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Posted by VicT | Nov 27, 2016 @ 11:51 PM | 5,884 Views
I used the same aftermarket gear used on my Apprentice and plugged it into the slot used for the front float gear. I used a Dremmel tool the width of the slot to remove the plastic blocking the metal gear. Once all the plastic is routed out the gear is pushed in as far as it can go and it's almost flush with the plastic belly. Washers and screws or plastic retaining straps secure and lock the gear in place.

The angle of the wheel pants are about 20 degrees up too far from the fuselage centerline and must be twisted in a vice with vicegrips to make it look good.

The Timber sits lower and the axle are more forward so tip overs are no problem anymore. There is less prop clearance and this may be an issue if you are cutting grass on takeoff and landings. The Timber is lighter and more streamlined so top end speed and glide has increased especially if you can brake the prop. I tried programming the stock ESC for brake but could not get into the program even with a non SAFE Spektrum receiver. I intend to swap it out for a 60 amp ESC that works good on my Apprentice....Continue Reading