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Posted by VicT | Feb 26, 2018 @ 01:15 AM | 2,690 Views
Those flying the E-Flite models with the AR636 SAFE Select receivers installed (and the Apprentice S receivers) know about the Self Level feature that by default is on the gear channel. Most use the B switch to turn Self Level On or Off. For the Apprentice S receiver you have the Beginner 0 position, Intermediate 1 postion and Expert 2 Position. The Intermediate postion 1 gives you increased angle of bank and pitch but does not offer Self Level. I stopped using the Intermediate position because its easier to turn self level off for trimming and/or inverted aerobatic manuevers. I stopped using the panic switch because it is hard to reach and you have to hold it down. I push the switch and program “Time Remaining” to hear what my countdown battery time is.

You can activate the gear channel on any 2 or 3 position switch if you want. However for quick access with out taking your right hand off the elevator/aileron stick most put the switch on the left side and the B switch is close enough to reach. Recently for the AT-6 Texan I put it on the E switch because I wanted to use the B switch to retract the gear and I never intentionally use the E switch.. Any switch can be accidentally turned Off and it recently happened to a pilot that was experienced with both his model and transmitter. It can happen to anybody that uses SAFE Select or the the Apprentice S receiver.

After applying take off power and rotating to a climb attitude with full...Continue Reading
Posted by VicT | Feb 08, 2018 @ 12:53 AM | 3,776 Views
The Pandora is a good advanced trainer because of her flying qualities and component designs. She has a top battery load system which is much easier/convenient than the belly mount of the Apprentice, Timber, and a Valiant. She can fly on 3 or 4 cells with the FMS 35 amp ESC (with different prop sizes). Because of her heavier weight she can handle higher winds. With the Apprentice receiver on Self Level/ Beginner mode she is a pleasure to fly. Using a 7 Channel TX and the Aux2 receiver channel flaps can be addded and used for more takeoff and landing performance.

You have choices of top or bottom wing and tricycle gear or tail dragger gear. The internal tailwheel tiller and axle will bind and fail over time. Rebuilding the internal plastic and metal parts is tedious and will fail after a few flights. When it failed I removed the pushrod and internal components to save weight. I then added a music wire axle and bent it to the bottom of the rudder. Wood and fiberglass cloth with CA bind the music wire to the rudder. I used the stock wheel. There has been no problems now with the tailwheel. See pics for details.