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Dear Sir or Madam:
Thanks for your long term concern and support to Feiyu-tech. Feiyu-tech has gained lots of help from you, it is with your support achieved today抯 feiyu-tech. In the future, feiyu-tech will make more efforts to keep improving, research new product and enhance service quality. Meanwhile, technical staffs in feiyu-tech will discuss and solve related technical problems with you in RCG forum. hoping to get more support from you. The related email addresses are in the following.
Technical support : [email protected]
Consult and purchase: [email protected]
Website of feiyu-tech: www.feiyu-tech.com
Feiyu-tech will try to give reply in time for you.
You can contact the distributors of feiyu-tech all over the world as well. The related information of distributors can be found in the column揳bout攐f website.
Posted by feiyudz | Jun 25, 2010 @ 07:39 PM | 24,533 Views
With stabilization,RTH,circle over position,Fix-height flight,long distance control,almost all features of FY21AP-II.

Long Distance Flight With FY21AP(10mins,3.8km) (10 min 16 sec)

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20100408-172821 (3 min 37 sec)
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