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This Saturday was the "Longest Day" club picnic at the Tullahoma Coffee Airfoilers. Poh had sent me a note about it and I remembered the wonderful chili fun fly the club had last fall. So it didn’t take much of a nudge for me to drive the 48 miles down for a Southern homestyle dinner.
As always, the food was to die for. I spent about 3 hours munching and talking to the Tullahoma boys.
I had hoped to wait until nightfall to enjoy the scheduled “night fly”. But the wife called and was worried about me driving in the dark back to Murfreesboro, so I packed it in about 8pm.
Thanks Coffee Airfoilers
Great food and great flying
Mike...Continue Reading
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Running into some bad luck lately with FPV quads.

My favorite quad, the 100mm, has been down for a few days now due to an 'intermittent' dropout issue. First though it was a "loose" motor wire, apparently not because it is still dropping out of the sky at random. Thought it was a motor issue, nope...flight controller, nope. Looks like the issue is with the ESC but not just one, all 3 decided to die on me at different time. Yank all of the XM10A and threw it in the trash and replace it with LittleBee I had laying around. Seems to fix the it's flying not as "nice" as it was before and noob me did not copy the PID down before I decided to reflash the Piko BLX. It's flying okay but not the way I like it, not 'tracking' around corners as it was before. Did try to tune it a big yesterday but getting this stupid weird issue when I do a slow/large bank. Like it's 'auto' correcting itself. Come to find out the the XT60 connector might have been flapping and hitting the battery/frame...ran out of time to troubleshoot/fly so for now it sit and wait...

Second FPV quad is a 147 Verdin and after an 'upgrade' with a RunCam swift and vtx it flies like a drift does not like the pod and the extra weight...haven't had time to tune it so it also sit and wait....

Finished a HellBender 122 with RacerStar 15A (discontinued) and it flew great until a small drop and ESC1 clue why. Replace it and test it with 3S and 4S before taking it to the park yesterday. Two minutes into LOS flight to double check and down it goes. Manage to retrieve it and the whole thing is up in smoke. Look like ESC3 burst in flame. What the h***..............can it get worst???

So, my only flyable one are the Eachine 130, HobbyMate 130 and Micro. The Eachine 130 is a little under power and the HobbyMate need to go on a diet (I think) so my Micro is the only one that I fly and actually like at this point. Not a good month...........and getting frustrated with FPV...

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Hooray, Its here.

Ordered My Slite kit on Oct 18, 2016, Shipped on June 7 2017, left Germany on June 9, 2017, cleared Canadian customs on June 16, arrived at my door on June 20.

Started construction today June 24.

Both fixed ruddervator sections are done.
I am using glidermang's thread ( ) as an aid.

Thanks for your detailed builds, Greg. I know it will be a great help as my build progresses.
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The first minutes after the bell on the very last day of more lunches!
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In my blog entry from December 05, 2016, I discussed where you would see Mt. Rainier from my flying field on a clear day. Well, last Thursday was that clear day on the second day of summer. So I owe you guys a pic of that big geological pimple sitting to the south about 90 miles away. Mt. St. Helens is only a stone's throw away from there to the southwest. Imagine what it would look like as you were flying your plane, and this bad boy suddenly exploded!

I met Mark and Karen Brody at the field Thursday. They just recently joined Marymoor R/C Club. They're former full-scale pilots, flying such iconic planes as the Beechcraft Debonair and the Cessna 310 (Whoo-Hoo! Sky King!). Formerly, they were members of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and Mark proudly owns his A.O.P.A. 50 Year pin. Both are currently still supportive members of the Experimental Aircraft Association (E.A.A.). It was my pleasure talking with this super-friendly couple.

I recently lost my beloved modified 40" foamy Super Sportster (also shown in my blog entry from Dec. 05, 2016). It suffered an apparent brown-out as it was coming around in the Back 40. The grass back there is taller than I am, and the little plane disappeared forever into those engulfing green blades. So to combat future losses and increase my recovery rate, I'm now installing the Hobbico Air Alert in all my planes. It lets out long beeps to quickly help me find the plane if it goes down. And something else I learned is that if a plane has anything more severe than a mild crash, the battery will pop out and disconnect. The Air Alert will not work with no juice to it, so I also routinely install Velcro straps to go around my battery.
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Found this really cool looking r/c rockcrawler by WL Toys at Gearbest ,the WLtoys 10428 . This looks like a nicely detailed and reasonably priced r/c truck

- Brand: WLtoys
- Model NO.: 10428 - B
- Channels: 2CH
- Speed: 30km/h
- Motor: 540 brushed motor
- Radio control: 2.4G transmitter
- Wheelbase: 286mm
- Battery for car: 7.4V 2200mAh li-po battery
- Battery for transmitter: 6 x 1.5V AA battery ( not included )

Find it here
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Oh the weather.............just can't paint!
I was able to finish the floor boards with a final coat of polycrylic, possibly because it is a water based product,
( nothing flashed off ) , but when I shot the glass black for the pedals after primer coating, the surface turned rough and the gloss disappeared.
So...... that is going to become a re-do! Not for a while!
This has to be the wettest summer yet.
Enough moaning and groaning.
I've mounted the tail wheel with the carbon fiber arm and heavier duty springs.
Where I thought I might use the dome top aluminum nut used to cap the post of the tail wheel that came with some of the parts purchased for this project, I ultimately felt it was too large and opted for a simple wheel collar, so I cut the threads off the post of the tail wheel housing and applied a flat spot to it for the wheel collar set screw.
The picture side by side shows the improvement in height, lifting the tail by a 1/2". I believe it will also help get the tail on step gently as the wing angle of attack will already be better suited to lift, rather than at a more acute angle of attack!
Without having to apply a sudden burst of power increasing P factor, should tame the tendency of the plane to be squirrel y and require large rudder corrections before take off and no lift to the wing.
Having read the forum and feed back about this plane and tendencies, I formulated a couple of ideas to try, such as this one, in hopes of...Continue Reading
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Hello, I, have been building boats for over 30 years. I am currently building a 82 inch by 15 inch model of the German Tug Hermes. I have read some of your bloggers with engine decision issues and wish to help. I have been away from modeling for over a decade , I see things have changed drastically. No more super ferrites from astro (bad move on their part) and brushed motors cast out in Favour of brushless. I had trouble finding a motor for my big ship, I found 775 fanned various rpm, but felt these would not last long regardless pushing a 275 lbs tug around, their were some big big motors on eBay upwards of 100 buckeroo's 12 volt with 10 mm shafts I thought Him..... Then I found the objects of my affection, 8 pole double shaft out both ends running 2800rpm @ 12 volts cost between 20 and 30 buckeroo's cad.
and free shipping. 8 pole electric motors are hard to find they are the most power full ,were torque is required . I ordered two these will be in Inline configuration, direct drive to a 3/16 Dumas shaft, to my 4 blade 4 inch Dumas bronze prop,circa 2008. These motors have the brushes on the sides at the back, like the old ferrite motors to replace the brushes just unscrew the brush caps and boom two seconds new brushes go in. I should get 2200 rpm at the prop, my old Darby at 3.1 on pitman's was sailing like a race boat at 1700 rpm way faster then scale speed. If you go to eBay enter 12volt DC motors 8 pole double shaft , other wise you will have a hard time finding...Continue Reading
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This is work in progress... I just ordered a few things from the EU and the China store with different shipping options... lets see when what arrives

All items are in stock and listed as "dispatched in 1 business day"

the following combinations were selected:

China to EU via DMG Direct Mail (0.37€)
China to EU via Standard Shipping (free / tracking 1.18€)
EU to EU via France Express (3.64€)
EU to EU via Priority Direct Mail (2.73€)
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Dji mavic (2 min 31 sec)

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Enjoy this 18% OFF Coupon for all RC products at GearBest!

This link not only helps you save some of that hard earned money, but also helps me earn future review items.

Check out My threads over
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A new policy governing the use of unmanned aerial devices at a Wisconsin university allows researchers and instructors to use the drones on campus for research or educational purposes. University of Wisconsin-Madison's new policy will apply to indoor and outdoor spaces connected with the university, both in the United States and abroad, The Wisconsin State Journal reported. Students may apply to fly a drone if it relates to coursework or other academic purposes. The university's new Unmanned Aircraft Systems Ethics and Safety Committee will ensure operators are compliant with Federal Aviation Administration standards.
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Heres a picture of one of my earphones with a right angle jack for use with Aomway Commanders Goggles shipping out today.
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Hello all
Totally new to this. After some 20 plus years sitting in its box in the loft I finally gave the Kyosho Outrage RTR to my grandson.
Charged it up, assembled as per instructions and off it when to our great delight and surprise.
The battery didn't last long but that I'm sure can be remedied.
On the second outing the model was crashed and upended, now it has no drive.
Everything seems to be working motor wise, but the wheels do not drive.
Can anyone help please.
Many thanks.
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Almost all the dads play their son's remote control cars with relish, but almost all of them feel embarrassed to occupy toy cars, so there drone comes, and dads remove "remote control" wittily......
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The story sounds great until you realize in order to reuse the 1st stage, they have to throw away 34% of the payload, according to Kiwipedia. There are no dual geostationary satellites at a time or payloads of opportunity like the Arianne 5.

Given this fact, let's calculate the cost of launching the same mass with reused 1st stages & expendable 1st stages. The shotwell said it costs "less than half" to reuse the 1st stage, which we'll assume means half. The 1st stage is 2/3 of the total cost, so that gives a total cost of 2/3 / 2 + 1/3 as the cost of a flight proven booster.

So the 1st launch of 1 payload costs 1 for each system. The later launches cost .667 for flight proven & 1 again for expendable. With these parameters, the cost/lb for flight proven approaches but never goes below the expendable system. The problem is the discount for a flight proven rocket exactly matches the reduction in payload.

As soon as the flight proven booster gets anywhere below 1/2 the cost of a new booster, it saves more than the reduction in payload & it becomes favorable. Just reducing the refurbished cost to 40% of a new 1st stage would barely start breaking even after 7 launches. If they miraculously got it to 10% of a new 1st stage, they would start saving huge amounts of money after 3 launches.

Even in the miraculous case, they wouldn't start saving money until 3 launches. So far, they've only gotten 2 launches from the reused 1st stages, so they're losing a huge amount of money. The future is still heavily dependent on new Falcon 9's being much cheaper than other rockets, with the hope that someday they can reuse just 1 booster for a whole year with much lower refurbishment costs.
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All in one vtx + camera + antenna products comparison.

AKK S2 5.8G 48CH 25mW VTX 600TVL 1/3 Cmos AIO FPV Camera with Clover Antenna $20.99

AKK A2 5.8Ghz 40CH 200mW FPV Transmitter Raceband 600TVL 1/4 Cmos Mini FPV Micro AIO Camera with Clover Antenna $19.99

AKK KC02 600mW FPV Transmitter with 600TVL 2.8MM 120 Degree High Picture Quality Sony CCD Camera $39.99

And here is the review video on youtube:

AKK Technology FPV Kameras (A2, S2 & KC02) // Vorstellung & Test (8 min 23 sec)

Want to know more about Akk Tech products? Please click here:
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So Heroineclock II's mane problems were it had an offset crystal & it was calibrated from a computer RTC which itself was offset. It gained 5 minutes over 77 days. Its internal clock increments 250 times per second. Thus, it needed to subtract 5 * 60 * 250 ticks every 77 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 250 ticks or 1 tick every 22176 ticks.

Unfortunately, it had an existing trim factor of adding 1 tick every 10300 ticks, so the 2 trim factors need to be combined. The trick was to multiply 22176 * 10300. This predicts the existing trim factor adds 22176 ticks for every 22176 * 10300 ticks & the new trim factor subtracts 10300 ticks for every 22176 * 10300 ticks. Thus, the total change in ticks every 22176 * 10300 ticks would have to be 11876 or the addition of 1 tick every 19233 ticks. The new addition is less frequent than the old addition, so it satisfies the need to slow the clock down.

We still need to reduce the 19233 to 19230 make sure the clock doesn't run slow.
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Nice spot, who knows where this place at?
Playing with the birds (2 min 1 sec)

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writing a little after the fact here, but i recently built my wife her 9th anniversary gift. I know that she likes sparkly things, music, unexpected gifts. so I tried to do what I could to combine these aspects to win this year
so I knew for a while she wanted a bluetooth speaker but would never buy one for herself, its too expensive, I'm the tech guy etc. I also know she likes retro sort of things, so it had to look like a tape playing boom box in my mind.

so armed with this I started secretly working on it whenever she would work late or be gone with a friend. being sure to check the mail myself for any parts I had ordered
I figured it needed to light up in some cool ways, and looked around my things until I remembered I had a bundle of fiber optics from a lamp I bought when I was 15 PERFECT!
but how to light them up and where to put them?

I thought about this for some time and decided that the top panel should have a saying or something that she would like. I used a lifeline and bounced my initial idea off one of her friends. first I had thought of making it say "# TEAM JESS" (she would have liked it) but her friend convinced me to do something more romantic and use our wedding date.
so it was finally settled, to be "D&J 3-15-08" that's 10 characters to be lit up by...something and it can't just be an on/off situation, that's not fancy
the next time I was at Radioshack (prior t the mass store closings) I saw the perfect thing for...Continue Reading