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Posted by VicT | Aug 29, 2018 @ 10:17 PM | 2,526 Views
38mm Diameter Turbo Folding Prop Spinner BB-Turbo-Spinners-38mm-x-4mm 2 $40.00
BB Turbo Spinner Collet - 3.17mm BB Turbo Spinner Collet - 3.17mm BB-Turbo-Spinner-Collet-3-17mm 2 $9.60

The following blades are for testing a 52 gram motor on 4S with stock 30A ESC:

Aeronaut Cam 12 Aeronaut Cam 12"X6.5" (30.5x16.5 cm) 7234-46-12X65 1 $12.70
Aeronaut Cam 10 Aeronaut Cam 10"X7" (25.5x18 cm)
Posted by VicT | Aug 21, 2018 @ 11:30 PM | 1,896 Views
Last time I flew I used an old 2200 3S that just did not have the voltage under full power amp load. So I was disappointed in Rapide’s climb rate. She glides fast and landing with spoilerons and full up still was too fast for me because I am used to flaps slowing me down. So I put away Rapide to finish up other projects and recently resurected Rapide. With success in programming my DX 9 and the Conscendo Advanced AR636 receiver for flaps and spoilerons I converted the Rapide to have the same flight mode features.

To solve the poor climb rate I installed an Admiral 2200 3S 45C pack with about 5 flights on my 102 inch Multiplex Cularis. I have been babying this pack for the last 5 charge cycles by selecting Lithium Ion (Lion) on my Hitech Black top charger. She shuts off at 99% and has about 91 percent capacity remaining (by LiPoly standards). So I don’t over charge and this should increase charge/discharge cycles and keep voltage up during load. I stop flying when I read 15 percent capacity remaining on my Smart Meter or ISDT on board battery capacity meter.

I took the old non SAFE RX out and borrowed an AR636 SAFE receiver from a Commander. The receiver wires face aft and to get proper control movement for Self Level I had to install a reverser on the rudder and right aileron. The RX is attached to Lite Ply (with 3M Dual Lock). The plywood plate slides in to the cavity above the wing sockets in the fuselage. The bind LED faces forward so I...Continue Reading
Posted by VicT | Aug 19, 2018 @ 11:34 PM | 1,904 Views
AR 636 RX in another (larger/heavier) motorglider.
The DX9 spoileron and inboard flap program with flight modes worked very well with the Conscendo Advanced. So I removed a 7 ch RX and installed a 636 RX (Spitfire SAFE) in to my 10 yr old Cularis motorglider and used the program to see the differences. The 2.6 m/102 inch foamy is 4 lbs and 3 times as stiff as the CA. So she is much faster and is not effected by wind as much as the 1.5 m/59 inch 1.4 lb Conscendo.

The Self Level feature worked as well as the Conscendo gyro settings but is a little slower to roll level and to pitch level at all speeds. Full down stab restricts vertical dives to about 40 degrees down and so terminal velocity is much less than vertical. This makes high altitude dives more conservative and less prone to “foamy flutter”. No flutter was experienced.

My buddy has a Radian XL with an Apprentice Self Level receiver in her. I hope to put the Conscendo AR636 in her to see the differences.
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