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Posted by GBLynden | May 28, 2016 @ 01:01 AM | 4,614 Views
This is my Unboxing and Review for the new E-flite UMX B-25 Mitchell BNF Basic RC Plane WWII Bomber. In this video I look it over showing you a variety of different angles, discuss its pros & cons, and I even compare it side by side to the E-flite UMX B-17 Flying Fortress.

Here are some out of the box pros and cons:

- It looks really good
- Landing gear stays on in the box
- Semi symmetrical airfoil
- Reinforced wing and control surfaces

- Landing gear appears to be a weak point
- Elevator asymmetry
- Pre-order issues

E-flite UMX B-25 Mitchell BNF Basic RC Plane WWII Bomber Unboxing and Review (11 min 18 sec)

Posted by GBLynden | May 21, 2016 @ 05:14 PM | 4,617 Views
This is my first outdoor flight in stability mode with my new Blade Zeyrok Drone BNF! I even included a little preview footage with it in stagility mode at the end, including some footage of a crash lol

Blade Zeyrok Drone BNF RC Quadcopter - First Outdoor Flight in Stability Mode (2 min 32 sec)

Posted by GBLynden | May 16, 2016 @ 09:37 PM | 3,882 Views
This my first outdoor flight caught on videso of the new World's Smallest Drone known as the RTF Estes Proto-N!

It is so small I can't believe it even flies and it is even crazier for me to be able to fly it outside and still see it!

First Outdoor Flight With World's Smallest Drone Estes Proto N Nano Quadcopter (3 min 3 sec)

Posted by GBLynden | May 13, 2016 @ 01:09 AM | 25,461 Views
I waited for nearly five months for my Blade Zeyrok Drone BNF RC Quadcopter to arrive and it is finally here! I made an unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Review video with this quadcopter to let you know everything I now know about it.

I went through and unboxed it, talked about its parts and pieces, took it on its maiden flight (I flew it in the dark too), and then did a closing review).

Blade Zeyrok Drone BNF RC Quadcopter Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Review (14 min 21 sec)

Here are my review notes for this Horizon Hobby RC Drone after flying it outdoors:

- Outstanding looks
- It performs much better than I orignally thought it would outdoors, thought I thought it would still do well
- It handles crashes with ease with its lightweight but rugged build
- It is BNF, so it binds to my Spektrum DX6
- Three flight modes
- The lights make it a nice night flyer
- Accepts my 600mAh Nano-Tech batteries

- No prop guards and it is a beginner quad
- It flies like a toy grade quad in some ways
- Brushed motors
- Very loud
Posted by GBLynden | May 07, 2016 @ 02:20 PM | 5,098 Views
This is my first complete flight video with my Runcam 2 Action Cam. I put it to the test in on my RTF Syma X8C Venture recording my crazy friends at our favorite flying spot.

Runcam 2 Action Cam Footage on Syma X8C Venture Drone Quadcopter (5 min 34 sec)

Posted by GBLynden | Apr 30, 2016 @ 11:57 PM | 5,837 Views
In this video I unbox the JXD 510G 5.8G FPV 6 Axis RC Drone, review its parts and pieces, put it through its maiden flight & first FPV Flight, and at the end of the video I wrap it up with a review based on my experiences with this RC Quad.

Here are my review notes for this FPV multirotor:


- Altitude hold is ROCK SOLID!
- The 5.8G FPV has very little latency
- The video display looks great in person
- It is very responsive even on the first of three flight modes
- The 2.0MP HD Camera is solid
- I can use a wide variety of batteries with it given the battery connector is comes with.


- Short flight time (4-5 minutes)

This is the latest version of the JXD 509G FPV Drone and I am excited for the wind to calm down so I can get is some nice flights outdoors.

JXD 510G 5.8G FPV 6-Axis HD Camera RC Drone Quadcopter Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Review (11 min 53 sec)