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Posted by EZglider | Nov 11, 2011 @ 06:03 AM | 4,273 Views
Well, The Yak is finished, just waiting to maiden this weekend. Got the bug again,with some new sheets of EPP, about to start DemonGTI's Eratix. Really nice lookin' 36 in Full Fuse design. Also in the process of my own first design. Right now calling it "The Blaster". It'll be a 32 in 3D profile to start and test, hoping to eventually have it at 42 in.I'll post some pics of it down the road.
Posted by EZglider | Oct 28, 2011 @ 04:20 AM | 5,722 Views
I've had a bad case of "Builder's Block".Started a couple of planes, something would turn out warped, or out of line. Start trying to correct, and it seems I just made it worse! Oh Well, time to drop back and punt. I've got another Leadfeather Yak 32 in on the table all cut out. Building & flying these things is like therapy for me whenever I'm not satisfied. Clean,simple,quick design that I know is gonna fly well. Helps clear my head out for other projects! Doing my "Hybrid" build, with all horizontal surfaces laminated DTF, EPP for vertical stuff. I really like how these planes fly like that, seems to have better wing rigidity and fly crisper, with less bracing necessary. Hope to finish it this weekend.
Posted by EZglider | Jul 06, 2011 @ 04:58 AM | 5,312 Views
I never seem to remember this blog! Don't post enough entries, but I guess I figure "Who da heck would be that interested in what I have to say?"Still following my principle of "1 Flying & 1 Building".Got a LF 32" Edge 540T I'm flying right now. Hybrid build, with EPP on all the vertical surfaces, and doubled DTF for the horizontal.Works REAL well, probably my favorite plane I've built.It's allowing me to get more comfortable with working on my 3D moves.
Got another 40 in Lil Ripper on the build-board, all DTF. The last one I did flew GREAT! Real floaty at that size, and plenty of power with a Suppo 2212-13 swinging a 10x6 prop.Finally trashed it when I dumb-thumbed a low-level KE. Tried to rudder-loop back over to head the other way, but nose-dived it. Over corrected into a beautiful ke loop, nose-in, full power! Got some ideas in mind I'm gonna try out on this new one. I love this design.
Posted by EZglider | Dec 24, 2010 @ 07:36 AM | 4,946 Views
Well, I've got a just-finished Lil' Ripper waiting to maiden, I've still got to throw together a Muncie Fast & Furious combat wing for next week's Fly-in in Griffin,I just got my 35-36C motor in from HK for the 3DHS 41" Edge I'm lusting after, and I STILL want to buy some EPP after Christmas to do a LF 540T to keep on 3D training!Living in a loft apt, this gets a bit crowded. Ohwell, the wife doesn't complain (yet!)
Posted by EZglider | Aug 07, 2010 @ 11:03 AM | 5,018 Views
Took my LF yak 30 incher out this morning before it got TOO hot. (We're getting heat index of 105+ almost every day). The more I fly this thing, the better I like it.It's the most stable 3D plane I've tried for just "cruise-around" scale type flying once I got the CG dialed in.It actually makes me look pretty competent!I know a 3D plane is a lousy choice as a trainer, but I couldn't resist.If you haven't tried this design yet, do it. Very nice plane!