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Posted by Late99 | Feb 25, 2014 @ 04:57 PM | 4,670 Views
I feel like a boy in a candy store.

And I also think that this hobby has made a bit crazy. I've got two scratch built planes under work, two ready planes waiting for maiden, several other planes to fly and still I need more.

Or does it just tell about how rewarding hobby this is? Always room to learn new things... I'm really waiting for summer and having fun with the Slick. Need to do lot of 3D practicing first with foamies, though.
Posted by Late99 | Feb 06, 2014 @ 02:34 PM | 5,559 Views
Today was a beautiful winter day and I took several planes with me to work. We spent part of the lunch break flying them on the ice next to the office buildings. Optimal winter conditions, sunny day, no practically any wind (maybe max 2m/s) and not too cold.

Couple of work mates were very interested and eager to try. Unfortunately I'm unable to buddy box my Spectrum DX6i and Turnigy T9X due to different channel mapping on them.

Nevertheless, everything went well until we managed to crash Yak-12 into some obstacle (wall). To summarize my lessons:
1. When you let your (relative) inexperienced friends fly, talk first about simple pattern flying. Just make them fly big circle and if that's easy then figure 8. Also emphasize several times how high three mistakes high is and tell them that height is not enemy, it's your friend.
2. When friend is flying don't do anything else simultaneously. Watch the plane and give him instructions continuously (take more height, turn left, decrease throttle etc).
3. Just simply get the buddy box capability.

Fortunately Yak took the hit extremely well. Cowling broke, need to get new or build new. I'll first try if I manage to manufacture it myself from scrap plastic. Also motor mount got loose. Fortunately cleanly and it was very easy to re-glue. Also wing struts came loose, simple re-gluing, too. Also few small dings on wing leading edge, but they're nothing to worry.

Once again this proved how good beginner plane Yak is. Inexperienced guys were able to fly it for long time and it's flyable after some gluing (without any major visible damage). As already several people have noticed, the cowl is a weak place.

Nevertheless, we had a blast! Nice friends, sunny weather and no wind. What else RC enthusiast can hope?!