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Posted by hutchinstuff | Feb 04, 2013 @ 12:04 AM | 6,465 Views
Hello, found this trimmer out at the farm, and we chucked it up in the lathe (yes, with the crank still in the case), and turned the crank to 8mm (nut size) to put the prop on!

I'm gonna try the gas/glow thing, as it does away with all the complexity of ignition and shaves the weight of the flywheel and coil unit.

It has a neat bolt pattern on the rear case to simply bolt it to the firewall of the plane if it is the correct length out of the cowl.

We are gonna turn some prop adapters in the morning, and see how this thing runs on a mix of gas and glow fuel.
I've read up on the RCU thread, and am ready to undertake....

If this works, the local Stihl dealer has a few saw/weed eaters that I will continue this on for friends.