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Posted by rkhoo | May 12, 2011 @ 12:08 AM | 16,089 Views
I have been flying the ArrowPro for a few years. It is time to bring it up to date with foam tails from obi.

I have a few questions on how to install it:

1. The mount
a. Is the flaps suppose to fit perfectly on the boom? As it is now, only a few point are in contact with the boom when mounted.
b. Glue with CA or Epoxy?
c. Do you use any pads between mount and horizontal tail?

2. What is the purpose of the aluminium tubes? What are those red plastic taps for?

3. Rudder
a. How do you use the strings?

4. Elevator
a. Do you use any guides for the steel spring?
b. Does the string go thru a teflon tube? inside or outside the boom?

Question,questions and more questions

It would be very nice if there is a installation diagrams.
Posted by rkhoo | Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:48 AM | 20,714 Views
I am getting a few more lipo packs for my eflight experience. Given the recent lipo fire reported on this forum, I wanted to increase my lipo saftey measure.


Most lipo accident happeded during charging. Parallel charging is currently the saftest way.

There are balancers and parallel charge on the market. I will employ a Common sense Balancing chrager (4 single cell parallel charging) to charge all my packs.

I aslo ordered a Astro Blinky for my Hobbico Field Charger MkII as a backup charger.

Charging will carried out in my basement inside a shower reeom with cemermic floor. Currenlt charging is done insode a metal Brinks box. This is about to change.


Although lipo are not known to ignite itself, but after a accident, the packs may developed a minor short which may leads to accident. I wanted to keep the packs in s flame prove conatiner while extra emmission of heat and smoke are directed upward.

Brinks box and other metal container are good but when the somke preasure build up the emssion are in all direction. If the relative space of the container is too smakk for the emitted gas, than the stream of hot gas is quite dangerous. One should direct these streams in a safer way.

Preventive measure is indeed the most effective way for this subject matter. However, it is storage, especually while I am on a week long out of town vacation, that concerns me.

To design or source an approate conatin is not easy....Continue Reading
Posted by rkhoo | Feb 24, 2006 @ 11:13 PM | 19,203 Views
A interesting find in CHina town today. $10 each. Nicly crapfted and painted. Event includes ground crews members and loading dock.