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Eachine E129 4CH 6-Axis Gyro Altitude Hold Flybarless RC Helicopter RTF - Review Part 1

Eachine E129 Gyro Helicopter RTF

Banggood GCRC

Here is a link to the Video:

This little Heli looks very cool and has some very nice features ;-)
Let's take it out for a spin and see how some of those features work.

Spare Parts:

Eachine E129 RC Helicopter Parts 3.7V 300mah Lipo Battery

2PCS Eachine E119 RC Helicopter Parts ABS Main Blade (I beleive these are the same as the E129)

2PCS Eachine E119 E129 RC Helicopter Parts Tail Blade

Eachine E119/E129 RC Helicopter Parts Coreless Main Motor With Gear

Eachine E119 E129 RC Helicopter Parts Tail Motor Set

Eachine E119 E129 RC Helicopter Parts 615 Coreless Tail Motor

4PCS Eachine E119 E129 RC Helicopter Parts Motor Gear

2PCS Eachine E119 E129 RC Helicopter Parts Main Gear

Eachine E119/E129 RC Helicopter Parts 2g Digital Servo

Eachine E119 E129 RC Helicopter Part Receiver Board Compatible With FUTABA FHSS

4PCS Eachine E119 E129 RC Helicopter Parts Canopy Washer

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See you in the Air!

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Dear All,

We will take off from 1st OCT to 8th OCT for our NATIONAL DAY and MOON FESTIVAL, and we will be back on 9th OCT. I t will be a long Eight-day holiday and your message to us will be replied once we come back.

Thank you for your always attention to us!

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Hyperbola 701 Frame
Toray T800SC-24K Carbon Fiber with equilibrum overlay.
7 inch build with DJI FPV air unit and Gopro.

(1) Avenger LR 2004-1650KV motor:
Long Flight time
with HQ 7X4X3 and Hyperbola 701 Frame on 2S 20C 6000mAh 18min flight time.

(2) Avenger 2806.5-870KV motor:
Long Range
with HQ 7X3.5X3 and Hyperbola 701 Frame on 6S 6000mAh can fly 25-30 Minutes.

Email: [email protected]...Continue Reading
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6x4 Prop peaked at 6120 rpm on the bench was very marginal . Only thing to try was more prop .

7035 prop peaked at some 5940 rpm , this is only a little down on the 6x4 and thrust should be up !
Sorry , cant measure current draw ( would be nice ) but I did put my finger on the ESC and run the motor @ 100% .
There was not heat to speak off ! So this prop should be safe .

Next time , all the action will be VIA the 7035 .
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It's now ready to fly after a few years of playing with its assembly on and off. The final configuration mimics the usual modern civilian light twins, most of which had retractable landing gear--hence, no wheels.

Installed are two Rimfire .10s, spinning counter-rotating APC 9X6E props. Two 40 amp ESCs are mounted in the fuselage, behind a 3700 mAh 40C 3-cell LiPo. The aileron servos were moved from the bottom to the top for belly landing.

Weight ready-to-fly is 3-1/2 pounds. I'll be hand launching with my left hand holding the bottom of the fuse at the leading edge, with my right hand giving it some up elevator. Take-off will be at full throttle; with the counter-rotating props, the worry of left and down is eliminated. I also don't expect any ballooning on take-off due to its weight.
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The STM32F405 is now $12, 25% higher than it was 10 years ago, despite newer ARMs being around & single board confusers being less. They're charging for the realtime & the ADC.

There are much cheaper STM32 derivatives if you just need to control a 3 phase motor, don't want the hassle of juggling timers in software, different architectures, or bit banging UARTs. They can do everything that an ATMega does. The Feiyu gimbal used STM32F103's.

As the apartment inventory of 10 years ago declines & the time to order new micros approaches, there's sort of a junction between buying new STM32F's for everything or continuing to buy ATmegas & PICs to be like everyone else. The lion kingdom definitely isn't going to buy any more PICs & the 8 bit age generally seems over.

Interestingly, there's never been an open source J-link/SWD/DAP programmer, as popular as it is. There is an openocd option which uses the st-link chip on an stm discovery board to program a variety of ARMs. There is a library for generating SWD codes but not flashing firmware:

The lion kingdom once made an openocd driver which used a PIC as a JTAG emulator but not SWD. The trick is openocd already had to do everything above the bit banging level.
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I've completed the build of the F-20 Frankenstein.

Check it out .....
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It was after laying this out that the lion kingdom realized how much its philosophy changed in the last 20 years. An ARM is seriously overkill for controlling a 3 phase motor & receiving packets from the radio.

20 years ago, a lion would have used an 8 bit PIC, developed the routines required to generate 3 PWM waveforms in software & receive packets from the radio. It's just so much easier to get that working on an ARM & there are enough spare ARM chips in the apartment, it's no longer worth the trouble. If it was 20 years ago & lions had only PIC's, it would have been done the old way.

Then, after playing with the spectrum analyzer, it was revealed that the giant loop antennas lions used for the last 11 years are unnecessary. They were seen as a way to use balanced antenna pins without a balun. In reality, a monopole gives good results with just a 16nH inductor shorting the outputs & a 100nH inductor in the 3V supply position. If a loop antenna is used, it doesn't need the 16nH inductor.

Lions had always based their usage on the balun circuit in the MRF49XA datasheet & never tested the signal strength of different antennas, even with the RSSI functionality built into the radios. They just spread the radios apart on a golf course until they stopped receiving.

The extra parts for the MRF49XA may have been to match a 50 ohm load. When this part was rebranded later as the SI4421, the new datasheet only showed a loop with no inductors, but lions never saw it. They even left out the 100nH inductor that supposedly chokes the RF from entering the 3V rail. The 100nH would only be needed for transmitting & FCC certification. Not sure where the 16nH came from. The MRF49XA datasheet showed a 22nH.
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This was a flight on the new Aerotech 29mm single use 8" long 17 second burn H-13 motor with a spike off the pad and 3# thrust for the remaining burn time, loaded on the pad this 6' tall glider weighed 32 oz, it was a bit sluggish on boost when going vertical so I let it angle a bit and in order to keep it overhead flew in a corkscrew over the top of myself till burnout at approx 1200 feet.
6' R/C rocket glider flying on 17 second burn H-13 longburn motor (4 min 5 sec)

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18650 Mini Stick (20 min 34 sec)

The Overlord has graciously metered out 2cc of RC ! To those requiring a dose of LIVING !
I woke up @ 6am and was on my way to the park before 6.30am .

Yes , I dropped the proverbial ball by not pre flight checking before leaving home . There were things forgotten about !
Things best left un said !

So , came home , fixed a few things and headed back out .. Yes , got lots of walking in this morning and only 1cc of the precious 2cc of RC
Lucky for me the plane is powered by a 18650 . so run time is exceedingly high !
What is not high is the power / thrust . It is very much marginal .
It does fly , but there is little in the way of enough power . Especially if you do something silly there is no powering out of the situation . So one needs to fly as if the models life depends on it ( probably does ) .

6A 1-2s ESC
6x4 prop
RacerStar 1811 3800kv

Mini Stick . = What a very nice little plane ! On a decent 2s power system with at least 1:1 power to weight this little stick should be a real joy to fly . It does get knocked about by the wind , so in that regard it would be a fair weather flyer . But again , a better power to weight ratio would negate some of that sensitivity to wind . My entire flight was 90% power to begin with and as the battery voltage dropped under load I was up to 100% power . Which was just enough to keep the stick flying smooth . At this time my only choice is to...Continue Reading
Posted by jmxp69 | Sep 27, 2020 @ 04:27 PM | 2,315 Views sent me a Dynam PT-17 for review. Here is the first look video. I'll put together a build recap and maiden video as soon as I can:
Dynam PT-17 First Look (15 min 57 sec)

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Due to the lack of spare gears and the awful sound that the gear to gear makes, I've gone direct drive. I'm using a sunnysky R23-5 motor on the main and turnigy 1811 motor on the tail making my 4f200 with 3 blades gear-less. I installed the R23-5 on the stock main shaft and I'm using the walkera FC and walkera main esc for now. It's got a fvt littlebee pro esc driving the tail with blheli tail firmware. CF tail boom without the belt drive setup and got a mastercp rudder blade on the tail motor. it's running on 2s or 3s and almost 55g lighter than the stock 4f200 on 2s.
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As some of you have noticed, I have acquired a cool NAVY T-29 Trojan (1.1m) from a friend here in Orlando, Florida.

The cool factor is it came with retracts!

Of course we are human and about two weeks ago I was performing Cuban-8's a little close to mother Earth and yes, I augured it nose first in the soft grass field at my RC Club. Everyone was shocked saying I never seen you crash.

Well, yes indeed we all do and I continued saying "If you are not crashing then, you are not flying RC!"

Took me about one week, Off and ON working on the model and the only thing new that I purchased was a Brand New STOCK Park Zone 480 motor, now they are going by the E-Flite number ELFM-480BL because as I understand HORIZON is phasing out the Park Zone brand. My point guy over at the Hobby Store informed me that HORIZON just might return the T-28 Trojan (1.1m span) under the E-Flite Brand. Additionally, I replaced the heavy rubber tires back to the larger foam (threaded) tires as this saved the model a whopper of almost three (3) ounces.

Anyway, I have finished re-maiden flight and all completely successful. This time the Cuban-8's were performed a little higher for that brain fart factor. I am getting older.

This following Video was recorded two nights ago making some additional adjustments to the Nose Wheel Retract and Steering Strut along with the nose wheel steering that has a PULL-PULL system. The strut is super stable with the slight angle rearwards (AFT) and it retracts like a dream.

Park Zone T 28 NAVY Trojan with Retracts Adjustment for effective Nose Wheel Sterring 09 27 2020 (4 min 39 sec)

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Halloa people

sooo another Eachine in the house.. In general lower quality products IMHO but there actually aren't that many decent beginner sets.. Most times you get an semi-indoors quad in that case.. That might not be what you want

Link to this quad: Eachine Tyro79S beginner FPV flying setup

I have a couple of video on this but let's actually start with the review

Eachine Tyo79S - Ready-To-Go FPV Drone (?) - FULL REVIEW ! (22 min 19 sec)

type: FPV Fun-flier / Park-flier
wheelbase: 140 mm
base thickness: 3 mm arms
material(s): carbon fiber + some alluminium
dry weight:
flight controller: generic F4
firmware version: old :P
ESC's: 20A Beheli_S
motors: Eachine / Racerstar 1607 2800 KV
propellors: Racerstar 3040 (similar to Gemfan props)
FPV camera: generic 700 tvl CMOS
VTX: generic 200 mW
Lipo: 3S 650mah (2 or 4 included) or... 4S?? (to be tested)
OSD: yes, Betaflight
smart Audio: Yes, TBS SA
buzzer: nope
LED's: nope
spare props: Yes, you get 2 sets of props
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Various photos from the Orlando Buzzards FSS 12 ALES Contest at Christmas Field, Christmas Florida on September 26, 2020.

Post 3 of photos from the Orlando Buzzards FSS 12 ALES Contest at Christmas...Continue Reading
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Various photos from the Orlando Buzzards FSS 12 ALES Contest at Christmas Field, Christmas Florida on September 26, 2020.

Post 2 of photos from the Orlando Buzzards FSS 12 ALES Contest at Christmas...Continue Reading
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Various photos from the Orlando Buzzards FSS 12 ALES Contest at Christmas Field, Christmas Florida on September 26, 2020.

Note: Additional photos will follow on an additional post, as the limit is 150 photos per post.)...Continue Reading
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Not everyday you will encounter a Mid-Air collision by two (2) GWS Pico Tiger Moth RC Electric Models sharing the same air-space at the same time and trying to perform Formation Flying! HA!

Two pico GWS Tiger Moths in Formation 09 26 2020 (8 min 50 sec)

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Hello good people!

A few months ago I purchased a few E-Flite 480 Brushless motors that came without any X-Mount.

I have searched High and Low and it seems like E-Flite doesn't sell the black metal X- Mounts that come with these motors or at least the smaller "Park" 480's.

Anyway, I went to visit my Orlando, Florida hobby store known as GravesRC and I went to look at their chock full of selections while helpful Mark (at the airplane counter) tried to look for the stock Black Metal X-Mount.

Well, as it turns out, Mark failed to find any separate E-Flite supplied Black Metal X-Mount and was amazed that I found an X-Mount from FMS / RocHobby with Part Number FMMDJ009 that had the identical bolt pattern for my E-Flite Park 480 brushless motor!

I am sharing this just in case some of you run into the same problem.