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DustOff #4 - Converted EPP 48cm Chuck Glider - Too Windy ;-)

Here is a link to the Video:

Well, I went out with (3) aircraft in this flight session and the Converted Chuck Glider is the only one I flew because the wind was at 6-9mph when I started and 8-11mph by the time I finished.
I flew only the Chuck Glider because the EPP Foam is so durable and I have (2) more of these airframes ;-)
Let's get it into the Stiff Air!

Here is a link to the Chuck Glider Conversion Playlist:

Here are links to all the components we used in this project:

48cm Big Size Hand Launch Throwing Aircraft Airplane Glider DIY Inertial Foam EPP

DYS BE1104 1104 Brushless Motor 5400KV 6500KV 7000KV 2-3S for 100 120 150 RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor - 7000KV

2 Pairs Gemfan 3025 PC Propeller CW/CCW For 1104 Motor 120 150 160 RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor

2.4G 4CH Micro Low Voltage DSM2 DSMX Compatible Receiver Built-in Brushed ESC

EMAX Babyhawk 85mm FPV Racing Drone Spare Part 2S 7.4V 300mAh 35c Lipo

HobbyKingô HK-5320S Ultra-Micro Digital Servo 0.075kg / 0.09sec / 1.7g

Turnigy MultiStar Race Spec 7A BLHeli-S ESC 1~2s (Opto)

Pololu Adjustable Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator S7V8A

Turbowing 5.8G 48CH 25mw Transmitter 700TVL 120 Degree Wide Angle Wireless FPV Camera NTSC - Copper Antenna

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

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Originally Posted by Mark 2
Well Iíve pulled the trigger, so mine is on the way.
Iím thinking about using the 6ch Spektrum antennaless receiver, do you guys think that would work OK in this plane? Only thing Iím worried about is the size of the battery possibly blanking the receiver at some angles.

It should work but I recommend an AR636 SAFE Select Receiver. It does not have signal strength telemetry like the antennaless receivers or the Taranis/Frysky systems. You already have a DX 6-9 transmitter right?

See my blog on why Iím using the AR636 wing leveling feature to minimize prop and wing surface contact. Will post flight test results in about 2 weeks using the V900 636 receiver.
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Originally Posted by Mark 2
Well Iíve pulled the trigger, so mine is on the way.
Iím thinking about using the 6ch Spektrum antennaless receiver, do you guys think that would work OK in this plane? Only thing Iím worried about is the size of the battery possibly blanking the receiver at some angles.

If you donít want to have the benefits of a SAFE receiver then yes. I have the 4ch antennaless receiver in a DHLG 60 inch glider that has carbon fiber imbedded in the Kevlar fuselage. Itís a 8.9 ounce David Forbes Vixen that I donít want to lose. The nice feature of the 4 and 6 ch design is that your DX transmitter shows signal strength in various aircraft positions where battery and metal, and carbon can interfere. To verify and validate adequate signal strength this I had another pilot point the CF fuselage and tail at me about 1000 ft away. I could barely see the rudder and elevator move but we had cell phone speaker comms open to coordinate the test. I found no low signal strength values at my DX9 telemetry screen and flaperons, and rudder and elevator worked perfectly. The nice feature of this new design is that you could use 3M Dual Lock (not flexible velcro) to mount the RX in the wing to test signal strength. When testing is completed you would have less connections at the wing and fuselage.

I like to have gyro technology level my wings on crosswind landings and takeoffs. This will...Continue Reading
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Hello everyone, I am curious to find out if my old analog controller and receiver Will work with a new PNF Model . I have a futaba sky sport 4 (modeL:T4VF). This is a 4 channel That came with my hobbico superstar 40 . The receiver is a FP - R12 7DF . This is a 7 channel receiver but I can only use 4 of them with my transmitter .The plane I am thinking of purchasing is a H-King Skipper All Terrain Airplane ,EPO ,700mm span.For this plane I will need ,4CH transmitter and receiver also a few 3S 1300~2200mAh lipo batteries and the charger for them. I think my real question is will the new ECS Work with my older receiver . From what I have seen , Main power Into the ECS Then 2 The motor And another line going into your throttle control on your receiver . How does this work when the receiver has its own dedicated Battery Channel ? Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated . Thank you for your time .

Currently flying a Hobbico Super Star 40 And a sky King 959
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The old now V911 heli control board is getting hard to find and some what premium priced ..
So I felt the need to find an alternative ..

There is still the V949 control boards , but with the release of the new V911s Helicopter !
I thought I might search out a control board and see if it can be used for other applications .
Being a fan of the V911 boards , they will be missed for being a cost effective way of controlling RC projects ..

The V911s board is not a very good option at all .. Much cheaper to buy a 4ch micro Rx and some cheap servos ..
Especially since the FS2A one from Banggood runs so well on a 1s battery ..

Either way , I thought I would try out the new V911s board . ( For my curiosity )
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Vwhoop90 mod to reduce friction & scuffing on the ground. This simple mod on this Eachine Vwhoop90 Brushless Tiny Whoop Tiny Whoov 2-in-1 FPV Racing Drone with Crazybee F3 700TVL Cam improves performance & reduces friction & scuffing on smooth flat ground surfaces. I also share a couple of other minor improvements in this video. Hope you find this rc whoover mod helpful.

Get this Eachine vWhoop90 Brushless Tiny Whoop Tiny Whoov 2 in 1 FPV Racing Drone here now:

Eachine Vwhoop90 Brushless 2 in 1 FPV Racing Drone MOD (9 min 53 sec)

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class fpv freestyle (6 min 56 sec)

Posted by Miami Mike | Apr 04, 2019 @ 06:15 PM | 3,285 Views
I've updated my gldsim.lua Glider Simulator script with a new look, a new feature, and compatibility with all of the "Taranis" line of FrSky/OpenTX radios running OpenTX version 2.2, while maintaining compatibility with OpenTX version 2.1.

It not only works with the Taranis X9D, X9D+, and X9E...

it also works with the Q X7...

...Continue Reading
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In this video I'll show you step by step how to connect the RunCam Eagle2 Pro camera and get preview from it.
In the further part of the video you'll see tests of this camera in the field.

RunCam Eagle2 Pro - unboxing, first run, getting the camera preview (8 min 28 sec)

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Brodak calls this color Cream Dallas, but I think it is closer to Wiffle Bat Yellow. Oh, well. The price was right.
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It seems like there's always a lot of questions on how to setup the Lemon stabilizer in a plane. There's a lot of guides out there, but it seems like that first setup can be daunting to a gyro newbie. I created this guide to help out some who may be needing some setup help.

First, let me make it clear that there's 2 different Lemon gyro types currently on the market. The Lemon Stabilizer and the Lemon Stabilizer PLUS. I personally prefer the standard Lemon Stabilizers, since the PLUS versions are a bit more complicated and more tedious to setup (IMO). Before you get started, make sure you know which version you are using. The standard lemon has the satellite port next to the dials. The PLUS model has a recessed button. This blog is discussing how to set up the STANDARD Lemon Gyros.

Please note: In order to utilize all 6 channels on a Lemon Stabilizer, you MUST have a 7+ channel transmitter. I know this doesn't make sense, but trust me. If you have a Dx6 and you have a 6ch airplane, this guide will not help you. There are gyro options available that can work, such as the admiral gyro receivers and the orange gyro, but the standard Lemon gyro is NOT recommended if you have a 6ch transmitter and a plane that requires all 6 channels.

Why? Because with a standard Lemon Gyro, the GEAR channel turns the gyro on/off. This means that...Continue Reading
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In 1080p 60fps - Here is the raw uncut footage of my flight with the RocHobby Super Scorpion 70mm EDF Jet.

RocHobby Super Scorpion 70mm EDF Jet - Redemption Flight (4 min 26 sec)

This flight video was 100% personal. 4 years ago, I gave up on this Super Scorpion and sold her wreckage after my inexperienced self crashed her on the maiden flight. I was 100% to blame, using poor hand launch technique. I had always regretted making that decision and definitely something I wasn't proud of.. giving up too soon.

I sold this Super Scorpion to an RC Pilot who had repaired and flown / crashed her a few more times, repaired again, and was inevitably sold to my RC pilot friend Dustin who is now the current owner. He was very kind enough to loan her to me to re-trim, tune, and test fly. He must've been very confident of my skills knowing my previous history with this model. 4 years is a long time though, and I've learned and gained a lot of experience, especially with hand launch models since then. So I had to go for it.

It's not often that you get second chances, and with the same exact plane that you sold 4 years ago! So being able to make amends and come full circle was something I felt I needed to do. I'm very thankful that I was given the chance, and a big thank you to Dustin who loaned her to me for the opportunity at redemption.

Shortly after this flight, I ordered a new RocHobby Super Scorpion 70mm EDF Jet directly from FMS Models: Reading
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WPL snow tracks (1 min 4 sec)

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Halloa people

sooo.. you have probably come across previous Jumper transmitters? The selling points of those were:
1. inexpensive; 2. multi-protocol; 3. small (tiny)
And this new T16 holds true to most of those.. it is NOT small however

Feel free to post Your experiences / review / questions etc about the radio offcourse
I'll start with a first part to my review of it

Jumper T16 Multi Protocol Radio - Review Part 1 (32 min 45 sec)

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Minimum RC Piper J3 (3 min 16 sec)

Here is some flight video ...
The J3 really can fly well when the correct CG is achieved .

I was how ever having issue with the V911 flight board , where by the servos would stop working for some reason ( ?????????????????????????? )
Don't ask me , everything was fine , then crash !

There just was no servo response .. I could cut the throttle just fine , but the servos .
Cant blame the J3 for the flight board issues !

Anyways , I unsoldered the antenna and replaced it with something much longer ..
Will see what happens ..

Aside from the servo issues , the J3 did impress ...

J3 @ Banggood

Watch the video , and see what you think ...

Sorry - Forgot !
I was flying @ 30% to 50% Throttle ....
So there is more power available ..
Posted by old4570 | Apr 03, 2019 @ 11:38 PM | 1,345 Views
Went to the park , took the UMX Whipit as it has not flown in quite a while ..

UMX Whipit at the park (7 min 59 sec)

What can I say , it was cool and overcast , so the park was dead ! ( No thermal activity )
The whip behaved itself ok , just a little trimming for the conditions .
I really struggled for hang time though ...
What was it with 24 seconds ?
I got in one 41 second toss , but nothing close to a minute ..
Some times the park felt a little like a sink hole !

Minimum RC J3

Took it out to the street this morning ...
It was really hanging it's beehive .. And tip stalling like a champ .
Hmmm , I could only wonder if the CG was too far back .
That wing is a little like a parachute , so it might have been ballooning .
So I move the battery further forward ( Quite a bit )
VIOLA ! - It flies , right into a tree !
But no , it actually flew like a RC plane is supposed to fly ( yeah , right into a tree )
So it flies .. I just need more space ..

I will try and get some video of the J3 , maybe tomorrow morning ...

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Sagitta 900 is ready to fly.
Took a lot of nose wt to get the balance right.
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I got out for a couple of hours of flying after work today.
I was not sure if the wind direction would be flyable as they were calling for a west wind which blows through a tree line and is crossed ..but 25 to 30 mph was calling me
I brought out a Bob Martin Coyote 54 oz
and a 2 M T-Tail that I think is a Gerry 53 oz
I put the Coyote up first and flew for around 40 min, I had not put my gloves on because I was not sure if I could launch it with my left had with a glove on... besides the temps were in the mid 40's,I flew a lot colder that this this past winter
The launch was no problem but by the time I landed my fingers were hurting pretty good {must be getting old}

It took at least 10 minuets of swinging my arms to get my hands warm again and it was time for "Gerry", by this time the wind had picked up to over 30's with gusts around 40 mph trying to rip the plane out of my hands.
I had to sit down on the slope face in front of the plane for at least 5 minute before I got a lull to launch was worth it
The lift was brutal but a blast with some huge pumps and at other times the wind just stopping it as the direction changed to south and then back to west - {North Easter weather at its best}
Keep them in the air Boy's