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Posted by Bill M - RC | Today @ 11:00 AM | 63 Views
Bill M - RC : RC Enthusiast, Hobbyist & Reviewer - Sharing rc video reviews, modifications, advice & tips of rc quadcopters, drones, planes, boats, cars, crawlers, radio controllers, equipment & FPV.

Bill M - RC Introduction video (1 min 50 sec)

Posted by JazzMac | Today @ 10:49 AM | 69 Views
Hi everyone,
In addition to go brushless, I replace original 3.7v motors with 7.4v 8520 motors and larger props. Can anyone show me threads about this idea or there is none before.
Mod steps:
1. Add a 2S balance charging female connector as the power source.
2. Remove 4 M+ lines from FC and connect all to 7.4v.


1. 選擇機架搭配 8520 馬達/直驅槳(沒有減速) e.g. jxd515w, tiny8, Q100...

2. 選擇 silverware FC.
e.g. H8 mini, H67, B03, E011
其他不能刷 silverware 也可以 e.g. JJ1000
但不能調 PID

確認 所有 M+ 連接至 Vbat, 輸出級為 NMOS

3. 連接 2S 平衡充母座到飛控板,3.7v 給飛控,led,低電壓 都維持不變。

一般的 SOT23 NMOS 1A Vgs 8/10V, Vds 20V, 可以對應 2S PWM

4. 連接 4顆馬達 M+ 到平衡充母座 7.4v,M- 位置不變。或再增加一個2S母接頭 (e.g. JST)
Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Today @ 04:55 AM | 245 Views
Some direct links to my website QuadifyRC.com

Reviews - Over 20 reviews since August 2017 on mostly micro brushless quadcopters and parts.

Tips and tricks - bang for buck ways to improve your quadcopter and FPV experience

Multi GP racing - my build and flight experience for a lightweight 5" MultiGP racer (Hyperlite Floss 2)

Coupons and Discounts - where I regularly post coupon codes for quadcopters, parts and accersories that I actually think are worthwhile....Continue Reading
Posted by SergeantAsh | Today @ 12:57 AM | 300 Views
The FuriBee Stormer 220 is a brand new quad from GearBest, enjoy our review, unboxing, inspection, BetaFlight configuration, FrSky receiver fix and LOS/FPV Flight Test!
If you enjoy the review, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE as it helps us to bring more reviews to you guys!

DroningON | FuriBee Stormer 220 Review - Unboxing, Setup, BetaFlight & Flight Test (16 min 36 sec)

Posted by wiseMongoose | Today @ 12:10 AM | 549 Views
Hello, sorry for my english. I'm new to the rc hobby. I bought flat foam f22 kit(length 88cm, wingspan 74cm) from aliexpress, for that Im byuying A2212 2700kv motor, 6×4 propeller, 40A ESC, four 9g servo( they said only 2 for elevators, but I wanted to add ailerons), and 3500mah 60c lipo battery.(they also have (4200mah 30c battery for same price,)
But, I want to add more curves to the fuselage, and reinforce it with fibreglass cloth using epoxy. Since weight will increase, I'm thinking of buying more powerful motor(and larger propeller?)
So, what motor and propeller do I need? should I add ailerons? Is battery going to increase weight,? because they told me buy 2200mah. Is it better idea to add fibreglass cloth? And do I need better ESC if I buy different motor? Im little good in shaping foam, so I want to make it look exactly like f22 raptor. But I'm not good in electronics, so help me please. ('They' means seller).
Posted by rinoki71 | Yesterday @ 09:11 PM | 607 Views
My review of the LRP S10 Blast 2 Brushless 1/10 scale buggy.

LRP S10 Blast 2 Brushless Buggy Review (18 min 0 sec)

Posted by Theskatingmaker | Yesterday @ 08:57 PM | 75 Views
Hi guys! I have a tinywhoop, and carrying around a 3s and a long stick charger is bulky and annoying, so, as a random project, I started to make a concept for a portable, small 1s charger. it uses a 1s lipo, as other lipos are super bulky, and i found one on Adafruit that is a 2500mah lipo. Using this and a tp4056 board, I constructed a schematic for the charger. Please do not judge my CAD abilities, I am a beginner and used TinkerCad. Also, could you tell me what you think about it? I am still kind of a noob when it comes to batteries ant the technical specs, and I would really appreciate the advice. Also, please let me know if this is a good idea, and if you happen to make it, please give a tensy bit of credit to me.

Thanks guys!

(also, for some reason when I open the stl file in windows mixed reality, color does't appear, so here is a reference pic.)

Kai Lin

Tiny Whooping with e011 fc and the stock controller, as well as eachine vr011 fpv goggles.
Posted by kydawg1 | Yesterday @ 08:32 PM | 628 Views
Just a fun RIP last Sunday. Liking the MOJO more and more once I found the my props of choice.

Gemfan 5152-3 Props

ImmersionRC Vortex 230 MOJO Sunday RIP#1 (2 min 39 sec)

Posted by OilFly | Yesterday @ 07:46 PM | 710 Views
Mini Ultra Stick I picked this one up at a big estate sale No motor so i bought the eflite 480 Motor and 30 Amp ESC , from a Local Member here on the group, The stick is equipped with Hs-55 Servos and running Flaps as Well , Flew it on a 9x6 sf Prop but recommends 10x6 Sf on 3s 2200 , Balances nicely 2.5 " Back from the Leading Edge...
I wish i would of purchased one along time ago, this is a Keeper no doubt. Super responsive with the flaps I had Lift off in a couple feet, all i can say KEEPER KEEPER KEEPER !!
Posted by Schleprock59 | Yesterday @ 06:39 PM | 726 Views
I'm a virgin on here so be gentle. My question is, At 5000 ft in Denver Colorado pulling 5800 rpm on a Vess 24B prop, with a brand new DLE 61 & Brison wrap around muffler, will I have enough Static thrust to comfortably fly beginning 3D? My plane is a 31% Pilot Edge 540 V3. Tops out At 18 3/4 pounds.
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 04:58 PM | 782 Views
Hands-On with Skydio R1 Autonomous Drone! (22 min 3 sec)

Really impressive demos from Skydio in Redwood City. Quad copter startups have been hit or miss & it looks like the same pile of plastic scrap that every startup besides Apple produces, but what they showed here was exactly what I wanted to do for years, with ground vehicles. It looks like it could really navigate most of the mobs I have had to navigate manually. They showed it briefly flying in front of the athlete, despite not having prior information about where the athlete was going. The flight time is undoubtedly very short & the $2500 is almost 1 month of rent.  As a $2500 consumer quad copter, it has no chance, but it would have a chance as a kit allowing developers to add autonomy to ground vehicles.

They're the 1st to consolidate a lot of the bits of research that were done in the vicon rooms for the last 10 years, into a complete product. They emphasized the demo of the fixed wing flying in a parking garage.  It's the 1st time anyone has shown the NVidia TX1 doing anything besides raising its stock price.

Not sure how well it would translate to a ground vehicle, because a ground vehicle needs to stay on a certain path. Prior knowledge of roughly where the athlete was going & where the path was might allow it to do the job. Suspect GPS has not improved enough to stay on a path without some other input.

It wouldn't translate well to a Casey Neistat application. His interest is...Continue Reading
Posted by KristofferR | Yesterday @ 03:18 PM | 811 Views
After watching some Youtube tutorials I realized that 1/ those people are completely amazing model builders and 2/ I lack the patience and motivation to try to reach that level.

I picked up some tricks and then embarked on my typical impressionist spree, using paint, brush, toothbrushes, Brillo pad, knife blades, tiny screwdrivers. various marker pens and makeup powder.

Various stickers finished the job, the part numbers and Japanese text from the CC01 ended up on the co-drivers pad!

So far I was ”done” twice but could not resist another go so this is the result as of now. It became more fun the further I got so I can understand the appeal of painting figures and dioramas!

Search words:
Hop Up Parts
rally interior
CC01 Pajero
Posted by JohnVH | Yesterday @ 01:57 PM | 835 Views
Furibee Nebula 230 racing quad

FuriBee Nebula 230 230mm FPV Racing Drone Unboxing and Flight Review (10 min 3 sec)

Get one here at GearBest: https://goo.gl/Nc7uch

Follow on Facebook: https://goo.gl/CKxDSp

Dont forget the drawing to win free quads!

Posted by 1Ironhorse | Yesterday @ 12:30 PM | 892 Views
Greetings my friends. I’m going to take a short deviation from the electrical system and go over the propulsion system that I introduced in Electrical Systems, Part 1 and expanded in Part 2 and 2A.

By propulsion system, I mean the propeller, shaft, and interconnect mechanism between the electric motor and propeller shaft. Because the propeller I have chosen (Raboesch 157-14) has a limitation of 5,800 rpm, I knew that I would not be able to do a direct hook-up, but would need some gear reduction to convert motor rpm into propeller rpm. To use a gear-to-gear reduction system requires high tolerances and is potentially noisy since I would have to use spur gears (straight teeth – only one tooth engaged at a time) rather than quieter hypoid gears (2 or more teeth engaged at a time). I found www.SDP-SI.com which has belt drive components (as well as other types of drive components).

I used HTD profile belts and pulleys for the testing I did with a gear ratio of 2.27:1, which actually oversped the propeller by about 122% at 31 volts (limit of the power supply). I did some additional design review as I was getting ready to order the pulleys and belts including reading technical data provided by SDP-SI, (I won’t reproduce it here, you can go on line and look under Technical Resources). I chose to change the belt profile to the 3mm GX2 because if can handle to horsepower and it is a thinner profile. This allows for smaller drive pulley (on the motor) and a...Continue Reading
Posted by Pierre_de’ Loop | Yesterday @ 11:47 AM | 903 Views
The Kadet has a place in the workshop and I've resumed building the Slow Poke. My first task was to build the servo box in my completed wing panel. The plywood servo tray is far to large for the small servos I'm using and I was able to cut off a good amount of it to reduce weight. After that I started work on the other wing panel. With luck I'll have both completed by the end of week.
Posted by shoukeen | Yesterday @ 11:24 AM | 895 Views
i have downloaded H J F16 plans dont know how to build
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 04:08 AM | 1,261 Views
Obsolescence has been a big problem for reusability. They haven't been able to recover any more Falcon 9's lately, because of the plan to switch to block 5. If a product evolves too fast, there's no need to ever reuse it. They'll retire the 1st reusable Falcon 9 after only 26 launch attempts.

In 4 more years, they want to have the BFR doing all the satellite launches, but after Falcon Heavy launched, Elon sounded eager to continue improving the old Falcon 9. So maybe in another year, it'll be a Falcon 9 with longer 2nd stage that replaces block 5 & makes recovering block 5 worthless because of obsolescence.
Posted by Larron | Yesterday @ 01:13 AM | 1,417 Views