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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Sep 05, 2014 @ 07:41 PM | 3,525 Views

So heroine's hard drive began failing after only 4 years, so it was time to start backing things up on whatever other smaller hard drives were available until funds appeared for buying a new one. Looking through 10 years of files to decide what to keep is a good reminder of how little you've accomplished.

Posted by Jack Crossfire | Sep 04, 2014 @ 11:01 PM | 4,025 Views

Being raised by a well connected parent in Washington DC can definitely get you a very high paying career with no college education & a life without financial worries.

The big thing now is ultrarunning. Everyone's running 100 miles. All the fitness gadgets are marketed towards these guys. They now make more money from people running 100 miles than people running 5 miles. Onward & upward human biology goes.

Compared to 30 years ago, technology is everywhere. Take your pick from traditional networking equipment jobs to now fitness tracking/telematics/telemedicine/smart homes/smart workspaces/smart toys/wearable computing/quantum computing/near field computing/cloud computing/3D printing/3D scanning/speech recognition/gesture recognition/virtual reality/augmented reality/big data/cryptography/cryptocurrency/computer security/drones/internet of things jobs.

It's just a case of your side of the mountain getting discovered by the cool kids. Technology is no longer a niche for geeks. It's the new football. All the cool kids write hashing algorithms while the loners play ball, & it's harder than hell to make money at it.
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Sep 01, 2014 @ 08:24 PM | 3,316 Views
Once stuck to cvs as long as possible before surrendering to svn. Stuck to svn during the bitkeeper & perforce craze, but after 2 years of employers demanding 50 years of git experience, the mac migration was finally a good time to migrate to git. Having now lived through cvs, svn, bitkeeper, perforce, & git, git is the current summer blockbuster, an entertaining step forwards in some ways & backwards in other ways until next season. Now the cheat sheet.

svn: configure svnserve, create fake user, create mane repository, look up how to fix broken configuration files & broken permissions

git: every checkout is a repository accessed through ssh. Create & copy .ssh/id_rsa.pub to .ssh/authorized_keys to allow a user to check out.

It's 1 less copy of the source code to worry about. A checkout is not bound to a single repository. If the repository goes away, the checkout can use another one.

svn: import spagetti commands
git: init spagetti commands, then git add .

svn: ci
git: commit

svn: co
git: clone

svn: up
git: pull

The killer with git is of course

cvs: can't add symbolic links
git: can't add empty directories
svn: what you got out was exactly what you put in

so we're back to fudging build systems & spending hours tracking down what the revision system left out.

cvs: always corrupted
svn: constant berkeley DB & version incompatibility errors
git: seems stable

svn: obscure G, C, U flags when merging
git: nifty +- progress bar when merging

The usual workflow with SVN:

svn ci -mx guicast cinelerra plugins
svn up guicast cinelerra plugins

The workflow with GIT appears to be:

git status -> shows what files changed
git add -> stages changed files
git commit -mx guicast cinelerra plugins
doesn't do anything unless files are added

git fetch
git checkout FETCH_HEAD

It's a bit more laborious. Working on individual directories requires specifying just those files to git add & specifying just those directories to git checkout. Replacing something with the repository version:

svn up filename
git checkout HEAD filename
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Aug 31, 2014 @ 07:55 PM | 4,169 Views

The Asus batteries each lasted only 8 months. Then it was time for the final laptop: the macbook. After much debate, it was decided to dual boot it instead of erasing MacOS completely. Still remember walking out of Stonehenge mall one night, with that thing neatly packaged in its pristine cardboard box, the perfect packaging, the new mac smell. It's a very strange laptop, more like a stone tablet.

An SD card Ubuntu installation failed with MMC driver crashes. Trying to burn the DVD on the mac would always wrap the iso file in another iso file. Finally got it to install from a DVD burned on a Linux box. The installer couldn't initialize the network at all, but it ended up not necessary.

Booting from the DVD requires holding down option to get into the firmer bootloader. Not sure those refit or refind bootloaders are required, since they just go into grub. Once installed, any of the EFI options seems to go into grub, which can then go into bunt.

With a terminal program finally installed, it was possible to load the b43 wifi driver, see the error message, load the required firmware from an SD card, & configure the network manually.

The macbook's audio, suspend mode, & 2D graphics seemed to work, a rarity for Linux. Wifi was intermittent. The keyboard & single button mouse are a buster. The current commands which create alternate mouse buttons:

xmodmap -e "keycode 108 = Pointer_Button3"
xmodmap -e "keycode 134 =...Continue Reading