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Posted by bfischer | Feb 11, 2009 @ 07:52 PM | 3,285 Views
Have since finished her off... but adding individual aileron servos after discussing the subject on my binding single servo bell crank set-up that is stock with my NASA Engineer friend SteveC68.
Posted by bfischer | Feb 11, 2009 @ 07:49 PM | 3,260 Views
After getting the airframe for practically nothing, I decided I would stick with electrics and Convert this nicely detailed Top Flite P-40E to electric. Really not a conversion, because it didn't come with a motor, but had to do all the little things to get it going...

Found a good deal on a Power 110 so I decided to start with that. After a little research, decided I better re-enforce the firewall as this motor is really way too powerful for this 64" P-40E. Originally designed for a .60, but accepting a .90 I figured a Power 110 would be just right, so I continued the conversion...

Of course, a CCHV85 and 9S of 5000mAh Lipos later, it really is a monster of a motor that swings the 3 blade APC 15.75x13 with ease. A full charge, it put out over 2700 watts/83amps. AUW is 12lbs 10oz... a bit heavier than expected, but not completely out of the ballpark. If it flies heavy, my plan is to get a Power 60 or equivalent and go to 6S. That should drop over a pound between the motor and batts.