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Posted by GBLynden | Aug 28, 2012 @ 02:20 AM | 4,982 Views
After about a year and a half years of flying my micros in the wind, here are some basic tips for those who are brand new to this great hobby!

- Make sure to trim your plane and make sure the CG (center of gravity) is dialed in. Since wind can cause this light little planes to do abnormal things, having this baseline down is huge for fun in the wind instead of disappointment.
- Ease into flying in the wind. Continue to slowly push your comfort level as you skills improve.
- Do not fly in gusty wind until you feel like you are an expert flyer in the wind.
- Climb to a manageable altitude as quickly as you can. That will ensure you some wiggle room when the wind pulls your plane in a direction you don't expect. (this is probably the most important of the tips when actually in the air)
- Some guys like to add a little weight to the nose of their plane to give it more weight to help fight the wind.
- Relax! When you are tense, you are less likely to respond dynamically and not over correct.
- Pay attention to the direction the wind is blowing and use it to your advantage. Always land into the wind and try not to stall it too early.

I just came in from successfully flying both my T-28 and Pole Cat in winds I doubted they would ever be able to handle and have a big smile on my face.