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Posted by beenflying | Aug 18, 2013 @ 07:24 PM | 22,941 Views
I bought one of these to test to see if it met the specifications and to see if the voltage could be made higher, so it can be used with HV setups. The thing that impressed me about this unit was the stated ability to be used on 12S and to be 7 amps continuous.

It's a nice small sized unit (roughly 2 AA batteries side by side) and because of this it could easily be used on a 250 or bigger heli. The price is $7.48 to platinum customers, which seems like great value. For example a Gryphon 10S 7A BEC is $75.

The output voltage is stated to be 5.5 volts but is actually set to 5.7 volts, looking at the circuit and the resistors fitted to set the output voltage. Sure enough with no load, the measured output voltage is 5.8 volts.

The input wires are nice but the output wires are too thin for a 7 amp BEC. At 7 amps they get hot and drop over half a volt, but more about that later.

The output capacitance is 440uf which is done by using two 220uf 16 volt capacitors. I'm pleased they weren't 6.3 volts as this will allow me to increase the output voltage for HV usage, but more about that later also. I would certainly recommend adding additional capacitance (plug in voltage protection capacitor) if mini or larger servos are being used.

The circuit used is virtually straight off the LM5088 data sheet. It's a good chip with the ability to have up to 75 volts on the input. This unit has been set for a 5.5 low dropout voltage, so...Continue Reading
Posted by beenflying | Aug 12, 2013 @ 08:35 PM | 26,056 Views
I just ordered some new Hunger 2200mah 3S 40C packs from Dealmetic. I suspect these packs are made by the same factory that the Winmax Lipos come from, and I'm a big fan of the Winmax Lipos. 40C is the largest C rating they do in the 2200mah 3S range, but some other sizes have 50C. The price is $11.70, reduced from $16.96, which is very good for a 40C-80C nano tech battery. It can also be charged at 10C, a whopping 22 amps.

They also have some very competitively priced lower C ratings in 2200mah 3S, with the 25C being as low as $7.55.

I'll report back with the delivery time and tests of the batteries (including the true weight and internal resistance before and after a heli flight) when they arrive. If they turn out to be good, I'll get some of the larger cells for testing, as well.

Ordered date: 12th August 2013

Review cancelled due to the product not being in stock and only finding out days later when I sent them an email asking why it hadn't shipped. My advise is to avoid Dealmetic!
Posted by beenflying | Mar 20, 2013 @ 12:37 AM | 23,096 Views
I've purchased a lot of parts internationally over the years and I thought it was time I shared the companies that have given me consistently good service and those that haven't.

I'll grow the list as my memory allows me.

Infinity Hobby *
Helidirect *
eHirobo *
The Barn Floor *
ClubHeli *
HeliRover *
A Main Hobbies
Tower Hobbies
Flying Hobby
Target Hobby

RC711 **
Hobby Hanger (NZ)
Hobby Station (NZ) ****

Not so good:
Dealmetic ***
Fusuno **
HobbyPartz **
Hobby-Wing **
ooModel, MoonHobby ***

Very Bad:
CNC Helicopter (online store), xmhobbies, xmseller (ebay)

* When there was an issue they sorted it in the best way possible (Impressive)
** Did not sort out an issue
*** Show parts as in stock that aren't
**** Expensive
Posted by beenflying | Jan 08, 2013 @ 06:04 AM | 26,882 Views
I purchased this Align 700E DFC HV super combo from Helipross, for what seemed to be a good price at USD$1,349.99, including shipping.

I had already decided to use a different FBL controller as my experience with the 3G and 3GX had not been good at all. I opted for the MSH iKon (Brain), because of good flight reports and the self level feature. A Black Friday special of $169 also added to my decision.

I also decided to upgrade to the black plastic main gear, tail boom gearbox gears and the new 6mm tail shaft also with black gears.

Colored 2mm tail fins (red in this case) were also a must have for me as I find these add to visibility significantly.

I really enjoyed this build. Probably my best to date. Fit and quality was excellent in the kit. The design is simple, easy to work on and strong. No more bellcranks and the carbon fiber plastic impregnated frames are clever. I also like the plastic nose assembly, which allows plenty of room for all of the electronics. Three bearings on the main shaft are standard and so is an extra bearing for the motor pinion. I followed Align's new instructions to align the pinion with the bottom of the main gear (not on the bearing, as in the manual), in fact I set it just above, as the main gear rides up slightly when under load.

The same can't be said for the upgrades. The Align TT bevel gears were too large in diameter to fit the bearings on them. After contacting the supplier Align suggested to them that I sand them down. In the end...Continue Reading
Posted by beenflying | Apr 10, 2012 @ 09:03 PM | 26,401 Views
Here are some pictures of my FBL fleet. I now have an X2, X5 and 500ESP SDC added, and also some heads have been lowered, since the January 2012 picture. The 550E is now running the Hobbymate HB800 (instead of the Align 3G), and the 450 Pro is using the 3GY v2. The 550E also now has a new canopy (my first with green) and yellow tail fins, to make it a bit more visible in flight. So far I really like it.

New to the fleet is a Walkera Super CP, an ALZRC Devil 450 FAST, and a 700E DFC HV. The Devil 450 is running a VCTRC 3GX (no resemblance to the Align 3GX) which flies well, and the 700DFC HV is flying a MSH iKon running at 7.4 volts. The iKon also flies well. IT has a self level feature, but as yet I'm not seeing any benefit from this, as I'm unlikely to have time to activate it before I crash. If I lost the tail it could be a benefit, as it would keep the heli level all the way to the ground.

All my ZYX's and ZYX-S' are now updated to v4 which has made the ZYX a very comparable gyro to the BeastX. Piro optimize is now actually better than the BeastX, and more like the 3GY v2 and the iKon. Great work from Tarot.

23rd October 2013:
One more FBL heli has been added to the FBL fleet (photo pending). The Gaui X3. I'm getting to like this heli more and more. It flies much bigger than a 450 and looks a lot bigger as well. Gaui have had a few hiccups, but are working through them. I'm running mine on 6S and it has good power.The tail drive is a bit noisy, but bearable, and...Continue Reading