Posted by JustinMoore12 | Sep 25, 2009 @ 09:01 PM | 4,316 Views
One picture of the colonial beach dirt section, the others were taken by a young lady who is an aspiring photographer.

Crashed my way out of a 200 yard lead on the 426(blue) and naded the head in the next heat.
Posted by yardboz1 | Sep 25, 2009 @ 08:47 PM | 5,530 Views
Last year I found out that there was a group of guys flying in a Grade School gymnasium during the winter. Wanted to go and try it, but didn't feel that my skills were up to the task. After spending most of this year working on some 3D type flight, I've decided that it's something I am ready to tackle. My initial thought was to build something fairly small, thinking a small area needed a small plane. I realize now that that might not be the best way to go. Smaller plane = higher wingloading = faster flight. I've now decided that maybe the best way to go is to build something in the 30" to 32" wingspan range and try to keep it as light as possible, somewhere in the 5 to 6 ounce range. And here is the question; Can I do this using equipment from Hobby City? Most of the indoor planes of this size I've seen are using fairly expensive equipment, something my wife would have some real issues with! And do I want to spend $100.00 on equipment for 1 plane to fly for a couple months when that same amount of money could equip 3 planes that I could fly all spring, summer and fall? Also, do I build a very lightweight version of Gene Bonds Yak, Leadfeathers Yak 54 (both are planes I've had a ball flying and are proven designs), or do I build one of the F3P planes in the Indoor forum? I've been looking at the Index 2.2 and it seems to be a fairly popular choice and a nice looking plane. As usual, the more I try to learn, the more confused I become.
Posted by GDbot | Sep 25, 2009 @ 07:10 PM | 2,734 Views
Chapter 2

I don't have much patience and I have never really seen much use for it besides keeping friends from hitting you when you won't let them finish a sentence without interruption.

I never felt I had enough time to do everything I want to, or enough time to think about everything I should. I did think I was immortal when I was in my pre-thirties, but somehow I felt the key to a long and rewarding life was to give oneself the most difficult challenge one could imagine. Like the Winchester gun heiress who thought that if her mansion was never done with its construction, she would never die, I think that if I give myself a difficult problem, I might not fade away from my awareness of myself. . At least I am not afraid of dying anymore, but I still feel that the most difficult problem one can imagine is still a worthwhile pursuit.

I have come to the conclusion that the next stage in evolution is the reintegration of the Bicameral Mind. Let me digress for a moment. This phrase, Bicameral Mind, first came to my attention in a reference to Julian Jaynes book “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.” Never read the book, didn't have the time, but the concept was boggling. My understanding of the premise is that humans didn't have a concept of self apart from the tribe, until.........whatever. Apparently, without mirrors people recognize themselves last in a group photo of their family or tribe.

Understandably, the concept...Continue Reading
Posted by GDbot | Sep 25, 2009 @ 05:11 PM | 2,754 Views
This is a true story, but I don't expect you to believe one word of it.

The first tall tale I will tell comes from my teenage years, when the strange phenomena first began to become more insistent.

A friend lent me a copy of "The teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui way of knowledge" by Carlos Castaneda, and said I should read it. I did. That first book in the series was a bit tedious and dry
but it set the stage for the later books to fly from. I remember standing on my family's porch looking down to the street below, trying to practice some of techniques suggested in the book without any success.
Down in the Panama Canal Zone at the time there was quite a bit of philosophical speculation in the teen and early twentys crowd and there were some radical ideas being tested about the nature of consciousness and its' connection to the outer world.
One of the things we were playing with was trying to move clouds to keep them from raining on us, so that we wouldn't have to get up and seek shelter. Some of us seemed to actually succeed.

My Dad and I were standing on our apartment porch one day admiring the view when a half dozen members of the Panamanian air force passed below. Bad local joke at the time, That is what my friends called the vultures. I said to Dad that I wished I could fly like them, it looked so effortless, gliding without flapping. Dad surprises me a couple weeks later with an offer to buy me some airplane flying lessons. I guess I...Continue Reading
Posted by BGThomas | Sep 25, 2009 @ 03:27 PM | 6,214 Views
I'm an engineer in telecommunications and I invented the Internet (not Al Gore, the impostor). I like to scratch build, getting better with each new craft. Much of my early work has long since been decommissioned and cannibalized. I have a Vietnam era CCB, a cabin cruiser (kit), and a Long Beach Harbor fire boat under construction.

I have been the webmaster for SSMA for several years. This summer, I was asked to take over the SSMA as National Director - lots and lots to do!
Posted by erbus | Sep 25, 2009 @ 03:20 PM | 13,436 Views
She is ready for the maiden, and it's gonna be next week !
Posted by Slider2732 | Sep 25, 2009 @ 03:10 PM | 3,680 Views
Took some video earlier of what I now term the Evo, while the camcorder power supply lead would reach the backyard (no battery).
I've done a compilation thing of the 3 different guises of the airframe...from simple chuck glider, to rubber powered, to R/C. Luckily, all 3 versions were on the same camcorder tape. So it was just a case of 'Pause' a few times to get the video.
Apologies for the lack of sound and non fancy editing, new to this game

Boeing X-45C Evo - little R/C (1 min 19 sec)

Posted by FlyBoyTha1 | Sep 25, 2009 @ 11:38 AM | 2,519 Views
Video 8

Shots Of Other Jet Video's To Come.

Fresno Jet Rally 2009 Video 8 (3 min 42 sec)

Posted by Get Real | Sep 25, 2009 @ 03:49 AM | 4,347 Views
Just some video from thursday night practice.. It was fun clearing the triple with a Traxxas slash .

Leisure Hours Raceway 9-24-2009 (4 min 46 sec)

Posted by rcmorrow | Sep 25, 2009 @ 12:59 AM | 5,703 Views
The fuselage is making very good progress. All servos are installed and look like they will work very well with their placements. The rudder servo and tow release are both in the nose section mounted on ply frames that are then attached with epoxy resin and microballoons.

The batteries (a NiCad pack for the retract wheel, and 2 2200-2600 2s lipo packs will be placed as far forward as possible, set on a ply plate that has velco as well as straps to hold everything in place.

Other than attaching the rudder and placing the receiver the fuselage is complete.

On to the wings tomorrow and the plane will be ready to fly.
Posted by lmopar69 | Sep 24, 2009 @ 10:55 PM | 17,701 Views
Well, that was quick! About 2 hours to strip the bugger down. One Cracked wing rib, a couple iffy glue joints, a little sanding, and a warped horiz. stab. Thats the damages I guess. Not that bad for a plane that has been through the hell this one has. That includes spending 2 weeks on the covered front porch at one point.

So, given that I have time I want to get it fixed up, recovered and back in the air in just a couple days. Heck its been 4 months or more since it flew last already. Im sure its happy just to get a little attention!

Posted by lmopar69 | Sep 24, 2009 @ 10:32 PM | 17,650 Views
So, I spent a couple weeks at Ft. Bragg about 2 years ago. While I was there, I found this Ultra Stick 25E for sale RTF with an OS 25 on it for $200. So, I needed a plane to fly while I was there and figured what the heck.

After 2 flights on the slimer motor, I pulled it and put on an AXI 2820/08 and a 4S 3700mah lipo. MUCH better.

Well, 2 years of flyin, one minor crash, landing gear ripped out a dog chewin on the tail section and hangar rash do a number on a "beat around" plane like this. TIME TO RECOVER IT!!!

With the help of my teenagers we started stripping down the old beast. So, I present to you, part 1 of the "Chronicles of the Beater Stick".

Posted by Asia | Sep 24, 2009 @ 09:55 PM | 2,933 Views
Item Part No. Min capacity (mAh) Packs Voltage (V) Pack Dimensions(mm) Approx Weight (±15g) Discharge Rates
Thickness (±5.0) Width (±4.0) Length (±10) Continous Burst
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2 KT800/20-3S 800 11.1 17.8 26.0 73.0 66.0 20C 35C
3 KT850/20-2S 850 7.4 15.0 31.0 54.0 48.0 20C 35C
4 KT850/20-3S 850 11.1 21.5 31.0 54.0 70.0 20C 35C
5 KT1000/20-2S 1000 7.4 11.0 34.0 72.0 59.0 20C 35C
6 KT1000/20-3S 1000 11.1 17.0 34.0 72.0 88.0 20C 35C
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Posted by rab | Sep 24, 2009 @ 09:52 PM | 4,607 Views
So another dZee was built, it's been flown a few times. I'm happy with it.

It is made of EPP. You can see the skewers that damp out the wing flutter which happen on exit of a fast dive.

The flying weight is about 8oz with a 2s700mah lipo. The motor is a blue wonder 1300 with an 8060 GWS dd prop.

And credit where it is due - this plane is really only a very minor variation on GPW's Foam-EZ...Canard Sportif' the dimensions on this plane mostly match the dimensions on the Foam-EZ.

Posted by Eric Odle | Sep 24, 2009 @ 09:44 PM | 5,152 Views
Following the advice of users here on RCGroups, I completed my search for a portable electric sloper with a Mini Speedwing RTF. This is my fourth RC craft:

1) My first was in the mid-80's, and was a balsa sailplane called a "Pussycat". I have fond memories of building that over Christmas break with my dad. I was around 10 at the time. I also have less fond memories involving some pretty severe crashes, sometimes involving exploding balsa parts. One particularly bad one was after a launch on a bungee cord, and after that I started thinking about powered craft.

2) Not wanting to get into fuel powered planes, my second craft was an early electric-powered model called an "Electra". It was basically a sailplane with RC car parts onboard, very heavy but with enough wing to carry the load. It wasn't particularly powerful on NiCad batteries, but it was enough to get you in the air and fly around a little. That was in the late 80's / early 90's. At the time I was living at the foot of Mt. Diablo in Alamo, California. The terrain was hilly, and I soon figured out that the best flying spots were where the wind was blowing up a slope. That craft met an untimely demise when I was flying at range and didn't realize I was inverted until too late. It had a nasty habit of violently disgorging all the heavy RC car parts on the hard landings, and a serious velocity crash completely crushed it.

3) My third craft was made with durability in mind, and...Continue Reading
Posted by id158195 | Sep 24, 2009 @ 08:50 PM | 3,281 Views
KYPOM Technology Stock Co Ltd
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215.0 20C 35C

30C Series
69 KT450/30-2S 450 7.4 8.5 30.0 56.0 31.5 30C 55C
70 KT450/30-3S 450 11.1 13.5 30.0 56.0 56.0 30C 55C
71 KT850/30-2S 850 7.4 15.0 30.0 56.0 51.0 30C 55C
72 KT850/30-3S 850 11.1 21.5 30.0 56.0 73.0 30C 55C
73 KT1300/30-2S 1300 7.4 14.0 35.0 72.0 78.0 30C 55C
74 KT1300/30-3S 1300 11.1 21.0 35.0 72.0 110.0 30C 55C
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76 KT2200/30-3S 2200 11.1 25.0 37.5 106.0 178.0 30C 55C
77 KT2200/30-4S 2200 14.8 35.0 34.5 106.0 236.0 30C 55C
78 KT2200/30-5S 2200 18.5 43.0 37.5 106.0 291.0 30C 55C
79 KT2200/30-6S 2200 22.2 51.0 34.0 106.0 345.0 30C 55C
80 KT2600/30-2S 2600 7.4 11.0 44.5 137.0 148.0 30C 55C
81 KT2600/30-3S 2600 11.1 16.0 44.5 137.0 212.0 30C 55C
82 KT2600/30-4S 2600 14.8 23.0 44.5 137.0 276.0 30C 55C
83 KT2600/30-5S 2600 18.5 29.0 44.5 137.0 343.0 30C 55C
84 KT2600/30-6S 2600 22.2 35.0 44.5 137.0 393.0 30C 55C
85 KT3000/...Continue Reading
Posted by Slider2732 | Sep 24, 2009 @ 07:04 PM | 3,781 Views
The much altered Boeing X-45C is now a backyard flyer
Balance and poise are there, no high alpha flying, glides well, flies around well in the approx 50ftx50ft space and can fly much closer in. Even went for a hand catch at one point.
Flight time is only about 3 minutes, with this 40mAh li-po, but, till I get some more it's doing fine.
Rain stopped trimming etc after 2 full flights.
Adding the under winglets and wing fences have really helped this little thing along. I took off the pop bottle based canopy.

Going dark here, so pics aren't great, but the mods can be seen.
Posted by rcmorrow | Sep 24, 2009 @ 04:36 PM | 5,615 Views
Solved my problems with my 1221 receivers. I found the issue was on my part rather than any issues with receivers.

I would guess that working on the electronics late at night may not be the best choice.

At any rate, receivers are now working and I am back to work on the DG-600.

I should have the fuselage and all components completed this evening and complete the wing installation tomorrow with final programming.
Posted by Slider2732 | Sep 24, 2009 @ 03:13 PM | 3,808 Views
This current 1/2 scale Storm Runner got finally nailed with all problems...wing fences !
I don't know why I didn't put them on earlier, but, again, it all formed a good test. Using approx 3" of the outer ends of the KFm type sections which were still in the bits box and a dribble of hot glue, I had the fences on in about a minute down at the flying field.
Stability is much good to see what it does now in winds.

The Boeing X-45C was a different story. As a glider, it glided, but, put power on and it spiraled very quickly. Underwinglets and wing fences will be added, plus (at the suggestion of my wife) the outer inch of so made vertical, into winglets. That should stop the spinning.
At 0.9oz it zooms like the jet, having such a different aspect ratio to the previous Horten IX of the same weight.

Comical note - couple of guys went past in a truck, just as I brought the F-22 jet out of a glide. It was at full power and heading up and right. One guy shouted out of the window "wow, look at that at full tilt" hehe.