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Posted by North_of_49 | Feb 25, 2014 @ 09:18 AM | 38,615 Views
... continued discussion on switching the sequenced strobe from the discussion on this page...

The last thing posted about it...
Originally Posted by North_of_49
If you're saying it requires 2 mixes, then I think I have it (at least I was able to do what you said if I used 2 mixes).

mix1 STR >AX1 G (active in Switch G position 2... position 2 is the only block blacked out)

mix2 ON >AX1 G (active in Switch G position 1... position 1 is the only block blacked out)

Switch G position 0 is "off"

The one thing I need to fix though is getting the proper "throws" of the AUX1 channel position markers in the main monitor screen. I can only get it to go to the middle as the farthest throw (so far... still playing with it) EDIT, actually, a little farther than the middle if I set the rates to 125%. I guess all I need is it to go far enough for the LED to consider it as "ON" ... I'll have to hook up my LED.
Have an LED hooked up. Yeah, it works

Still trying to make those servo position markers in the monitor screen look pretty As long as it gets thrown past the center it's considered ON. I boosted the throw as far as I could using Travel in servo setup. Would be nice to balance the look of it and have it go from say 1/4 to 3/4 on the position marker for On to OFF (or OFF to ON depending how the channel is set up... I had to reverse it).

Thanks freechip

So I now have

LED On solid
LED strobed

using a 3 position switch

EDIT: my problem was that I had not gone and set up my toggle switch in Channel Assign/Input Configuration... duh!)
Posted by North_of_49 | Feb 23, 2014 @ 04:08 PM | 37,928 Views
I was asked to do a blog post about this...

click image to watch at YouTube

I won't go too in depth into the basics of using and setting up the DX9 sequencer; There are some good sources for that already. I highly recommend checking them out first before continuing with my post if you really want to understand what I'm about to write here if you don't already.

There's a great introduction to sequencing in the March 2013 issue of Flying Models magazine...

Apparently you can purchase a download of a single issue from within the free Carstens app...

I understand that, at the time of this writing, this is the only way to buy a single issue and in electronic format, and that it is currently only available for iOS (Apple) devices. There is some discussion about this here...

Alternately, you can find pretty much the same information on RCG member freechip's blog and YouTube channel...

EDIT: freechip wrote that article and has now made it freely downloadable. I'll update with a link soon.

Setting up the sequencer to strobe an LED
I was able to figure this out with help from RCG members freechip and Andy Kunz (Andy posted a sample strobing sequencer file in the DX9 thread for me to analize and play with... mine is a...Continue Reading