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Posted by Toastermoore | Mar 21, 2015 @ 08:47 PM | 5,076 Views
Alula, March 2015 (2 min 45 sec)

So I bought an Alula off eBay a few months ago and got it flying again to try out a little DLG flying while I walk the dogs. The craft is small enough to carry pretty easily, although about as big as I'd want it to be. Anyway, I put a LemonRX receiver and PowerHD DSM-44 servos in it and got rid of the NiMH battery, which was pooped out. I filled the battery cavity with used airgun pellets and gorilla glue, which made a nice block of ballast and toughened up the nose in the process, I think. I power the radio with a 150ma E-Flite battery, which seems to work fine, powering the rig for an hour no problem.

The receiver was a kind of odd install. I wanted to keep the pair of opposed antennae; it seemed like a good idea at the time. That arrangement, with the antennae opposite and perpendicular to the servo plugs, just doesn't fit into a skinny little fuselage easily. What I did was cut slits in the foam of the bottom of the fuselage at the front of the wing. I was able to pry everything open enough to fit the antennae into the slits, running out toward each wing, and the body of it forward of that and firmly wedged in place. I glued the slits closed again.

That reminds me of an odd feature of the foam which the alula is made of. The instructions say to use CA and apparently that's the only glue which sticks to it. Gorilla glue and some foam model glue which I got from the LHS just peel off.

The servos dropped in place with...Continue Reading