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Posted by VintageKat | Apr 30, 2016 @ 02:45 PM | 16,797 Views
For my first quadcopter build, I've built an "upside down" WarpQuad 230. The FC is inverted and the ESCs mounted under the arms. I was inspired by Daryoon's beautiful WQ build and NullVoxPopuli's inverted WQ build.

Frame: Warpquad 230
ESC: Littlebee 20A
Motors: Cobra 2204 1960kv
Receiver: Frsky XSR
Screw length: 20mm
Propellers: Gemfan 6x4.5
Every build starts with a little bit of solder pad tinning.

This is the top plate of the WQ lying upside down on my workspace. I'm using 20mm cap screws here, and Iíve placed 2mm M3 washers as the next layer to help make space for the XSR receiver. Even depinned, after the receiver is wrapped in heat shrink there wasn't enough room created by the 5mm arms between the FC and top plate to fit the FC in there.

Out of the box the XSR fits between the WQ's arms without any extra clearance, so I filed about 1 mm off of two WQ arms to make some room for the connecting wires and heat shrink that will go on the XSR.

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