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Posted by Electriflier | Feb 23, 2011 @ 05:58 PM | 12,729 Views
For anyone that's interested, here's a few pictures of models I've built in the past.
The Depron Hawk pushers were made from photographs and 3 plan views that I came across on the web. The red hawk came first and flew very successfully. However, i was never really happy with the shape of the turtle deck and so along came version 2, the blue one. Both identical in size 36" wingspan and flown on 3s 2400 lipos. Can't remember what motors were installed but they were never short of power. Still got the red one (Motor removed for another project).
My favourite 'scratch' build 'foamie' was the English Electric Lightning pusher.
Depron model with all moving tail, rudder, and tip ailerons. Again flown on 3s 2400 Lipo and using the same motor used in the Hawks.
After many successful flights, finally succumbed to a radio glitch and ultimate destruction.
I'm still working on drawing up the plans to rebuild this lovely model.
More recently, I have finished and flown both the Steve Shumate designed F14 Tomcat and the T38 Talon. For anyone thinking of building these models by Shumate, don't hesitate. they're not difficult and all seem to fly well.

Last completed build was the Depron Vulcan B2 at 100" Wingspan.
Build Log can be found at :https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...2#post21858133
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