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Posted by rcduder | Aug 08, 2014 @ 06:13 PM | 5,325 Views
Here is another battery packs review for you guys


Cell count- 3
Discharge rating- 25c
Mah- 1800
Connector- Deans

I like doing battery pack reviews the most i think and lately i cant get enough of the gforce brand batteries from value hobby!

These packs are low in cost and high in quality, which who isnt looking for that?

I have 2 of these and have been currently testing them in the zeta science extreme 3d model and they fit it perfectly! The extra weight over the 1500mah version makes the extreme fly much better but that has nothing to do with the battery performance.

They can be purchased with different style connectors to fit your needs so check them out at valuehobby.com!

Posted by rcduder | Aug 08, 2014 @ 02:10 PM | 4,693 Views
Here is the new wicked yak epo from rcplanebuilder.com!

This thing is so fun to fly and does very good 3d, now being epo makes it heavier then a standard epp foamy of the same size and thats one thing you can feel in flight is that it flies heavier as well but the performance out weighs the weight of it.

My setup:
Tmotor 2206
Ztw 12a esc
Rcpb 9g servo
X2 rcpb 7g servos
Value hobby dsm2 rx
Value hobby 3s 500mah 30c packs
8x4dd prop

Go check it out at rcplanebuilder.com!


Ps. Flight video coming soon