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Posted by pchaplo | Dec 26, 2018 @ 01:05 AM | 5,103 Views
GUIDE to Tips for Weller PT202 / PT201 Magnastat Soldering Station / Pencil / Iron. How to select a tip for the PT-202 soldering station with PT-201 pencil. It’s easy once you “know the code.”

These compatible tips start start with “PT” followed by a letter to designate the tip shape, then a number to designate the Fahrenheit temperature of the tip. Typical temperature range is from 6=600 degrees F, 7=700 F degrees, to 8=800 degree, in hundred degree increments.

For example, the PT-S7 is 700 degree tip in the “PT” series and the “S” designates a long “conical” or pointy tip. Oddly, a conical or pointy tip is also called an “O” shaped tip. The numeral “7” indicates 7 x 100degreesF = 700 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. There are several other tip shapes, including a flattened almost chisel-like tip that is called a "screwdriver" tip even if its tiny. For example, I use a small "A" “screwdriver” tip the PTA-7.

These tips in the “PT” series are also called Magnastat tips bc they use the Curie effect of magnets (heat diminishing magnetism — and here used to close/open a switch) to control the temperature of the tip. This works well for most soldering, unless you need lower temperature ranges.

For big main power cables, use a hotter, wider tip. For tiny connections, use a finer point, but keep in mind that the smaller tips lose their heat faster and may not work well for big jobs.

Update: I went to a local Frys electronics store and bought PT tips for as low as $3.50/tip! Nice to see the tips and sizes in my paws and get a sense of scale.

Here are some good illustrations of your tips choices. Please note that I have no connection with any vendors mentioned other than giving them my hard-earned money

Another good resource is the Mouser catalog page for Weller PT-series products for reference: http://www.mouser.com/catalog/catalogusd/648/2334.pdf
Posted by pchaplo | Dec 23, 2018 @ 04:27 PM | 4,381 Views
Directly via micro USB port - let me know if this works for Sony A6000 as it could bypass the IR trigger issues.
I have purchases a 10+5 pin mult-terminal connector and attempted to trigger the shutter release by connecting it to ground. It did NOT work. Same for AF (focus) pin. Nothing.

********************************* UPDATE: You must activate the FOCUS immediately before, or simultaneously WITH the SHUTTER. The shutter wire (to ground) will NOT work alone. This is why some user twist the focus and shutter wires TOGETHER, then use a switch or transistor to connect to GROUND to activate the focus and release the shutter to take a picture. *****************************

In my attempts, its not working. I must be missing something. Any help appreciated.

Make Camera Trigger Cable For Sony Alpha Series Cameras And Setup for Pixhawk (2 min 22 sec)

Exploring pin outs: UPDATE: its appears that a switch or transistor is needed to use this with standard servo controller. Its does NOT work with a standard servo signal. Apparently PixHawk may have some resource that is better.

Sony A6000.

Info on line regarding pin assignments varies! BEWARE! If you can verify pints for Sony A6000 let me know! Screen shots mostly from website above, itís a great resource.
Posted by pchaplo | Dec 16, 2018 @ 07:40 PM | 3,987 Views
This is how I learn DJI iOSD Assistant software :