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Posted by bhoov128 | Sep 07, 2016 @ 09:57 AM | 7,956 Views
Moving the video game chatter out of the "What did you do RC today" thread to here.
Posted by bhoov128 | Jan 30, 2014 @ 10:17 AM | 14,251 Views
Hi guys,

Mr. Snice contacted me a while ago about being a beta-builder-tester for his 32" Slick foamie.

I was excited about his project from the get-go. His prototypes were beautiful and they looked to fly well. The stated intent was to create plans for a plane that would 'compete' with the E-Flite Inverza and Edge QQ 280-sized planes.

The goal with my build is to help Snice work out the kinks in the plans, give feedback on the build, and get the final product polished enough so that anyone can slap one together and have what I believe will be the most capable full-fuse 3D plane listed in the scratchbuild foamies forum. This thread will serve as a beta-build log. Afterwards we'll have some fun competition because I own both the Inverza and EdgeQQ Then, the plans should hopefully be ready to be released and the build can go uneventfully for all who take on the challenge. So far I'll give this build a 7/10 difficulty - it's not your flat plate one hour hot-glue-and-DTF airplane. This puppy is serious business. I have every confidence that built as light as possible, to plans, with attention to detail, that it'll be one hell of a 3D foamie.

So once construction is done, we'll see how the E-Flite planes and the Snice Slick stack up against each other. The Inverza & EdgeQQ are 26" wingspan and the Snice Slick is 32", so it's quite a bit larger. Snice's build came out at 15.9oz on the light...Continue Reading
Posted by bhoov128 | Sep 05, 2013 @ 11:17 PM | 12,545 Views
I've entered the Multi Motor Micro Build Contest, and for it I am maintaining a build log.

F7F Tigercat, USMC livery, twin motors, and this little bugger needs to be sub-50g

Check it out and feel free to leave some feedback!

Posted by bhoov128 | Aug 28, 2013 @ 01:26 PM | 14,169 Views
This is mostly copied from a post I'd made a while back. I'd like to maintain this blog post as a place where we can place as much factual information as possible regarding the AS3X system.

First and foremost:


There is no attitude that you MUST place the plane in or method to how you hold the plane while AS3X initializes upon battery insertion, and it's becoming a disservice to the technology to keep putting false information out there and blaming the technology for a poorly flying plane. Its functionality has been described hundreds of times (and now we will reiterate it here), even from the literature FROM Horizon on the AS3X system. AS3X initializes as soon as you put in the battery. It does not activate until you advance the throttle for the first time.

So yes it is true that the system doesn't arm until throttle up is activated. BUT it does not matter what orientation the plane is held in while plugging in the battery, just that it does not move for at least 5 seconds after plugging in the battery.

Now here's how AS3X works, based on my research and empirical evidence of experimenting with the airplane:
  • YOU command the plane's attitude. You do this with the transmitter sticks.
  • AS3X uses what are called 'rate' gyros. They do nothing but measure rate of rotation / angular momentum about a particular axis.
  • AS3X is mixed on the brick with stick inputs. The more
...Continue Reading
Posted by bhoov128 | Aug 17, 2013 @ 12:09 AM | 13,490 Views
I guess since I finally broke down and decided to use this blog and actually blog, I will begin to put up some build logs. I'm a pretty young guy - 32 at the time of writing this - but blogging has always seemed moronic to me. I once read a description that said "Blogging is what the brain does when it needs to take a dump."

That being said, I figure I'll share some of my builds (I already said that, didn't I. Dumpy brain.)

For starters, I've been working on and off, mostly off, to build a version of demonGTi's fantastic "Easy Build Ultimate." I've been going since around September of 2012. Seriously. You can find the plans and the build thread here:

Now I have a terminal case of the tinkers, so when I build anything it's usually the plans modified however I like them to be modified. I saw demon's design and it looked fantastic, flight reports were great, and construction was dead simple. Not to mention, if you build one of this cat's planes, you get the most amazing build guides ever published, I swear it. I've had kit planes with instructions that were 100x worse than what demonGTi puts out. They're fantastic guides.

The Easy Build Ultimate is referred to the BFU or Big Flat Ultimate, because it's pretty big (1m wingspan) and it's flat (flat plate wings) and it's, well, an Ultimate. Building it stock to plans is the work of an hour of drawing out the plans with a triangle and a ruler...Continue Reading
Posted by bhoov128 | Aug 14, 2013 @ 10:29 PM | 54,328 Views
There has been a lot of discussion, and a lot of difficulty experienced many who have tried to install the AS3X USB programmer, Spektrum part number SPMA3060, with Windows 7.

I've gotten it successfully installed and running a number of times now, repeating the process to make sure that it is a reliable way to install.

So herein I will define the procedure that worked for me and attach some pictures of my desktop as I go through the installation.

First, unzip the downloaded file. Inside you'll find a subfolder called "SPMA3060" and inside that, two more subfolders "AS3X_Software" and "Model Configurations", and an instructional PDF.

Next, inside the "AS3X_Software" folder are a couple of zip files, "Driver for windows vista and windows" and "Driver for windows", and the actual executable file to run the AS3X interface. Unzip the "Driver for windows vista and windows" file and you'll get an installer file called "PL-2303 Vista Driver Installer"

Run the PL-2303 Vista Driver Installer and follow the normal prompts to install the proper driver for the SPMA3060.


I do believe that the issue faced by most trying to get this software installed is the version of the driver. The version of the driver included with the...Continue Reading