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Posted by irish_lord99 | Oct 19, 2009 @ 03:28 AM | 4,283 Views
The question in life is often not "what should I do?" but rather "what should I do next?" In the realm of RC that translates into "what do I build next because everything looks so darn cool and I can't decide?!"

Right now I'm ready for about five different projects:

* 1/6th scale J-3 cub
* 1 meter Ugly Stik
* 2.5 meter RES sailplane
* Mini Bristol Racer
* Micro hand-launch RE glider

We're moving into a new house this week with a new bigger workshop (WHOO HOOO!!!) so it's going to be a little while before we have that all set up and I can start working on something. I'm going to take my current work bench and make that the fixed tool station. In other words it'll have my drill press, scroll saw etc bolted to it. And then I'll have to find another table for a building board. But after that's done I'll be ready to start building! Here's a link to my current workshop

So let me know what you would like to see built next, as I'll certainly post a build log of whatever I do.

Posted by irish_lord99 | Sep 09, 2008 @ 04:07 AM | 4,992 Views
My "hanger" is full of lots of unfinished planes. I have one trainer that is actually complete and that I have flown, but other than that all my current planes are in one state or another of completion.

My current primary trainer is an "Easybox" that I built from some free plans online. Many thanks to PL Daniels for freely distributing that and many other good plans online. I deviated from the plans some and did built up fuselage sides and control surfaces. I was able to finish the entire model with a 90cm wingspan at under six ounces, and it's powered by a little 10 gram motor from UH and a 620MaH 2s Lipo. The only downside of it being so light is that it needs a very calm day to fly.

That's sort of the dilemma with flying in Istanbul, if I have something too big, there's no way to transport it (I have no car) to a suitable flying field, but if the planes too small then good enough weather is scarce. The craft I'm working on now will be big enough to handle most weather, but it's much too big to take on a public bus. Well, we'll see what happens.
Posted by irish_lord99 | Apr 25, 2008 @ 07:19 AM | 5,446 Views
I suppose everyone has a different story about how they got into this little
this is mine.

My wife and I met and married in New England, I was from Alaska, she from Turkey. We like to say that we met in the middle. We didn't really want to stay in New England, and between Alaska and Turkey, we decided to pick Turkey first. I've always wanted to see the world, and thanks to moving here I've seen a lot of it.

However, living here requires that I learn Turkish, and it was in the midst of language acquisition that I started this hobby. Basically, I felt the need to use my hands to build something. Language learning is a very ambiguous thing. There are no grades, no benchmarks, no way to measure how well you understand or speak. It's very abstract, especially in the beginning, and for this reason I decided to start a project. A project that I could either succeed or fail at. I went to the local version of the home depot, and, to my surprise, they stocked balsa wood. I remembered building a guillows kit when I was young, and thought... why not do it again?

Got the wood and a cheapo hobby knife, brought it all home and scoured the net for some plans. I eventually decided to go all out and just printed out a three view, busted out the ol' T-square, and drew my own plans. Plans of what, you ask? Why, what does every American male think of first when it comes to planes? A P-51 of course! Yes, without knowing it, I drafted and framed up the most common RC scale plane ever! I left the model as a frame and it's hanging right above me as I type.

When it was all done I decided that I'd actually really enjoyed the whole process, and I ought to do it again. Gee, I thought, wouldn't it be cool if I made one that actually flew?

Posted by irish_lord99 | Apr 17, 2008 @ 01:02 AM | 5,237 Views
I've been a RCGroups member for a while now, and this will be my first time using the "blog" function. I mostly just joined the forum for gathering information, getting inspirations, asking questions about the models I was working on etc. I really didn't want to do the "blog" thing. Mostly because I see a lot of blogs outside of RCGroups that are a load of uninformed opinions, and frankly, I've grown to despise blogs in many ways. That said, I can see the point and enjoyment out of a blog that ISN'T POLITICAL.

The reason I'm starting this blog is that I want to get a feel for how these things work so that I can (hopefully) start one up in Turkish soon. I've been learning Turkish for a year and a half now, and I am planning on going to Turkish University next year. I am trying to cover all aspects of the language, and writing well is one of those aspects. The nice thing about doing this in blog-type format is, others can respond to and (hopefully) correct my writing. Therefore, I have decided that I will try and keep a blog in Turkish, the subject to be decided at a later date. Hopefully by doing one in English (and in a subject I like) first, I will be better prepared to do one in Turkish later.

So this first post is nothing more than a commitment to get me started posting in my own blog. But there will be more later on.