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Posted by BernardW | Jul 09, 2019 @ 03:21 PM | 2,745 Views
Recently a new bakery opened somewhere I can access easily. I'd forgotten what a pleasure it can be to have fresh, high quality bread handy every day. Bread has been a basic commodity literally since civilisation began, it isn't really a staple but it's close. I've been working my way through their selection and enjoying it, currently I'm on their 7 Seeds and Grains sandwich loaf, it makes the *best* toast! And a good sandwich.

All that fibre is known to be good for you, and no need to go too deeply into it BUT... it feeds the right bugs in the colony of little critters we depend on in our guts. Apparently that's the real benefit of fibre, apart from adding "roughage" as I was taught in high school it's food for the good guys in there. One of the few good things to do with Perth was that a guy here won a Nobel Prize, no less, for work he did on our gut-dwelling organisms, particularly helicabacta (AFAIK, if that's wrong I'd be pleased if someone could correct me) which totally solved Irritable Bowel Syndrome for many people. Well, he's done it again, he continued his research and learned much about the other organisms in there. Get the balance of those bugs right and you can mitigate, control or even treat many illnesses, even diabetes. But of course you have to know what you're doing, the mix of gut bugs is different for everyone and depends on all kinds of things. And guess what you have to examine to work out what's going on in there... Yeah it ain't pretty. I...Continue Reading
Posted by BernardW | Jul 03, 2019 @ 10:02 AM | 2,463 Views
I'm looking for ideas to help make interchangeable engine mounts for my current build. It's just a standard ply firewall, and I'm fitting a Saito 130TD (4-stroke glow twin cylinder). That should be a good match for this model but I have 2 other engines I want to use some time too, an FA-182TD and a YS FZ91AC. The 182 is very similar in weight and dimensions but it has a different mounting bolt pattern, though they both use a similar radial-type mount. The YS is a single cylinder 4-stroke and needs a standard store-bought 2 beam engine mount, but once again that mount will have another bolt pattern too.

There isn't room to drill all the different holes in the firewall and fit blind nuts, in fact for beam mounts I could even end up with holes overlapping. It's possible I could convert from one engine to another by removing the blind nuts and filling the holes, then drilling for the 182 or another mount, but it's a one-off, I couldn't go back to the 130 again later. The model has been designed around that engine so using the 182 with it is not a priority, but that engine and the YS haven't been used yet and it seems handy to use an existing model to try them with until I can build something else for each. The YS will hopefully get a Kaos 90 made for it. OTOH the Fa-130td would be worth trying in that model too, so if I had a reasonable method for swapping either the engine mount or the firewall itself I could get more use out of all 3 of my "big" engines, and...Continue Reading