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Posted by iCrash2 | Jul 25, 2018 @ 12:04 PM | 1,599 Views
I finally finished the design on the Citabria wing.

Wing is hotwire cut on my CNC from #1.3 White EPP Foam.

This was challenging due to the wing tips having a compound taper. My CNC was at itís limitations for the majority of the hotwire cut. It took a lot of CAD work and tinkering to finally get the wing tip to fit in the machine and properly cut out. I think I cut over 10 different wing tips before I finally got it. I also had other challenges like buggy software, loss of files on my computer, and in general several (Iíll spare you the long story!) unexpected external events that pulled me away from the project.

Iím really excited about the Citabria. It is finally coming together and I canít wait to fly it. Iím still shooting for a target of about a 480 size motor, 3s-2200mah battery, and the wing span will be 54″ with a removable wing. If you want a clipped wing version, then donít add the wing tips to have a 48″ wingspan. Or just cut off the ends of the main wing to make it shorter. I think this will have some silly STOL capabilities with a 54″ wingspan and flaps. I canít wait to play with it. With the EPP, you can afford to horse around a little and not worry about damage.

I am now getting over a cold, so the fuselage may take a few extra days to complete. Iím trying to decide exactly how I will make it. One thought is to do a clam shell style design with a left and right shell that is hollowed out with my mill. The downside...Continue Reading