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Posted by schrodingers cat | May 06, 2017 @ 07:18 AM | 190,529 Views
Rocket Quads

By the People. For the People.

Chief Developers:

Big Gles

This thread is dedicated to to Tweaky 3 inch frame and its variants.
Available from Bezerk RC here and Rocket Quads on the Armattan Productions site.

Custom orders available from Big Gles via PM or at [email protected]

is the original, solid six piece chassis with arms wide enough (10mm) to accomodate individual escs. It is available in 2 wheelbases, 190mm and 220 mm. It is my practice quad, it gives good motor protection and is strong and sturdy.

is now designated to be the six piece version of our unibody frames with three hole mount arms which offers some motor protection, and will be a performance oriented chassis, and will come with fpv options in time. Intended sizes at this stage are from the 100mm to 135mm wheelbase (6 piece version of Zappy series) along with a 160, 200, 230 and 260. All of these are intended to be relatively sturdy but high performance due to low drag.

will be ultra high performance superlight six piece frames, sized 188mm. They will be super slim arm designs with 2 hole motor mounts. The emphasis will be on slippery, light weight ultra high performance five inch frames.

is the revolutionary new vertical arm design by Big Gles which is under development and has been tested in wheelbases ranging from 120mm right up to 260mm. These exciting new designs are nearly silent, super slippery and strong. In an...Continue Reading