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Posted by Magnumb | Mar 14, 2012 @ 07:34 PM | 3,662 Views
I am honing in on a frame and setup that I think will work well for my needs. Needs, this has been the trickiest part for me. I tend to think big when getting into something and sadly those intentions often outstrip available time or budget.

I have been working with Mark at FliteLab Great guy, very patient and something I am coming to appreciate, he is Canadian. This is a very GOOD thing since customs can get costly for individual purchases abroad. He is certainly up and coming as a retailer and I look forward to seeing him grow and impress other people as much as he has impressed me.

I am warming up to a spyder type frame by a guy named DiaLFonZo - BlackWidow - SpiderQuad. As it turns out he is Canadian too and working with a cutter in the states; always good working hand in hand with our US brothers.

The thread can be found here -

It's a fascinating thread because he was very reactive to suggestions in the design phase and has turned out what looks to be a very competitive and compelling product. For instance, on request he designed a NAZA plate vs an Open Copter plate. Nice to have those options for sure.

There is a 450mm up to 600mm option in square or round booms. It uses G10 as a core chassis, delrin or like material for machined blocks to hold the arms and motor plates etc. There is now an anodising option for the square aluminum rods. The best part at this stage is the...Continue Reading
Posted by Magnumb | Mar 13, 2012 @ 11:29 AM | 3,952 Views
As a commercial pilot (by training anyhow) I have long lived for flying...or for anything that fly’s for that matter. That brings me to this point where 2011/2012 has brought a lot of FPV gear into the midrange price spectrum. By this I also mean quality gear. I have longed to experience the freedom of flight with my own eyes and it is this passion that drove me to aviation in one form or another.

It has been a journey of contemplation to get to this point, where I realise that I think I want to go this route, but I feel the greater part of this journey is yet ahead.

FPV is clearly not something you get in to lightly. There is a lot of learning to be done so that sufficient context can be built upon which you will make your decisions. The analogue radio bands used for FPV in most cases require a radio licence. Factors such as type of FPV (fixed wing, rotary, multicopter) inform the direction you will likely take in planning your first steps towards FPV freedom.

But here in lies the Rub, FPV is freedom sure, but more than that it is a great deal of responsibility. Few recently introduced aspects of this hobby pose as much risk to the hobby as a whole as FPV flight. You can buy the equipment anywhere, there is no agency waiting to hold your hand and make sure you have the proper operator licences, there is sporadic and widespread information and disinformation (often through forms, blogs) about local requirements, general technical difficulties - hardware options...Continue Reading