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Posted by skydvejam | Oct 18, 2013 @ 09:43 PM | 14,435 Views
OK here are some pics, I will narrate later though.
Posted by skydvejam | Oct 02, 2013 @ 08:37 PM | 14,144 Views
Well I had to do it, I started flying with powered gliders, and always wondered about pure sailplanes.

IMG 0731 (1 min 3 sec)

IMG 0730 (1 min 1 sec)
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Posted by skydvejam | Sep 03, 2012 @ 04:37 AM | 15,444 Views
I will be posting pics soon, but with my latest project about to go in the air, time to work on the next one, might do a SPAD during this, even more so if I find some servo's and a motor cheep, even better if it is a busted motor that I get to fix, just the way I am with the hobby.
This will be a little closer, and a possible lead up to my first full kit build that will lead to a scratch build.
Anyways I was given an older Cherokee Babe by one of the local fliers here, just happens to be the same one I bought my last project from.
Still debating servo's for her, as well as a covering scheme, been looking at pictures of the full scales for some ideas.
Going E-powered since it is about a .20 size plane so I will have a balsa park flier E-Flite 450 motor on the burner for her, going to have to test some ESC's 20 AMP is what is called for, I most likely will use a 30 AMP because I like a little overhead. 3S 1800 most likely will be the order of the day, figuring out the best way to mount is going to be a little challenge, but that is part of the fun.
First order of work is to remove what is left of the old glittery covering. It has some work to be done in the tail section, some of the sheeting needs repairing, and some new sheeting added. Then will be covering, and adding some scale details as well as motor, ESC, battery and servo placements, and how to connect the control surfaces.
Hinges look good, going to work on removing the pins, if I can do that then it will assist in removing the old covering and placing the new covering on easier, if not then I will re-hinge with real hinges not CA's, sorry easy is not better....
Anyways if nothing else I should get around to taking pictures on my days off coming up, as well as some starting on removing what covering is left not looking forward to working with that gooey stuff.
Posted by skydvejam | Jul 08, 2012 @ 10:02 AM | 15,436 Views
Hmm well I started off around Nov 2011 with and Air Hogs 3 channel heli. Ate a few of those and got a Nine Eagles Solo pro and really started the collection.
Anyways I have since traded my Mcpx and got the family involved in flying as well.
Here is a small part of my collection, and I will try and update what I have to at least keep track of what I have on here lol.

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