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Posted by BernardW | Apr 20, 2016 @ 04:46 PM | 7,973 Views
Hi, this is my first blog entry and I'll start by asking anybody out there for links to a GOOD site or two with tutorials on using plastic covering film. I've achieved the basic idea of using the iron and a heat gun to apply a single colour to solid balsa surfaces and to open frames such as between ribs in an unsheeted wing, but where I need help is in using multiple colours next to each other, say for example a fuselage with a dark colour on the top and/or turtle deck and white up to just below the cockpit. I'm wondering how I do this - join the two colours before I apply them? Or should the dark colour be treated as a trim piece over the top of the white? Or just add one colour up to where it stops, then slightly overlap the next and keep going?

Yes I know this is basic stuff and there are tutorials out there, but I have been looking at a few and haven't found what I need to see yet, so if you can recommend a site that can walk me through this I'd appreciate it.

The new news at the moment is I'm about to make the final payment on a YS FZ-91, which I got at a fair price, discontinued model but still new in box, since it was there and reduced, but I haven't yet settled on a model to install it to. I'm looking for ideas, if you know a good sports model well suited to this engine I'd love to hear about it. I might even look at a pattern plane and start learning those ropes, but this is all at least a few months away. I'm finishing one model soon, then I've settled on the...Continue Reading