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Posted by shonmac | Nov 05, 2015 @ 08:56 PM | 11,426 Views
As my skill has grown so has my need for faster , more agile planes. After hundreds of flights on high wing civilian planes ; I got into warbirds. I started with a Trojan T 28. Later , I upgraded the T 28 from 3S to 4S. Very pleased with the power but wanted just an extra touch. I get a 2 blade prop for a little extra thrust. Easily a 60- 70 mph plane now. Respectable power and after I find a motor capable of giving it an 80 mph performance; I will finally be pleased.

I also decided to buy a P51 Mustang and upgraded that to 4S as well. Not quite as fast as my Trojan T 28 but it is quick and agile. Much more so than the T28.

My interest in speed has increased a bit more. After my Ultra Z Astro jet had a motor burn out , I bought a motor capable of doing 105 mph. A nice flying jet now flying nicer!
Posted by shonmac | Aug 27, 2014 @ 11:57 PM | 13,172 Views
Every new plane I get; i crash . Then I fix it up and learn how it wants to be flown. It may take a few crashes and lots of glue...But I will figure it out.This hobby has been costly for me. I want so much in so little time. It's all been worth it though. I 've got spare parts , motors and batteries. I have the tools to repair and build . I have enough spare parts that I can start scratch building airplanes. Scratch build some nice little projects and let my friends experiment with them.