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Posted by badbob10 | Dec 17, 2010 @ 10:51 AM | 2,817 Views
I've have the Walkera 180Z for about 4 months, I was flying the Blade MCX and then the MSR, I wanted to step up and thought the 180Z would be a good choice. It was except once in a while, especially if there were a little wind or a gust, the chopper would rear nose up and then I'd be out of control, I couldn't pull out of it time and time again, only thing you can do is brace for impact. I started to play around with the pots on the stabilizer. I found that if I turned the elevator and aileron pots all the way down I had better control. Better yet, I turned off the top switch which effects those aspects, elev/ailer and it flies the best yet.
Here in NY it's freakin cold but I fly all day long (wind permitting) out in front of my house while I'm nice and warm inside. Check it out, This is with the right switch turned off.
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