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Posted by scruffy1 | Today @ 03:29 AM | 107 Views
i'm in the midst of making a 24" (600mm) rudder / elevator, low wing. light weight depron plane

figured it belonged over in the foamies scratchbuilt, but posted here are a few teasers - further write up can be seen at the link :

depron is pretty fast and fun to build with, despite never having used it before - the foam-cure glue is interesting - still not fond of all the cobwebs it makes, but my technique is improving rapidly
Posted by rclad | Yesterday @ 11:23 PM | 230 Views
My 87" 3DHS Extra 300 now has a new Xpwr 60cc motor, replacing an identical one that blew a bearing a couple weeks ago. After being grounded with only my little Extra for practice, I was looking forward to getting this big bird back in the air.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating today. I got to the field after work in time to see some rain rolling in. And the usual Thursday crowd was absent, so I had the field to myself. I got one good 8 minute flight in before I had to shelter for a while. When the skies started lightening up I put my Extra on the taxi way again, inserted the batteries and waited for the all clear. Instead I got caught in more rain. After an hour of that I had a 15 minute window before it got dark, so I squeezed in one more flight.

I love this plane! Compared to the little Extra, the big one flies like a dream. It just floats, flies with precision, climbs vertically with power to spare, and lands like a pussycat.

Summer in Ohio means dodging thunderstorms, flying in crazy winds, sweating through heat and humidity, and sometimes, getting caught in the rain. As long as you keep the electronics dry, the plane, and pilot, don't seem to mind.
Posted by jaymt97 | Yesterday @ 11:16 PM | 226 Views
Ive been flying for a little over 2 years and I am really good at crashing... and spending money... and getting mad that I'm spending money because I fly balls to the wall every day. A few of my favorite toys- blade 450 3d heli, inductrix fpv, blade mcpx, stryker 27c, 250 nighthawk quad, 300 king kong hex, home built 3d foamie "beastie", old epp foam grayson hobby sukoi, walmart $10 hand thrown glider (added cut-outs for ailerons and elevator, added servos and battery and servo release hook for a tow line. Super fun!)

I am in rotc at UNG and want to commission aviation in the army in 2 years. Flying helicopters has always been my dream. Long lining is what I want to eventually do for my career.
Posted by Joe Zip | Yesterday @ 09:04 PM | 310 Views
Posted by Caffeine | Yesterday @ 07:26 PM | 367 Views
Ivona has ceased to allow voices to be generated using their system, now that it has been deprecated in favour of Amazon Polly.

I'm working on the integration of Amazon Polly now. On the plus side, it's very easy to implement in comparison to Ivona (about 5% of the code)

On the down side, it's a pay service after we exceed the free tier (Ivona disabled the voices after we exceeded the quota, Polly will charge my credit card )

I'll have to tread carefully and keep an eye on the usage. Additionally, after 12 months, the free tier expires and very use after that will cost real money. Based on the usage of the Ivona voices, it could cost around $600 to $800 a year, so I'm not sure if I want to expose myself to that potential cost.
Posted by VicT | Yesterday @ 06:40 PM | 397 Views
Valiant' s blue paint over the white foam is fragile so I covered the whole fuselage with 3M 40x heavy duty packing tape. This only added 19 grams but now I can handle the fuse without damaging the paint scheme. First thing I wanted to do was to eliminate taildragger nose overs so I relocated the main gear as far forward as possible. This was much easier than modifying my Apprentice and Timber with Valiant gear. The ground testing convinced me I can taxi fast and make tight controllable turns without groundlooping or damaging the fuselage bottom. The CG was moved forward and even with the EFlite 3000 3S all the way aft there is still a forward CG. However the slight up elevator trim required for hands off flight (SAFE Self Leveling off) did not effect my style of flying. I did see a tendency to enter a snap/tip stall with full up elevator on slow flight with a Self Level on so I did not want to aggravate it by moving CG further aft. With full power Valiant climbs vertically better than my Timber. She is faster and almost as slow as the Timber but I am very pleased at the overall design and performance of the Valiant. She should be a very rugged trainer.
Posted by JosefssonRCG | Yesterday @ 05:58 PM | 424 Views
After a cup o' Joe in the nice afternoon, I'm gratified to announce all of the viewers on my YT channel JosefssonRCStation some soon-to-debut videos! Be sure to check em out!

Next Up on JosefssonRCStation:
-Rick G's 33cc YAK54 "Hello Kitty" Edition
-FPV Guys in Corpus!
-JRCS DesignTalk #2 JS57P Opticon Multipurpose FPV Flying Wing
-JS57P Opticon FW Flight Demo

in the near future:
-JRCS DesignTalk #3 JS58R MiniPylon Mini Pylon Racer
-JS58R MiniPylon MPR Build
-JS58R MiniPylon MPR Flight Demo

Further in the future:
-JRCS DesignTalk #4 JS2W3 Sciaenops Multipurpose Airboat
-JS2W3 Sciaenops MAb Build
-JS2W3 Sciaenops MAb Run Demo
-How much wind can a foam core airboat handle?

As always, just keep track of those!
Posted by HLZBells | Yesterday @ 03:50 PM | 499 Views
About to do a how to and general guide with photos on replacing my faulty DX9 clear button
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 02:50 PM | 550 Views
Cutting a $32 sheet of silver impregnated mylar is stressful. Be sure the CA glue has cured before applying the filter, or it'll fog up.
Posted by Jamesworld | Yesterday @ 02:19 PM | 562 Views
I'm looking to for people who are interested in building and flying FPV quads in the North San Diego County area. Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, Oceanside, Escondido. I'd like to either find some events or get some started. Eighty mile round trips to San Diego is fine, but North County deserves some love too.
Posted by rotorquest | Yesterday @ 02:07 PM | 566 Views
Ok Folks,

We've decided to do a massive price dump on the Vortex 250 ARF Kit, comes with the zipper case AND 2 free Pulse 4s 1550 75c lipos for just $299! W.T.F. is my boss thinking? Who knows so take advantage of this retardedly cheap deal. You won't see anyone selling it this cheap anywhere, probably not even used and with 2 brand new 75c pulse lipos! This is perfect for beginners looking to get into fpv racing/freestyle or even seasoned pilots looking for something easy to get back in the air with. Check it out right now at Rotorquest.com, very limited quantities and once there gone thats it!

Vortex 250 ARF w/zipper case and 2x Pulse 1550 75c lipos:
Posted by Alex fpv | Yesterday @ 02:04 PM | 558 Views
Hi I am looking into fpv cameras and I am not sure which is the best one? I donít mind if itís a board camera but it is hard to angle it. I have a pic of where I would mount a camera but I am not sure if I am able to mount an non board camera on this frame. So if anybody can help me that would be great!
Posted by BernardW | Yesterday @ 01:46 PM | 592 Views
I don't have kids, probably left my run too late for that, and I'm in my working years but my industry has just about collapsed and I need to get requalified in something. So I've got time, but few resources. If I want something to fly then effectively I've gotta build it, even in this day and age (sorry but a Hong Kong foamie isn't going to do it for me, and it's not what I'd spend the little I can get on). When my day job finished I had to wait months for unemployment benefits, right in the hard part of a classic boom and bust cycle here. I had scraps of low-grade work for the off-season part of the year so I could usually put ten, twenty dollars a week or fortnight into it, but I really wanted to build and fly model planes. Sounds like a luxury, to invest time and precious resources into basically a toy in that situation, but I think it was just what I needed. I'd built a glider and one or two other little kits in my teens back in the 80's and decided that would do me good.

And I did it, there's a long, drawn-out build thread where I downloaded some plans and built up a trainer, with lots of great support and advice from very generous-minded people, and now I'm soloing that model. It's one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time, I greatly enjoyed it, stayed positive, gained or improved my skills, and wound up with the clubs, meeting people who among other things give me a social circle that helps me make contacts to build new work relationships (gradually)...Continue Reading
Posted by JohnVH | Yesterday @ 11:57 AM | 665 Views
Another amazing flight on my VQ F8F Bearcat

VQ ARF 80" F8F Bearcat Flight Demo (5 min 4 sec)

Posted by too_oblivious | Yesterday @ 07:38 AM | 815 Views
I recently purchased a TBS Disco and equipment to get into serious aerial photography in addition to the start of FPV videos. I have finally settled down enough with a steady income to pursue my hobby. This will be updated as the parts arrive and I create my 3 axis, semi long range aerial rig.
Posted by DutchRC | Yesterday @ 06:28 AM | 878 Views
Howdy people

I got me another FPV quad here, and this time it's not a racing quad.. Far from it actually To be completely honnest, the first thing that made me want to order it was the looks of it I really like well designed things in general, and this quad is one of the better looking ones (IMHO)..
Okee.. but it allso does it's FPV-trick over 5.8Ghz and not the dreaded WIFI :P Comes with a screen.. records video in the quad..

Link to this quadcopter: Cheerson CX-23 video FPV quad

Offcourse everyone is free to add Their findings / questions etc in this topic.. I'll start the party with a full review:

DutchRC - Cheerson CX-23 a Truely RTF Video FPV Quadcopter - FULL REVIEW! :) (30 min 2 sec)

Quad size: 245 x 245 x 90 mm
Weight: 230 grams
Motors: 1306 3000Kv
Propellors: 4" 2 blades
Lipo: 1200mah 7.4V (2S)
Flight time (real life): 8.5 minutes
Picture resolution: 1920x1080 (full HD)
Video resolution: 1280x720 (HD)
FPV resolution: looks like VGA
FPV type: 5.8Ghz
Control range: 500m
FPV range: 500m
Max altitude: 100m
Posted by TechTronic9000 | Yesterday @ 06:07 AM | 943 Views
Eachine Goggles Two 5.8G Diversity Raceband HD 1080p FPV Goggles Review and DVR MOD


The Eachine FPV goggles are a know brand already, it's an exclusive Banggood brand and they supervise the product quality. What is nice about this way of releasing products is the fact that the seller will note the user's desires and implement them thus getting newer modeles with better functions. In this case we will have a thorough look at the Eachine Goggles Two, a FPV headset that really stands out of the crowd due to their specifications. The most important thing that i must start to specify is the type of used screen which in this case is a Full HD 1080p 5" LCD screen, taking image clarity to a whole new level. Of course you may ask why full HD when 5.8Ghz FVP is analog and has ~VGA resolution ? The answer is simple, the Eachine Two also has HDMI input thus enabling digital usage with high end devices and not only that, you can now use them with DJI quadcopter such as the Phantom 3&4, Mavic and Inspire, along with media players, tablets and even PC's making an impressive and immersive experience.

The goggles are available at a special price (currently) from the single existing provider, here: https://goo.gl/oBHSfL

I will start by adding the video review first as you can observe a lot of details from it and then i invite you to read more about the Eachine Two and how to mod them by adding a DVR.

...Continue Reading
Posted by JohnCC | Yesterday @ 01:30 AM | 1,248 Views