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Posted by Rusty-Gunn | Mar 21, 2009 @ 08:36 PM | 18,005 Views
This is my initial attempt to design and build a nitro trainer of my own design. I intend to use a Magnum .28 nitro motor for this plane.
I've built many Guillow's kits as a kid, and a few balsa planes for electric, but never for nitro. It really isn't that differcult, but I did do a lot of research and asked questions before starting.
My first version was a bit small, and would end up qyite heavy, most likel over four pounds. This second version is a bit larger, more for the size of the .28 motor, and ought to be lighter because I'll use a stick build fuselage, rather then the heavy plank fuselage of the first version (I use bass sheets for the fuse, not balsa sheet).
If you ahve any advice please share them. I'm diffenately in the learning curve when it comes to nitro planes.

Edit 3-29-09... I did more work to the fuselage. Before I glued on the formers and engine mount I use a method of beefing up the engine/firewall mount area of the fuselahe by epoxying a bounce dryer sheet (used and washed) to act as a "fiberglass" sort of thing. It does indeed stiffen up the sheet balsa. I'm very impressed with the strength it adds (it also fuel proofs the area). I've yet to mate the two halves together, and will continue next time.

Edit: 4-22-09 I did manage to glue the two fuselage halves together. I'm very pleased they mated together proportionally, straight as can be hoped for on a new design from a beginner nitro flyer. The build is coming along slowly, due to...Continue Reading