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Posted by kiwi_craig | Apr 08, 2017 @ 08:04 PM | 15,456 Views
The weather has been rubbish with allot of wind, decide to take the V950 down the park and get a short outdoor flight in.

Meet all expectations, flies very smoothly and has good cyclic and collective authority , and has a decent turn of speed when cranking on the throttle.

Stock motor handles the tripple blade head without worry and easy 8 minute fly times +

brushless tail is the next project then this gets loaded in an AS355 body shell as a sport flier.

V950 tri blade (3 min 30 sec)

Posted by kiwi_craig | Apr 08, 2017 @ 07:07 PM | 10,257 Views
Final Assembly

three different canopies, Rakon angry Bird for the 200 SRX is a perfect fit. FX067 canopy, I use this on my master CP, long nose, also suitable. and the stocker.

Using Blue Arrow servos, very smooth and precise.

Flies beautifully on the Walkera 4f200 LM blades, tracking is "perfect".
Posted by kiwi_craig | Apr 08, 2017 @ 06:50 PM | 10,417 Views
The New WL V950 is lovely based on the Walkera Master CP. The entire MCP drive line can be fitted into the V950 ring superior head response. A step further the 4F200 and 4F200LM three bladed rotor head and drive line can be setup into these units. the V950 main motor has no problems driving the three bladed head, the heli flies very smooth, this setup is destined for an AS355 shell as a sport flier.

Walkera Models:
4F200 is the pod n boom 3 blade heli
4F200LM is the scale heli 3 blade Lama

Parts list

Driveshaft; the original 4F200 shaft is longer than the LM version and is preferred. you will need to redrill the lower hole positions to suit the MCP main gear, this is the only part that needs major modification.

Driveshaft collar: I used the extreme clamp for the blade 200 SRX, this clamps around the shaft so no need to worry about notch heights or drill holes.

Main Gear; the master CP unit is preferred as it then get the rotor head up around the same height as stock.
Swash; 4F200

Swash locker unit: either the 4F200 or the LM version, normally comes complete with the driveshaft

Rotor Head Assembly; 4F200 LM unit (black and silver) or the 4f200 (red) is suitable. Get the main blades to match.

Linkages; The 4f200 uses a smaller 3mm ball size, you will need to get two sets of either the 4F200 or 4F200 LM links, you will need to use the longer steel shafts for both upper (swash to blade grips) and lower (swash to servo)

3mm ball ends: Rakon sell...Continue Reading
Posted by kiwi_craig | Apr 08, 2017 @ 01:33 AM | 9,634 Views
Blade 200 SRX with microheli 3 bladed head. Altered the pitch setting on the blade grips using a spacer like the rakon setup to set the clearance and the blade grip angle and used the stock 175mm long FP blades rather than the shorter 150mm CP blades.

Using the stock 11t pinion, motor has no problems spinning three blades, just goes to show how under geared they are stock.

this one is destined for a seahawk sport flier scale canopy. Bird no 2 with the Rakon setup and repowered with a higher Kv motor is the rip snort sportster. See the short blade Rakon flying here:!

Flies really nicely with the "big rotor" head setup. Liking the Lionheli Parrot canopy as well, looks great. You can hear the wind at times in the video, it handles the wind far better than the stock 2 bladed version which is quite interesting.

Blade 200 SRX microheli tri blade "stretch" (3 min 5 sec)

Posted by kiwi_craig | Apr 05, 2017 @ 01:46 AM | 9,833 Views
Repower time, my stock motor has eaten another set of bearings and for some reason the magnet can is a fraction crooked ! The gap at the base opens and closes, combined equals a bad vibration, which these helis hate.....

Tested a 4100kv hobbyking motor, smaller diameter but taller can, with inbuilt cooling fan head. Has allot more power and faster response, max power rotor speed is impressive, and it runs smooth..... No more stupid priced HH motors.... the cooling fan really helps.

the stock and aftermarket stepped bore pinions go straight on, the motor has the same step arrangement right at the base.

This motor has already done allot of flying in another one of my helis, was a strong performer.

Mounting screw spacing is narrower so had to add cutouts into the alloy mount and then elongate the slots in the chassis side plate, i run a 14t lynx steel pinion.

Flight testing on the Rakon tribade head, my god does this thing haul ! pulling just over 4,250 rpm head speed and insane performance ! running the DX8 with 115% scaler on servo travel also helps the agility ! WAY TO GO.

Blade 200 RKH - EH200 power (4 min 5 sec)

Posted by kiwi_craig | Apr 04, 2017 @ 03:26 AM | 10,461 Views
okay, my two SRX 200 triblades.

bird one Rakon head, with EH200 4100 kv motor, 13t opps 14T ! pinion, rocket ship to fly

Maximum head speed, a stonking 4256 RPM !!! static thrust test 700 grams, flying weight 290 grams, thats decent thrust to weight = 2.14 times ! 150mm blades.

bird two. Microheli head with modified stock 6 degree main blades and repitched 175mm blades. stock motor stock 11t pinion (tried a 13t but the rotor is just to loaded with the 3 blades) feels smooth and fast.

Maximum head speed 3074 rpm. static thrust, hit 900 grams then pulled back to 800 grams constant !!!~ 2.71 thrust to weight !!!

currently the pitch is still a bit steep and more adjustments needed should see the rpm go up. The stock motor has good torque and thrives in the higher loads, where as the EH200 is a revver and loves the shorter blades on the stock rakon setup.......

both fly superb, not going back to a stocker now.........

with the stock drive line and 8 degree xtreme blades we saw around 3600 rpm, jumping to a 13T we saw 3800 rpm and a big improvement in how it flew. 14 T was better but the rpm gain tampered off, maybe 3875. For fp birds they seem best in the 70 to 80 efficency range, above 80 means your under geared and below 70 your over geared. no thrust test though.

See spreadsheet data below. efficiency = max thrusted loaded rpm / unload rpm (based on Kv by volts - found this to be pretty close)

The tri blades stonk! two different builds, two different machines, I like BOTH !