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Posted by Fyathyrio | Today @ 06:07 PM | 1 Views
I've been following the progress of INAV with great anticipation for a while, and I'm finally ready to take the plunge. I'll be setting up a ZOHD Nano Talon using the RTFQ Flip32 F4 Omnibus V3 Pro board, a NEO M8N GPS receiver, and later will add BlueTooth for field adjustments and maybe an OLED screen to see status of FC without pulling the lid off. Control will be via a TBS Crossfire Micro V1 Rx and Taranis X9D Plus radio.

The baby Talon is reportedly a great flying little plane that's well built from the factory. It only comes as PNP or PNP with FPV, and currently no spare parts are available...hopefully that changes soon. This is a very well thought out setup made of durable molded EPP foam, with lots of nice details. Stock it comes with a proprietary stabilizer, small 30A ESC and an 1870kV motor spinning a 6030 prop with semi-unique mounting setup. The original version only had 1 tail servo providing elevator only, but it now comes with 2 tail servos for true V tail operation. I've not flown it stock, so no idea how well the factory stab works, but others report it works well. Step 1 for me is to rip out the stabilizer and get ready for the INAV setup.

The Omnibus board is perfect for a fixed wing setup. Onboard BEC, OSD, current, baro, and a fast F4 processor covers just about everything needed. The GPS comes with a compass, but I didn't connect that as planes don't really need that like multirotors do. The FC can either power FPV equipment with...Continue Reading
Posted by Woodinthesky | Today @ 05:48 PM | 13 Views
Heres a new design for the fpv earphone im working on.
Has both left and right channels
What u think?
If your interested in it. Heres the link.
Posted by Libelle201B | Today @ 02:14 PM | 148 Views
A few months ago I stumbled upon several video's of a new rc aerobatic glider by Dream Flight called the Ahi and was really impressed, so I bought one and it arrived very quickly, less than a week later, they have excellent customer service. The foamy glider is very high quality and very well thought out in design and engineering. Assembly is very strait forward and simple and the instructions are very good. The only thing I would suggest is that you make sure you are using micro or sub micro gear for servos, receivers, battery, there is very limited area in the fuselage and the wings are fairly thin at the servo locations. Dream Flight offers a servo/battery pack option. I went with Hitech HS-53 servo's, a Tactic TR624 receiver and the Dream Flight 700 mAh battery pack. I had to make very minor changes to the R/E servo holes in the mounting tray in the fuselage to accept these particular servo's, the holes were just a few millimeters short lengthwise. The Tactic receiver fit perfectly in it's slot, but because the servo leads connect into the top at 90 degrees to the receiver I had to remove some of the foam in the inside of the canopy to make the canopy fit properly, not a big deal but something to take into account. A receiver with the servo leads plugging into the end of the receiver and not into the top might be a better bet for fit. So, now we finally have some good easterly wind at out hill after several weeks of cross wind conditions and its time to go fly the Ahi....Continue Reading
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Been flying stock with 900 mah and aeronaut carbon prop 8x6 and aeronaut spinner.,. fiberglassed the tail and put lemoN rx gyro...super fun... I would say 65-75 mph .. not bad for $100 RTF , though this can take more speed .

I built another with microdan 2900kv on 3 cell and 4 cell on 5 x5 and 5.25x4.75 + 45 amp esc 600+ watts makes it a pylon racer close to molded ones... glassed the tail with CA + FG

flies awesome. This can take speed, no flex. easy landing

Posted by marblekit | Today @ 12:00 PM | 189 Views
These are some low cost motors but work well on 2S for a 2-inch micro. Check out the video for the matty flips...

Motors can be purchased here - http://goo.gl/GCt7f2

GoolRC 1104 Motors + MATTYFLIP 😲 (5 min 17 sec)

Posted by charles hidalgo | Today @ 10:52 AM | 239 Views
Hyperlite Floss 3"
Racefkight Millivolt FC
Racefkight Spark 4in1 esc
FX806TC Super mini cam and vtx
Xnova rm 1407-3500kv motors
Gemfan 3052 props
Decased spektrum autobind race rx
Posted by montis | Today @ 09:54 AM | 260 Views
Review of the RealAcc BlackBird 205 (also called BlackBird 208 or 210 mm) frame with assembly instructions.

Frame kit contents: 4pcs of 4mm arms, arms intersection plate, bottom and top plate, 2pcs of side plate, aluminium standofs, M3 bolts, nylon standofs, action cam holder plates, 4pcs of landing pads, battery holder plate with rubber bumpers, battery strap and basic Matek PDB board.

First impression: the CNC cut of the frame parts is ok, but the finishing is terrible – there are very sharp edges on the carbon parts. Several examples of the rough edges:

...Continue Reading
Posted by KatrinaRosen | Today @ 08:40 AM | 297 Views
Dozens of high-school students watched as four-legged drones buzzed past each other like yellow bumblebees in a gym at Kentucky’s Hazard Community and Technical College. More than 70 kids from eight schools had spent hours designing, building, and testing their own remote-controlled quadcopter unmanned aerial devices.
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Here comes JJR/C H43WH, Its debut makes UAV no longer MACHINE but the flying elf, making a breakthrough of imagination margin. Equipped with 720P HD Camera, Elfie is ready to give it a full shot to reinvent your vision from a new prospective.Take this little cute elfie home!https://goo.gl/pQGTAZ
Posted by exeswiss | Today @ 05:29 AM | 407 Views
Filmed in Sao Miguel during our vacation in July 2017
Used equipment: Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K, YI Action Camera, iPhone6S, dji Osmo Mobile

Azores - Sao Miguel (4K / 2017) (3 min 53 sec)

Posted by Arxangel | Today @ 04:32 AM | 701 Views
The EMAX Babyhawk is certainly a breath of fresh air in the predominantly carbon framed racing copter scene! It has a stylish plastic frame that manages to hide almost all of the wiring, and in addition the camera mount actually has an up angle, which can't be said for most other models around the same size. The Babyhawk flies pretty well and can be quick on 2S LiPos, and the Betaflight controller supports most bells and whistles, so even the more pretentious of flyers should be satisfied!

Emax BabyHawk 85mm Micro Brushless racing copter - has potential, however there is always a BUT! (6 min 37 sec)

The review, as well as a full parts list, can be found in my blog: ArxangelRC.blogspot.com


Motor centre to motor centre (diagonally): 86.8mm
Dimensions: 78.50mm x 78.50mm x 44mm (without props and antennas)
Flying weight: 64g (w/o battery)


As usual from GearBest, my package arrived in a perfect condition, and with DHL it takes only 3-4 days! Very nice work yet again!


Nowadays a lot of these micro racing copters come in some nice boxes, but the Babyhawk really takes the gold medal in that department! That box is just pure BLING! I am certain it will survive well even if somebody jumps on it!

There is enough foam in there to make sure everything stays untouched from abuse! I mean... this box probably costs 10% of the price of the whole copter! I AM going to be keeping this even...Continue Reading
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Today @ 12:35 AM | 767 Views
After finding nothing which captured the size lions actually saw, the lion kingdom decided to stack all 62 photos the T4I got & rotate it with the horizon down. It was configured to make a movie rather than a still photo, so it got only a tiny amount of light. In reality, the prominences stretched many diameters & were fuller. At least this starts to show the X with 2 large arms on the left & 2 smaller ones on the right. Unsharp masking gives mixed results.
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 08:48 PM | 920 Views
5971420 eclipse_5d
6503204 eclipse_android
10632900 eclipse_gear360
11955400 eclipse_gopro
26555836 eclipse_mark3
3536040 eclipse_sanyo
38355472 eclipse_t4i
103510272 total

It was 1 of the things you thought would never happen in your lifetime. 103 GB of data was captured in 3 hours by 7 cameras. The T4I shot a CU timelapse at 1/200, F5.6 ISO200, 200mm The T4I got 62 frames of totality, manely limited by the slow SD card.

The hour before totality was very busy. The amount of checklist rechecking, camera blocking, camera reconfiguring, reframing of the drift shots was intense. 10 minutes before totality was a race to start all the cameras. The Mark III went into an excessively fast shutter bracket. It required a faster shutter speed to focus, but this wasn't reset to the slower shutter speed needed for exposing the stars. Magic Lantern wouldn't stop shooting, but fortunately there was enough time between shots to adjust the shutter without stopping it.

As the 3 DSLR's clicked furiously, the lion now turned to using his own eyes. The lion just stood & stared at the sun through the glasses. The sliver of light quickly got smaller & smaller. After the episode with Magic Lantern, it all happened extremely fast. There was no time to gather someone to hug or tweek any cameras, now.

Then the mass shouting began, including "glasses off!" After a careful move to pull the filters off the cameras without shifting focus, it was time to stare &...Continue Reading
Posted by aben71 | Yesterday @ 07:33 PM | 909 Views
Ok ,so I ask this question,who really likes these wifi selfie drones?There are so many coming out now ,I have tested a few and honestly think they kinda suck,they fly terrible,the picture and video quality is garbage.Honestly,seen better quadcopters before this selfie wifi junk came out.my opinion.Move forward with this manufactures please,my two cents
Posted by Pax82 | Yesterday @ 06:35 PM | 934 Views
Gate Anti-drone (0 min 32 sec)

Posted by The Konqueror | Yesterday @ 06:01 PM | 944 Views
I tested the durability of my Mad Gear Desert Wolf by jumping it and crashing it in the street

Here is the link: