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Posted by bigtruck169 | Jan 19, 2012 @ 03:45 PM | 6,814 Views
edward AFB ( in buffalo area)

clear car body shell material - lexan ( about $30 per 12x48) depends on the thickness- 1mm should be good

3d plane setup

Colts Neck, New Jersey

for crawler - duratrax intellispeed esc

ARC-28-37-2 for rifle, 4.1x4.1 prop

Turnigy 480s 3200kv inrunner on 4s - 80amp ESC with 6x4 sport prop -

$3 wattmeter -

center of gavity calculator -

Jet plans -
- park

fun jet - prime 8 - for fuse and crowls

Stryker 6x4 prop...I have also used the APC 6x4 e prop..The Stryker prop puts out more thrust though.I learned this early on..We used to build a lot of the F22 profile jets and powered them with the Stryker setup..I found out that the jets had quite a bit more vertical thrust with the stryker prop over the APC..

*** warbirds in bold ***

Jun 05, 2003 --> AeroBird 3
ParkZone Fall 2005 brochure
May 05, 2005 --> P-51D Mustang
Summer/Fall 2005 --> Typhoon 3D Brushless
Summer/Fall 2005 --> F-27B Stryker
Summer/Fall 2005 --...Continue Reading
Posted by bigtruck169 | Jan 11, 2012 @ 04:28 PM | 6,993 Views
Headsup RC 900kv outrunner brushless motor (link to the newer version - current motor has similar specs:,-28mm/Detail

Starmax A-4 Skyhawk 2.4ghz RC

StarMax F-22 64MM EPO

doculam material for covering
here's the original thread.
you can get it here.

Miss Mayflower Flying Hydroplane

kite vectoring.

glowire. It's more like neon cords. The version I have is powered by a 9volt battery.glowire rc airplanes site.


hinges - use the plastic strapping salvaged from packaging...I cut the strips into about 1" lengths and poke a few holes in each end so glue can penetrate all the way through, though the waffle texture is probably plenty of grip.Gorilla Glue (the white variety dries faster)

Ultra micro prop saver
1. spray can (wd40 tube) prop saver for ultra micro planes, no glue needed

2. is a small piece of plastic like from a broken toy or something, and I cut it into t round shape, then sand it down until it will barely fit...then press it in. I then drill a small hole in it with a pin-vice drill. I have no...Continue Reading