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When I returned from my hiatus from the hobby in 2015, I discovered former major vendors were gone, new ones had arisen, and not surprisingly, one giant fossil was still here (Merriman….grrrrrrr!)

To make a long story short, my trusty D&E Miniatures WTC-3.5 suffered from spider cracks from storage in less than pristine conditions, and was subsequently leaking like a sieve (20-30cc in 10 minutes). This cylinder operated 3 of my boats with it’s adjustable ballast tank.

I freakin’ loved that thing. (and I do love Dave lol, rat bastard). He actually told me he thought I was the only one using that crank adjusted ballast tank sharing it on 3 models

But the electronics were outdated, and Dave wasn’t looking to rehash a 20 yo design, especially since he now worked for “the man”. Hey I dig it, I’m surprised any vendor can survive alone for long in such a niche market.

But I decided I was going to need to do more on my own. Focus on what works for me. After all, I had seen all sorts of approaches, done a few myself. Plus after stepping back for a while and entering the world of 1:1 scale Sailboat ownership, I returned with a new set of skills that can easily transfer over, most of which is surprising myself at what I’m capable of, second is that consistency and standardization is the name of the game.

I want to rely more on off the shelf products, one that’s not going to disappear when a vendor does.. I am going to standardize my approach. Pick what I like, and...Continue Reading
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Foxeer Cat 2 Micro 1/3 CMOS 1200TVL StarLight FPV Camera Low Latency 4:3/16:9 NTSC/PAL Switchable Support OSD

Foxeer Micro Cat 2. Почти как зрение кошки. (10 min 9 sec)

Link: Foxeer Micro Cat 2
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Used to pushing sticks in and down to arm your model? This video shows how to do it for models without a flight computer.
Edit: Using the sticks as the source on the logical switches avoids the rates caveat I mentioned in the video.

OpenTx Tutorial • Quad Style Arming (Throttle Lock) • [Intermediate] (16 min 0 sec)

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Update OpenTX Firmware to 2.3.10
Update 4in1 Firmware to V1.3.1.69

OpenTX Firmware update:
Copy new firmware to TX SDCard then flash update.
Update SDCard content for 2.3.10

4in1 Firmware update:
If you don't need/want to customize the multi module firmware then you can use pre-compiled binaries available here:

To just use the firmware file selector here: .

Flashing from the Transmitter
For radios running OpenTX, there is an option to flash a precompiled firmware file to the multiprotocol module:

OpenTX: using the SD card browser

What you need:

A precompiled multiprotocol firmware file (.hex for Atmega328p or .bin for STM32)
A Flash from TX bootloader installed on an Atmega328p or STM32 multiprotocol module
A means to get the firmware file onto the transmitter's SD card
OpenTX 2.3.3 or newer
Copy the firmware file to the radio's SD card - it doesn't matter where you put it
Switch the radio on normally and use the radio SYS menu to locate the file on the SD card
Highlight the file and press the ENTER button
Choose Flash internal module or Flash external module as...Continue Reading
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The 1st prototype had no showstoppers, just a few tweeks. The speed control buttons would be easier to reach if they were side by side. This would allow the power button to go in back. The height transition was messier than hoped. Throttle needs to rotate 30deg north. Pinky hook should extend the full height. Speaker hole could be smaller. It's heading to a dogbone.
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Macross style
The stickers were peeling on the bottom. Im always looking at it from the bottom so... pain chop.
The jj is next
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There are might be new beginners for the RC Hobby, and if you need good quality servo to practice. Here comes the B53CHL Standard servo for your builds.
It is perfectly for 1/10, On road,off road, truck, buggy , airplane, helicopter and engine etc.

Name: B53CHL-Detail.jpg
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Size: 545.4 KB

The B53CHL equipped with plastic top and bottom, and aluminium middle case. So it is much stronger than the plastic case servo. It will be more durable and reliable.
Name: B53CLS-1 (1)LCG Traxxas Slash.jpg
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Size: 472.1 KB
...Continue Reading
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I never thought using superglue / CA for building a balsa plane would speed up the building process in an ungodly manner. This also applies for when you've sanded away too much and quickly have to add balsa strips to correct mistakes

I've added an extra 1.5mm carbon rod for more stiffness. Also, ... I'm hitting a wall here. The CG is becoming a problem as I guesstimated correctly While I kept 98% of the proportions according to plan, the motor up front and the added balsa in the fuselage for strength, tips the balance point heavily towards nose heavy when dry fitting a battery in the space originally planned. I have to do some free style scratch building to solve this without adding too much useless weight in the back. Or design an altered fuselage with a shorter nose. *Edit* OR trying to stuff most of the FPV gear in the back / on the tail
**Edit** Nope, i shortened the fuselage with a good two inches. It will work but space for gear is limited... Back to the drawing board. Either design a new, longer tail section or a complete new fuselage and change the looks completely.
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New Super size Viper Jet
will fly on a 210 all day long
Just got best Civilian Jet at the Kings Canyon Jets
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Dalprop Fold F5 Series 5.1" Folding Propellers Smooth DIY FPV Prop Compatible POPO for FPV Racing RC Drone

Dalprop Fold F5. Отличные складные пропеллеры, которые &# (10 min 4 sec)

Dalprop Fold F5 5.1"
Dalprop Fold F6 6"
Dalprop Fold F7 7"
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Reunion 2318 Motor

For Wing/Airplane.

KV: 890kV/1250kV/1450kV/2500kV

Email: [email protected]

#BrotherHobby #Reunion2318 #Wing #Airplane
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In homage to Rusty-Gunn, I modified his original design (the Jimi Jetstream) to accept a 70mm EDF !

This is my way of saying thank you for so many wonderful designs over the years..Best wishes to Rusty

Note, the Jimi Jetstream was the first foamie I ever built....started me down the flat jet road......

30" WS 50% KFM-2 wing
70mm Powerfun 12 blade fan
3400 kv motor
80 Amp ESC
3300 mah 50C 4 cell
19 gram MG servos
Lemon 6 channel receiver with satellite
The nacelle is a 22 oz plastic stadium cup
Airframe is 3/16" Elmers board

Weather will have to get better before I maiden her
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Episode 5 – “Trump on Steroids”
Upon election day results pile in and seeing the re-election as a now lost proposition – Trump resigns before the inauguration making Pence #46, who then pardons him of all wrong doing (review Nixon’s I am not a crook routine).
After Pence bails out Trump, he runs out the shot clock – having no real power anyway. Now that I’ve been proven innocent of all wrong doing” Trump becomes a talk show host/pundit reviled by all but the reddest of necks, the whitest of sheets and the blackest of hearts.

History note – for those that aren't aware, Adolph Hitler was heavily medicated by his personal physicians. They pumped him full of cocaine, methamphetamines, as well as vitamins and “other” substances. Substances which no doubt added to his inhumane, maniacal and psychotic behaviors as well as ultimate suicide.

DJT has contracted Covid-19, his personal physicians are assisting his ‘recovery’ with Dexamethasone, literally Trump on steroids. Substituting DMA coincides with another TikTok hack and many viral videos ensue. His dancing does not improve unfortunately.
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This is the flight of my 1230mm wingspan TechOne Neptune 64mm EDF Jet Wing, modified for 4S flight.

TechOne Neptune 64mm EDF Jet Wing 4S Performance Flight (4 min 39 sec)

1) Receiver - Lemon RX DSMX 7-Ch Diversity Stabilizer / Receiver
2) ESC - Hitec Energy Sport 40a ESC
3) Battery - Tattu 4S 1800mAh 75C Lipo
4) EDF Unit - FMS 2840-3150KV Motor / 11-Blade Ducted Fan Unit
5a) Internal Cooling - Custom 3D-Printed Ram Air Intake Scoop (Lipo / ESC Cooling)
5b) Internal Cooling - Additional Rear Hatch Exhaust Outlets Cut (1:3 Inlet-Outlet Ratio)
6) Servos - Hitec HS-5055MG 9-Gram Metal Gear Servos x 2
7) Structural Rigidity - .057" x .177" x 11" Carbon Fiber Flat Spars x 2 (channeled and inserted in between the fuselage and wing sections)

I've had this EDF wing for several years now, but it's never had any spotlight time until now. This is absolutely one of my favorite and unique wings that I've kept to myself from social media until my friend Robert decided to record my flight yesterday. The grass was also at the right height and smoothness to attempt a take-off from, as well as a touch and go. Very much to my surprise, both were easy to do, and is another fun/unique feature from this already cool EDF wing.

It's a shame that there aren't many (if at all) of these EDF wings in production anymore. Despite the poor TechOne equipment it came out of the box with (a stock motor lead that had a wire separate on inspection, malfunctioning ESC, and a busted plastic servo), The Neptune is really a brilliant EDF Wing design that comes alive when quality internals are installed. I'm hoping that there will be an EDF wing re-release of something like it from one of the current reputable manufacturers in the future.