7210BX also has the SAFE programming available via download which I did. This is the same FBL unit that comes with Blade's new 270CFX heli. I purchased the FBL separately and then upgraded it with the SAFE technology option via the StudioX software from the folks that make the BeastX. The transmitter is a Spektrum DX9. I found that when engaging SAFE mode, it is better to switch to high rates, even for a beginner like me. Without SAFE mode activated, low rates are fine. So far so good! I'm also loving the training gear, which should save me a little on repairs.
It's slow baby steps for me


Trex 500 Pro DFC b AR7210BX Maiden Jan 13 2016 (5 min 34 sec)

Posted by Suenaga | Jan 13, 2016 @ 06:25 PM | 12,480 Views
Today I maidened both of my Align Trex 500 Pro DFC's. This one is equipped with the Spektrum AR7200BX FBL unit which has been around for a while. I am really liking the training gear. I'm progressing, albeit slowly. I'm finding that learning to program, adjust and repair these heli's is almost as fun as learning to fly them. A whole different animal, esp trying to learn at age 57, lol.


Align Trex 500 Pro DFC AR 7200BX Maiden Jan 13 2016 (3 min 11 sec)

Posted by Suenaga | Dec 03, 2015 @ 11:35 PM | 13,033 Views
Well, I've resolved to learn to fly Helis, lol. Here is the maiden flight of my Align Trex 450 DFC Plus with the 3GXmrs flybarless system and DSMX satellite. Iam using some custom made training gear I got from a guy on Ebay. It is made with Fiberglass rods and whiffle balls. You can see its going to save me some damage from hard landings while I learn the basics I've got a couple of Trex 500 Pro DFC's to work up to, as well as a Trex 550L Dominator Kit I'll be building over the winter. Ive got a Blade 200 SRX with SAFE that I've been using to get my feet wet as well, along with a lot of Simulator crashing

At 57 I'm not sure I have the ability to learn this, but I'm gonna give it a shot.


Align Trex 450 Plus Maiden w/Training Gear (4 min 2 sec)

Posted by Suenaga | Sep 12, 2015 @ 10:51 AM | 15,544 Views
Here is just a very short video of my Freewing F-86 80mm EDF during a fly-by of our club field. I just love the sound of this baby!


Freewing F86 Low Pass (0 min 20 sec)

Posted by Suenaga | Aug 09, 2015 @ 03:39 PM | 15,317 Views
Here is a quick video of the maiden flight of my Dynam Meteor 70mm EDF Jet. The flight took place at the MARKS RC Club Field in Highland, California. The SAFE RX conversion was simple, no servos needed to be reversed. I used a Spektrum DX-9 transmitter. The retracts were plugged into aux 2 and assigned a two position switch. I pulled the Dynam esc and replaced it with a Hobby People 60a S-BEC esc.

Best viewed with 1080P settings.


Dynam Meteor w/SAFE Rx Maiden (1 min 53 sec)

Posted by Suenaga | Jul 04, 2015 @ 06:58 PM | 17,558 Views
Here is video of the first flights with my Eflite Pulse 15e. I have an Eflite Safe Rx installed which required a servo reversing lead on the ailerons. All other control surfaces were fine. I did have some issues with vibration from the motor at high throttle so I was experimenting with the spinner and motor cowl off during the first few flights. I'm not sure of the exact cause of the vibration but after tightening everything down again it seems to be better now. Tomorrows flights will confirm this (hopefully). I flew with a combination of Eflite, Hobby People, and Venom 3S 3200 battery packs--all of them give me 7 minutes plus of flight times with a tad to spare. The transmitter used is a Spektrum DX-9.


Eflite Pulse 15e with SAFE Rx Maiden (3 min 34 sec)

2nd Day of flights-

Eflite Pulse 15E w/SAFE, 2nd Day 7/5/2015 (3 min 44 sec)
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Posted by Suenaga | Jun 18, 2015 @ 06:04 PM | 16,505 Views
Here is the first flight of my FMS Zero with the Sound system--1 TT-25 only. There were no ill effects on the Gyros in the SAFE Receiver. The helicopter sound in the background at the beginning are some nearby firefighting airships headed off to fight a pretty large forest fire in the mountains near here. You can see some of the smoke above the mountains on the east end of the runway (left end).

Watch at 1080P with sound volume up.


FMS A6M3 Zero with Mr. RC Sound System (4 min 4 sec)

Posted by Suenaga | Jun 07, 2015 @ 05:09 PM | 19,748 Views
Connecting Flaps and Retracts on 1 channel (Aux 2) USING 1 TRANSMITTER SWITCH via a Y lead on a SAFE Rx equipped Freewing F-86 Sabre (80mm EDF Jet) with an Eflite SAFE Rx (found in Apprentice S).

NOTE---a DX6 will not work with this. You need a DX9 or DX18 transmitter for you to do this. Apologies for the error of mentioning the DX6 in the video.

The Eflite SAFE Receiver is a 7 channel receiver that has channels 5 and 6 reserved for the SAFE system. This leaves 1 channel (aux 2) open to plug in another channel such as flaps or gear. In planes with just one or the other this isnt an issue (like my Carbon Z Cub which has flaps but no retracts, my Parkzone FW190 that has retracts but no flaps, or my Parkzone Mosquito that has gear but I don't have the optional flaps installed). Some of my planes have flaps but i dont really ever need them so I leave them unconnected and just connect the gear (like my Eflite P-51 Dallas Doll). But sometimes you have that plane that has BOTH flaps and retracts and you need them both. Such is the case with my 80mm EDF Freewing F-86 Sabre. The Sabre will land with no flaps but the amount of runway needed is A LOT Landing this jet with flaps is much easier, and taking off with a small amount of flaps is also a necessity when you want to shorten that long take-off run a bit. A couple of the guys on RC Groups have been experimenting with putting both flaps and retracts on one channel (aux 2) and using a Y lead to connect them as they plug...Continue Reading
Posted by Suenaga | May 30, 2015 @ 02:56 PM | 17,784 Views
I have installed an Eflite safe receiver in my Freewing F-86 Sabre and maidened it this morning. I am flying with an Admiral 6S 4000mah battery and DX-9 Transmitter. The SAFE Rx required a servo reversing lead for the rudder/nosewheel, and the elevator and ailerons were already correcting in the proper direction. Flaps and gear are on the one available channel (aux 2) with a Y connecter. The channel is connected to a 3 position switch. Position 0 is gear and flaps up, Position 1 is Gear down and Take-off Flaps at 10%. Position 2 is Gear down and landing flaps at 40%. The stock Freewing esc is a Hobbywing 70a with an internal UBEC. In order for it to work with the SAFE Rx I needed to install a 3 wire switch between the esc and the receiver. I then just plug the battery in to power the esc only (with the switch to the rx set to "off"), wait for the esc to start single beeps a few seconds apart and then switch to "on" which then powers up the receiver and safe initialization begins and throttle is armed. You can see this procedure at the beginning of the video. The Safe Rx performed flawlessly in this 80mm edf. The video is actually two flights as I had some issues with filming via my hat-cam. The first landing which is not shown had some bouncing as I came down to land via low rates (70%) and didn't have enough elevator throw to properly flair with the speed I was at. The second landing (which is shown) was done at high rates (100%). The Sabre has a 12...Continue Reading
Posted by Suenaga | May 27, 2015 @ 04:21 PM | 16,872 Views
Here is today's maiden of my 1400mm FMS A6M3 Zero equipped with an Eflite Safe Rx. Rudder and Elevator needed reversers for SAFE corrections, ailerons were ok out of the box. The 70a FMS SBEC speed controller worked fine with the SAFE Rx. She flies and lands like a pussycat, but take-off rolls have a BIG pull to the left to be watchful of. The transmitter is a DX-9. Flaps were originally hooked up via a 3 position switch, but I found she was just as easy to land without them so they are disconnected right now. I flew with a 4S 3000mah battery.


FMS 1400mm Zero with SAFE Rx Maiden May 27 2015 (4 min 10 sec)

Posted by Suenaga | Apr 25, 2015 @ 06:45 PM | 17,280 Views
The price of the Parkzone Artizan has dropped quite a bit so I picked up a PNP version and put an Eflite SAFE Rx in it. I know a couple of guys did the conversion and reported it as "no muss, no fuss". They were right--no modifications or servo reversing necessary. She flies great and lets me practice my noobie aerobatics with a lot more confidence--a video is below--I threw her in and out of all 3 modes quite a bit and she performed well with SAFE.


Parkzone ArtiZan with SAFE Rx (5 min 41 sec)

Posted by Suenaga | Apr 01, 2015 @ 05:46 PM | 19,887 Views
Apr 1, 2015 Freewing F-86 Sabre 80mm Flights 1 and 2

Both flights used the Admiral 4000mah 6S battery, pushed all the way back to the foam barrier. The plane was balanced to hit the 200mm COG, verified upside down with gear extended and also with the tail tip test. I did add a very small weight to the tail (a spare rare earth magnet from another plane).

The first flight took off with partial flaps (abt 30 degrees). I ran her long down the runway and was at full throttle when I rotated. In the video you can see the plane do a bounce about 3/4 into the take-off run. I think the nose gear hit a rut in the runway, the nose bounced up and she tried to get airborne on her own. I let the nose come down again and finished the acceleration and then rotated. The first flight was stable, but I had main wing oscillation from the gyro. (Man, she sounds sooooo good!). After one pass I brought her back down but with only partial flaps. She landed fairly smoothly despite the noob flying, but I needed the whole runway on the landing

The second flight I took off with lower gyro gain and partial flaps. The take-off was smoother and the oscillation was gone. Most of the flight was half to 2/3 throttle. The timer was set for 3:30. The landing was done with my full flap setting (still only about 55 degrees). It was shorter and smoother with the extra flaps. (Need lots of practice. The battery had 14% left in it after the taxi back to the pit.

All in all I'm a happy camper. This is my first...Continue Reading
Posted by Suenaga | Mar 21, 2015 @ 11:35 PM | 18,419 Views
As Horizon starts branching out with its SAFE technology, it is becoming a bit confusing as not all SAFE Rx's are "equal". Here is a quick and dirty guide to what's out there now, not including the Rx/esc combo receivers we see in the Hobbyzone Sport Cub S and the Habu S. Hope this helps a bit--

Versions of SAFE Programmed Receivers

Eflite EFLR31003 Rx (7 channels) sold in the Eflite Apprentice S15E (suitable for beginners)
Has a Panic Button for all modes
3 Modes (Beginner-Intermediate-Experienced)
Beginner (self leveling, restricted flight envelope plus AS3X))
Intermediate (restricted flight envelope plus AS3X)
Experienced (AS3X only)
"Locked rx" -- no user programming allowed

Spektrum SPMAR636F4U Rx (6 channels) sold in the HobbyZone Corsair S (suitable for beginners)
Has a Panic Button for all modes
3 SAFE Modes (Beginner-Intermediate-Experienced)
Beginner (self leveling, restricted flight envelope plus AS3X))
Intermediate (restricted flight envelope plus AS3X)
Experienced (AS3X only)
"Locked rx" -- no user programming allowed

Spektrum SPMAR636SU Rx (6 channel) sold in the Parkzone SU-29MM Sukhoi (not suitable for beginners)
Has a Panic Button for all modes
1 SAFE Mode and 2 AS3X modes
-Stagility Mode (no flight envelope restrictions, self-levels when you let go of the sticks plus AS3X)
3D Mode (AS3X only tuned with higher rates/gains)
Precision Mode (AS3X only tuned with lower rates/gains)
"Locked rx" -- no user programming allowed

Spektrum SPMAR636 Rx (6 channel) (specific designation for this model unknown yet) Perhaps SPMAR636VA?). Sold in the Eflite Night VisionAire (not suitable for beginners)
Has a Panic Button for all modes
2 AS3X only Modes
3D Mode (High rates and gains--AS3X only)
Precision Mode (Low rates and gains--AS3X only)
"Locked rx" -- no user programming allowed
Posted by Suenaga | Feb 18, 2015 @ 02:47 PM | 19,805 Views
Here is this morning's maiden flight of my Electrifly Electrostick, sold by Great Planes at my club's field (PVMAC at the old Norton AFB) here in Southern California. This is a 52" wingspan balsa wood model flown stock. The battery is a 3S 3200mah. After the maiden it looks like I should be able to get 7-8 minutes of flying time on this battery. Most of my flying is done at half to 2/3 throttle. The SAFE Rx performs well in this plane. All control surface directions were in the correct direction out of the box--no servo mods were necessary. A smooth flying, easy landing plane. its only drawback is a terrible tail wheel setup which makes it hard to turn on the ground--I'll be doing some mods to improve that. Video Is at 1080p so be sure to adjust your youtube resolution.


Electrostick w/SAFE, Maiden Feb 18, 2015 (1 min 40 sec)

Posted by Suenaga | Jan 28, 2015 @ 04:53 PM | 19,884 Views
Finally got my LX Models 79" B-25 maidened today. On board was installed an Eagle A3 6 axis gyro with an AR9020 Rx. I use a Spektrum DX9 transmitter. I was paranoid about the 4S battery so I only took her up for about 3.5 minutes but she came down with 3.9v per cell after mostly full throttle, so Im guessing I can get 5 mins out of her for sure. She took a nice long take-off, didn't need much trimming, but I botched the landing and have some minor repairs to make on the nose gear (part of the plastic arm that helps guide the gear back into the gear bay broke), and I broke one prop blade. All parts were in stock at Banana Hobby so I ordered them but I also tried to get another set of the hardware kit which they were out of stock on. I was adjusting one of the outboard flap control rods and somehow lost it. If anyone has a spare Id pay to take it off your hands

All in all I thought she was a very smooth flyer, not real fast, and not much power to spare to get you out of a jam. I'll look at a 5 s setup down the road. Here are some pics my friend took.
Posted by Suenaga | Jan 04, 2015 @ 08:01 PM | 24,660 Views
I am working on a project with a large 9 channel B-25 bomber (79" LX Models B-25) that wont be able to use the SAFE Rx that I normally fly with. So I am testing out the Eagle A3 6 Axis gyro in my Apprentice S (SAFE Rx removed and replaced with a Spektrum AR610 and the Eagle A3). The A3 is similar to the SAFE Rx without any panic mode, The other main difference is that corrections in the auto level mode are much softer and take longer to execute, so recovering from a mistake at low altitude is problematic. This flight had the auto level gain set at about 70%. My next flight will be at 100% to see if it reacts more "SAFE Rx like".

Once I am comfortable with this auto balancing gyro I will be using it in my LX B-25 along with a Spektrum AR9020 receiver.

Rudder authority on the ground is much greater with this gyro because until it is flying, the throws basically stay 100%, no matter what rates you are using--this makes her very responsive on take-offs and landings with regard to the nose wheel and taxiing. as well as rollouts and takeoffs.

Apprentice S testing the Eagle A3 6 Axis gyro (3 min 27 sec)