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Posted by PittSpecial | Apr 16, 2018 @ 01:24 AM | 1,652 Views
Just for FUN!
Posted by PittSpecial | Apr 05, 2018 @ 02:22 PM | 1,304 Views

Introducing Robert "RED" Jensen from the Armstrong Flight Research (Formerly Dryden Flight Research) who landed his dream job with Micro UAS experimental Aircraft.

Career Profile- Subscale UAS engineer/pilot Robert "Red" Jensen (10 min 2 sec)

Latest Project is the new Micro-Cub UAS Project:

The Successful Maiden Flight for NASA’s Newest Subscale Aircraft (1 min 2 sec)
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Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 26, 2018 @ 06:45 AM | 1,620 Views
Many keep complaining about one or two particular issues with Toyota Camry's and keep Wide Brushing them to be bad just because one part didn't function like they expected and it really all depends on where they were made/assembled. Like in my case, my 1992 Camry made in Japan come with these plastic speaker covers with cloth material glued over them. Once the cloth detaches it looks terrible, however, another Camry made else where had a solid part made of plastic and no cloth material as shown in the pictures!
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 19, 2018 @ 09:15 PM | 3,142 Views
Hello gals & guys!

How many are still enjoying their Clipped Wing Cubs?

Make a LONG Story Short, my buddy just gave me his and it was missing the Fuse Servos for Rudder / Elevator and not trying to be ungrateful but, the power system is someone on the heavy and the propeller output shaft had a wobble.

I almost sold it and thought for a moment that the last time I sold a model without trying it, I got really sorry feeling as it just defeats the purpose of being in this hobby in the first place! This little Clipped Wing Cub is just so nice looking that I just have to see what it does in the air. Of course I have seen the Horizon Hobby Video of this model in action and make no mistake that I know this should be a graceful little model with lots of mild sport potential.

The very first thing was to take OUT that heavy power system and I ordered the recommended E-Flite 280BL Motor and the 6.8 X 3.8 Propellers. After 3 days I had the new E-Flite 280 Outrunner in my hands and wasted no time and installed it with one Castle Creations BL 9-AMP ESC. Since it didn't come with any FUSE servos (Elevator / Rudder), I installed two Hitec HS-55's in their place and let me tell you, it is with a LOT of Patience I am here to say that working on such a small RC Airplane like this one has it's challenges. It was a Royal Pain in the Rusty Dusty in installing the new servos within that tiny and small receiver hole while you feed the connector wire towards the back of the FUSE...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 11, 2018 @ 07:11 PM | 3,622 Views
This makes me really angry!

This will ruin our Hobby!

Our military may be at high risk or someone better have a Good Jamming device like those the VIP uses when they travel around!

Yes, the news cast says the materials are readily available out in the public but, it takes know how!

Unbelievable !!

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/russian...s-drone-swarm/...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 05, 2018 @ 05:13 AM | 2,547 Views
Hold on to your noses! Here's my World Models AT-6 EP of 44 inch wing span!

It's made of Balsa & Light Plywood (some Bass Wood now after two major repairs!).

Well, after making sure that this model has proven itself to be an excellent flyer, I have gone back and made some improvements to repair some nagging issues at the Firewall edges where the FUSE -to-Firewall balsa meet. Additionally, glued in some standoffs for new attachment points for the fiberglass cowl.

I can't believe it. This model has transfixed me something terrible and I keep going towards it.

I just might buy another one (New-In-Box).

It still Looks Good considering several crashes!

For those interested in my earlier adventures with this model ever since I got it then, please go to:

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Posted by PittSpecial | Dec 24, 2017 @ 05:30 PM | 2,850 Views
Hello good people!

At time of this write-up, I am sure everyone is looking forward to their new shinny RC Airplane model, however, I am here insistent to successfully fly a very good looking model but, a very unforgiving one, considering it's the size of a PARK FLYER. The good looks really brings a good favorable selling point but, that's about it, and take it from me since I have been following this specific model since the original owner (Rodney) who I had the pleasure in video record it's maiden flight, minus the landing (there's a reason!).

For those wondering what I am talking about then, take a look at when Rodney owned it at:

Okay, fast forward today, I was lucky enough to buy this model from Rodney on Friday, December 22nd and took it home and that night I was able to set it up with my Radio Gear and adjusted all control surfaces and made sure all was working okay, including the power system. The following morning, Saturday, I was able to get over my RC Club Field and was able to attempt my first flight with this model and it was disastrous at best because:

1. Unknown to me the Propeller Adapter set screws were not tight enough and on take-off the model was missing critical RPMs as the Adapter was free wheeling (spinning) during the application of Full Power on Take-Off.

2. It went down the runway with what appeared to be enough airspeed but, as soon as I applied slight UP Elevator this...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Dec 06, 2017 @ 12:09 AM | 3,153 Views
Guys & Gals,

My good friend Mark acquired a nice TUG, made exclusively from PLANS!

The builder, Tony Lombardo from Titusville, Florida was told that he will NOT be able to build it from just plans and that he needed to DISH out the hard Cold Cash for the KIT as well.


Well, Tony Lombardo Proved DUMAS wrong!

Mark's TUG Run-1 Sand Point Park 12-05-2017 (2 min 46 sec)

Mark's TUG Run-2 Sand Point Park 12-05-2017 (3 min 19 sec)
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Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 07, 2017 @ 02:18 AM | 3,253 Views

So I played the book and convinced myself that I had to drive-in to work instead of taking my Van Pool vehicle (Commuter Van). I certainly had some late meetings so, I took my usual models but, when I looked up this morning there it was, staring at me and wondering how long it has been since I have NOT flown my Beloved Park Zone Spitfire Mk IX. Instead, I can tell you all when I acquired this wonderful looking and flying RC Warbird Park Flyer model. It was September 11th, 2011. I can recall it so vividly at my best buddy's (Skybro) house to do the unpacking and assembly.

Can't believe this model is 6 years old! Wow! I flew it this morning and after perhaps 10 months since the last time i took it for RC Flying, I dare say that I never forgot what a delightful model this Spitfire is and I landed the Spitfire like I never had stopped flying her so, had not forgot to keep her level tor that grease landings!

Returning back home, it was exactly 5:24 PM and I just had to try once more! Clouds were towards the West (Sunset) and I wasted no time and had my last Fully Charged GEN ACES 3-Cell, 2200mAH Lithium Polymer pack right at the front passenger seat. What a beautiful sight for sore eyes! The Sunset Rays just made that Spitfire Glow and it looked like the Full Size for a while. Maintained her up a little higher just in case I would lose orientation and I must confess, I did for just a few seconds and I am happy to report that by keeping her higher saved the model. After...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 02, 2017 @ 07:43 PM | 3,245 Views

For the very first time I had the opportunity to see our Stanley at Moon Port Modelers RC Club come with his Giant Foam FMS F4U Corsair and he was originally looking for another instructor, however, I was the only Instructor there!

He had not flown this large mammoth F4U Corsair in a few weeks and he wanted someone to Take-Off and Trim it.

Well, I came over to the table and right off the bat the Rudder didn't seem to be working so, I told him to check for connections. Sure enough, below this sound card there was an incorrect connection and he finally made good and rudder starting working. My only concern was that the model started to re-activate itself with the slightest hand intrusion. I was thinking to myself, I hope this does NOT happen in the AIR.

After several checks and re-checks, it was time to pick this large Corsair off the table and I was just SHOCKED how heavy it was! This thing weighs much more than my Hanger9 50-Size F4U Corsair! I am pretty sure this thing has some kind of Ball Bearings buried inside that Frontal FUSE as it is just shocking how heavy.

I placed the model on our textile runway and we walked back to the Pilots station. Stanley handed me the Transmitter and asked him which switch for what (i.e., Throttle Kill etc....etc....). I asked him if the last instructor used Flaps for take-off and he said NO. I asked him again, ARE YOU SURE? This thing is heavy! He replied once again, NO.

I throttle easy while applying RIGHT...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 28, 2017 @ 09:13 PM | 2,923 Views
Hello good people!

Hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful hobby as I am.

I am especially very grateful to have SPECIAL people that surrounds me with great caring of others and at times they don't even know who they help out when someone is in need. Mark S. from Titusville, Florida is an example and we are completely indebted to him for his unselfish manner to come and assist someone in the hobby out when they are in need. God Bless you Mark S.! A former RC Club member of the MOON PORT MODELERS RC CLUB who today brings a special meaning to HELP someone in need who had the misfortune of getting too close to the ONLY Remaining Tall Pine Tree in our RC Club and one that at times get in the way of approach when we are pattern flying counter-clockwise viewing towards the WEST.

Charlie B. who is a super member and friend who encountered this Tall Pine Tree with his beloved Glow-to-Electric Conversion, SIG Something XTRA landed on top of this Pine Tree, approximately 40+ feet up! I immediately called our good friend Mark S. who owns a Utility Breaker Telescoping Power Pole and he came without any hesitation and assisted us and brought down Charlie's SIG Something XTRA without any damage, except a tiny hole (Quarter Size) on the Rear Left side of the FUSE (Yellow Covering Stripe) and the Propeller didn't even break!

Please note that this is NOT the first time that Mark S. has assisted us, however, this time around was challenging because this model's weight was...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 01, 2017 @ 03:06 PM | 2,762 Views
Hello good people!

For those that have been over at Fantasy of Flight in Lakeland, Florida and appreciate what Kermit Weeks has done to collect and fly some of his collections along with at times allowing the RC community to visit his place for RC Events then, take a look at his Video Status report after Hurricane Irma.

Note that we (Central Florida) got the East Eye Wall of that Hurricane which was pretty powerful.

Watch the Video because it is overall very GOOD NEWS!

Hurricane Irma Visits Fantasy of Flight - Kermie Cam (20 min 32 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 15, 2017 @ 09:29 PM | 3,226 Views
Hey good people,

I have been assisting my buddy with his 1994 Toyota Camry LE 2-Door (2.2 Liter Four). He quit using this car as a daily driver back in 2007 when he bought a new 2007 Camry. He still used the 94 to run errands and take it to the park and ride to catch a Van Pool etc....etc......

Fast forward today, his oldest daughter is getting ready for College and it is a local College so, he figured to bring this 1994 Camry back to it's glory days and lots of work has been done such as new Quick Struts, Motor Mounts (All of them), and today we were doing the Radiator Flush and took the time to use a rather unknown product such as Flex Seal (as seen on TV) on the Passenger Front CV outer Boot that just developed a crack at some areas. We noticed it when we were doing the Quick Struts.

Of course, the CV Outer Boot has not yet lost any axle grease and the crack is very narrow so, we said why not?

We also polished the Head Light Plastic Lens.

A few pictures of today's work!...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Aug 16, 2017 @ 06:12 PM | 3,495 Views
Greetings good People!

This was a General Fitness Ride around Kennedy Space Center's Launch Pad-A and Pad-B, what a ride!

I have not taken my Trek 2100 (2007 vintage) for a long time and most especially this sort of wide open distance!

For a over-weight fat guy and 57 years old, I did very well and I have not lost any strength in my legs as I always had powerful legs.

We started at the South-West Parking lot of the Vertical Assembly Building (VAB) and we rode along Saturn Causeway to Launch Pad-A which is exactly 3.5 miles. We continued and past the KSC LC-39 Observatory Gantry (Tourist Out Post) and then, turned North on Cape Road after passing Launch Pad-A where SPACE-X continues to press-on with their work at this Launch Pad.

Along Cape Road we witness some of the most beautiful sky with strong Thunderstorm approaching from the South and so, we increased our pace to Launch Pad-B which is a few more miles North. After passing Launch Pad-B, we continued back South passing Gator Hole and Broadaxe Creek and turned back (returned) to the Saturn Causeway for the long stretch back to the Launch Control Center and thereby our vehicles parked in front of the Vertical Assembly Building (VAB).

I was amazed that the conditions were perfect for this General Fitness ride to start our new Cycling Club.

A BIG thank you goes to Charles and most especially to Jessica who was a trooper on her Trek Verve 3 (city trekking bike) .

A few pictures!

Posted by PittSpecial | Aug 05, 2017 @ 05:25 AM | 3,790 Views
Hey guys,

I finally captured a COLD START of my 1992 Toyota Camry XLE with the 2.2 Liter Gasoline Engine after cleaning the Idle Air Control Valve.

Cleaning the IAC makes a world of difference!

For more details on what I did:

Here's the COLD START Video:
1992 Toyota Camry XLE (2.2 Liter - 5S-FE) with IAC Valve cleaned Results 08-03-2017 (1 min 3 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Aug 03, 2017 @ 03:20 AM | 3,663 Views
For those that has the qualifications!

Open & closing dates
2017-07-13 to 2017-08-14

Salary $124,406 to $187,000 / per year

Posted by PittSpecial | Jul 26, 2017 @ 09:30 PM | 4,582 Views
Hello good people.

A few weeks ago I posted about my 92 Camry reaching a Half Million plus miles at:

Well, today has been doing more maintenance in keeping it running even better as the original Vacuum Control Valve (VCV) finally degraded to the point that the plastic nipple broke off and I was forced to replace.

Additionally, I found a super neat YouTube Video showing how to Clean the Idle Air Control Valve which is an Electromagnetic controlled valve and with time and mileage it gets really gunk up to the point that at times my car starts but, immediately dies and Idle speed doesn't hold when the Camry is cold. The throttle response also suffers.

Tonight I spent a total of 2 hours performing these two items and did so, with very fast results as a result of good planning and having everything I needed to do these two jobs.

I am posting a few pictures showing you all the details of keeping any car on the road with great success and determination and saving a ton of $$$ while keeping your car and saving that $$$ you would spend on a new or newer car that will ultimately depreciate with time and mileage.

This is how I can sustain my RC Hobby, by keeping my old wheels and I am not in the least feel bad about it!

EDIT: The Video results after all this work!
1992 Toyota Camry XLE 2.2 Liter Engine (5S-FE Engine) - Cleaned the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE 07-26-2017 (1 min 53 sec)

Here's the VIDEO that I used for my Cleaning the IAC without disassembling it!
#372 Better repair method Toyota Camry Idle Air Control Valve (16 min 19 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Jul 20, 2017 @ 05:15 PM | 4,101 Views
Hello again guys!

This is just a warning since I just recently replaced the battery for my Apple I-Phone 4S smart phone and you can see my Posting from yesterday at:

I came across this scam! (GOLD BATTERIES)

Beware of these being sold all over eBay and shipped from CHINA!

There is just a physical impossibility that you can fit battery with almost double the Capacity into these tiny Apple I-Phone should be your very first question.

iPhone 5 battery replacement. Gold stickered 2680 mAh are FAKE! LOL (1 min 51 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Jul 19, 2017 @ 06:54 PM | 5,654 Views
Okay guys,

Yes, I am cheap and like to stretch the almighty US Dollar to the last bit I can take it and found a super nice place that you can find "NEW" batteries for these older I-Phone 4 and 4S smart phones!

I purchased this used I-Phone 4S from a repair shop locally here in Orlando, Florida and bought it for the less than what it would have cost to fix one busted glass screen from an early Android Smart Phone . Can't believe this used I-Phone has lasted this long (2+ years) and has taken one of the best pictures and videos I have ever seen. The battery finally was not lasting like when I purchased it and I finally broke down and purchased a replacement battery kit!

From where? A USA seller at eBay, that's where!

I followed this YouTube Video carefully!
iPhone 4s Battery Replacement (2 min 35 sec)