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Posted by kiwi_craig | Aug 06, 2016 @ 04:30 AM | 5,467 Views
V930 is a powerful brushless FP brother to the popular v977. Had the helimax huey shell for awhile and all but done bar final fit up.

Everything has been a tight fit and allot of lateral thinking to get everything into the front of the huey is an understatement. Lifting the pcb and moving back and cantilevering over the motor and front servo was the defining moment that i knew it would work.

All together today and initially Flying very nicely then all sorts of problems, erratic behavior to say the least, hand holding the unit and wow was there some buzz vibration going on. Long story short pulled the stock motor and in with an hp05c, no more vibes and smooth as....... Was running a 9t on the stock motor but went back to the 8t on the hp05c and let it rev.

Was running the v966 blades, black with green trim but it flew terrible, transpires the pitch is a fraction different one blade to the other, god it was a handfull, so back to the stock blades for now, and smooth as.... will look at the walkera blades in black and green.

Getting 5 minutex on the 520 mah goo, will swap the plug and go for the turnigys.

Job done !

Next job will be plugging up the leds and adding a jst plug for the turnigy batteries. And might see if i can replace the stock Motors bearings....Continue Reading
Posted by kiwi_craig | Aug 05, 2016 @ 05:59 PM | 8,448 Views
Since the WL version has turned out to be a dog, have decided to jump in and go brushless on the FY.

the popular 2845 motor and esc kit. Got three motor to test 3100kv / 2800kv and the 2600kv. The 2600 will be 3S

going to start with the 3100 and regear to suit, a massive increase in top speed is not what I'm after, more toque and acceleration = the plan!

Also went with the robertson race 48P - 6 pack of pinion gears, they are nice

opened up the ESC, two boards, going to seal all that up as any water getting in there will then short things out. Heat sink ? has a rubber protection layer on top of the FETs- gotta question how much heat will get transferred like that, I can see heat silicone going in. Also see plenty of silicone around all the wiring soldered joints etc to try and waterproof this.
Posted by kiwi_craig | Aug 05, 2016 @ 05:48 PM | 6,781 Views
The front end of the FY has lets us say a bit of float in it....... turns out the front hexs don't sit correctly onto the bearing, the drive pin bottoms in the hex and as a result the hex does not press onto the side of the bearing like it is supposed to = floppy wheels.

the bearings themselves are nothing great, allot of slop as well.

swapped in new bearings and went with a set of HSP pinch mounted hex nuts, this work PERFECT. the HSP drive pin is a fraction larger, I stayed with the FY pins, with the way this hex nut works its not a problem

Use the stock wheel nut and pull the hex down snug, then the pinch bolt locks the hex to the drive shaft, float is all gone. Hex is 1mm wider than stock. the wheels are also a nicer snugger fit onto the hex nut, the outer wheel nut is now just holding the wheel on instead of trying to tension the entire assembly - I'm calling this GOOD to GO