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Posted by pchaplo | Jun 26, 2016 @ 08:20 PM | 7,667 Views
Even think "Gosh, if I could have a male anti-spark XT-90 on my RC aircraft, pinch me! I could have the expensive connector on-board, and the simple XT-90's (without the resistor) on my existing hoard of 6s batteries! I could stop worrying about what the arcing spark is doing to my expensive electronics..."

So you go to Amazon, search and search... and there it is "Eureka!" you say to yourself -- the MALE anti-spark connector by Amass, in Venom packing, and sold by Atomik RC:

The Amazon ad reads: "Built in spark arrest technology helps to protect against current spikes and premature connector erosion that can lead to ESC failure. The XT90-S positive connector has a low current section to allow for a spark free initial connection."

[Snoopy dance!] as you place you order!

Like a kid, you look for packages and check your mailbox. The padded envelope is here! You open it and guess what? [rim shot ka boom ] It looks pretty ordinary. Where is the resistor and the low-voltage initial contact design THERE IS NONE ON THE MALE CONNECTOR! (despite the ad)

What they don't tell you is that if you were dreaming that the male connector on your RC aircraft could have the anti-spark technology so that your batteries could have the simple XT-90 female connectors -- you better keep on dreaming.

Bottom line is that the item is not as described. This MALE XT-90 does NOT have the anti-spark technology built...Continue Reading
Posted by pchaplo | Jun 22, 2016 @ 11:43 PM | 6,282 Views
After using a NEX-5 (actually NEX-5T) for aerial photography, I decided to upgrade to A6000. I shoot stills, not video--therefore the A6300 held no advantage for my application. My notes here are updated sometimes daily...

Here are some of my observations:
- love the auto-ISO available in manual mode! This was a much-missed capability.
-24mp compared to NEX 5 16mp. I need the resolution and I could immediately see more detail in my landscape pics, which are my passion.
- improved high ISO performance.
- my existing IR remote works after I turned on "remote," and turned off "auto-review," although I occasionally I have a problem with the ISO menu appearing on-screen. I have found that if I take a pic with the camera shutter button prior to IR, it clears this problem.
- hdmi output uses a hdmi micro connector rather than the NEX-5's hdmi mini. There is no room for an adapter on my rig for an adapter, therefore I need to change the right angle connector at the camera end, or get new ribbon cable.
- both cameras use same batteries (yay!)
Read more in this comprehensive review. Be sure to see the the test images at various ISO's:

I am currently reviewing RAW files and am very pleased even while using autofocus with Sigma 19mm f/2.8, which is a lightweight lens with an angle of view equivalent to 28mm on full-frame camera like your old film camera (35mm).

For you video peeps, the newer A6300 has 4K video but suffers from overheating problems.
Want to read more about A6000 vs A6300? Here ya go: http://www.cameradebate.com/2016/sony-a6300-vs-a6000/
Wondering about A6300 vs. A6000 weight as payload:
404 g (0.89 lb / 14.25 oz)---vs--344 g (0.76 lb / 12.13 oz)
A6300 has more magnesium in the camera body and therefore is heavier

The venerable NEX-5R only weighs 276 g (0.61 lb / 9.74 oz)!

...and now for something completely different: Ansel Adams talks about making his most famous picture!: