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Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 29, 2012 @ 07:35 PM | 5,853 Views
Lessons Learned:

I highly recommend to check the AMP draw of the combined servo duty current draw and look out for higher than normal AMP draws. This is useful to detect a servo going bad and as in my case a Push Rod with a sleeve getting hung on the wire! All of which has the potential in losing your model (Crash).

I will be using my Watt Meter.
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Okay guys!


My model has crashed twice citing RF loss (Spektrum AR500). I have investigated and found the possible reason!!! Can you believe that the Nose Wheel Steering Rod / Sleeve was not allowing the servo to move!! The Sleeve was getting hung on the metal rod itself like someone taking a HOT Hair Blower and heat shrinking the sleeve material! Of course that is just describing how it felt when I took off the Push Rod from the Servo and tried to push it myself by hand.

I bought the model used so, no telling...

Anyway, I looked in my hobby drawer and found a Park Zone Replacement for the Elevator and cut to size for Nose Wheel Steering duty and all is fine now!!

However, my thoughts are that the BEC on board the Stock Switch Mode 30-AMP E-Flite ESC got overheated as a result from holding Full Right Rudder to perform Knife Edges and Bang, lower Voltage or Brown out and lost RF!

Okay a few pictures!

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Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 21, 2012 @ 09:38 PM | 6,628 Views
Hello good people!
My other hobby as you may have noticed is keeping my very old (20+ years) Toyota Camry XLE running perfectly and as STOCK as possible. I have resisted in placing an after-market sound system with the exception of rear 3-way SONY Speakers that are beyond the capacity of the stock radio and Compact Disk player in as far as WATTs.

Speaking of the Compact Disk Player, it has taken me a little over one solid year to find a Salvage Yard that had one at a reasonable price and one that actually worked! The last one had a CD Cleaner disk and was jammed inside the unit and the factory seal was broken. Certainly, I received a full refund but, experiences like those get old very fast, if you know what I mean.

For giggles and laughs, I was looking for some parts for my friend and happen to remember about my own car needing a Compact Disk player of that time frame and came up with a lucky find!

For recent work done to my Camry XLE:

New Paint Job back in August 2012:

Okay, for today's work....see pictures and Video of my newer and working Compact Disk Player (STOCK).

Of course my XLE came with one and has the same plug going to the AM/FM/CASSETTE Radio. (Radio on top and CD Player on the bottom).

Here are a few pictures of my newer Compact Disk player. After perhaps searching...Continue Reading