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Posted by Paul~ | Nov 16, 2016 @ 12:42 PM | 3,295 Views
I've cut a teardrop shaped hole in a 3/4-inch board. I laid waxed paper over it and tacked on a cover of plywood. Turned over it's a simple open topped mold.
Center marks were inked at the front and back ends.
I had 8 ounces of lead. It's 1/8-inch hemispheres. I mixed them into PC-7 epoxy paste and pressed the mixture into the mold.
8 hours later the paste was a bit stiffened but still easily reshaped. I cut in a slot with a utility knife and pushed in the end of the 1/16-inch plywood fin. This caused some distortion which was then easily pressed smooth with a stick.
It will be bigger than solid lead for the same weight, no doubt, but I didn't want to heat and pour. Also, I'm not racing so it doesn't matter!
Posted by Paul~ | Nov 12, 2016 @ 04:54 PM | 3,828 Views
Greetings! My experience in building and sailing the schooner Deborah from Gary Webb's Irene plans has been so pleasant and so much more fun sharing it with so many of you here at RCGroups!

Irene has led me to footies and to Flavio Faloci's wonderful wooden footies.
Now I'm going to try one of a similar, wooden, old school style. She'll be christened Debsy.

I've got a Hitec 55 rudder servo and a Hitec 225mg sail servo. A Flysky iA6 receiver should provide voltage telemetry. Four Nimh AAA's are my planned battery pack.

I started by printing Bill Hagerup's Razor3 templates and cutting 1/16 balsa. I decided to make the nose simply sharp. My prints came out a bit large, the hull will be about 13 inches long. Close enough for a first experiment!

The hull sides and bottoms were soaked in water-and-ammonia mix and strapped around a 5 gallon plastic bucket to dry. This gave the pieces about the perfect curvature. I taped the bottoms together and glued on the inside with Titebond. The sides and transom were added and more glue applied to the outside of the seams. That was quick
I glued round toothpick inside the joints of the sides to the transom and each other, and the transom to the bottoms. I'm planning to strengthen the hull against splitting with small pieces glued inside every couple of inches across the grain. I'm planning to spar varnish the whole boat for that organic look
A bulkhead was added to carry the rudder tube.

A cabin and cockpit were cut of 1/16 balsa and added with some details.

It's time to plan the rigging! I want to learn how to do this. I love Flavio's Presto with gaff and top sails and jib with bowsprit. I want to do something similar and have sketched my idea. I need criticism to improve this plan! Please add comments/suggestions/criticism.

I doubt she will sail this season, we have ice forming on the ponds.
Please let me know what you think!