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Posted by nickchud | Jun 04, 2011 @ 05:53 PM | 13,238 Views
Interested in building your own electric r.c. model planes?

I started from scratch in 2002, knowing nothing and already aged over 50. Like most others, I began with a Ready-to-fly trainer. Something like this is easy to fly, not too easy to break. At 55" wingspan it's big enough and slow enough to give you a little time and it won't break the bank.

Don't try your first flight on a windy day! After fetching it from people's gardens, climbing up trees and trudging over fields, I finally managed to stay airborn till the battery ran down. Wahoo!

Pretty soon more excitement was needed. Sticking with the not-too-easy-to-break theme, I went for a Zagi flying wing.

That also took a little time and a lot of exercise before it was tamed. Then came the need for some of my own creative input. This time, laser cut balsa kits were purchased, eg from Stevens Aero or Mountain Models.

A great deal of building, retrieving and repairing has ensued. As the flying skills improve, exercise for me reduces while exercise for Paddy increases.

I hope you enjoy my model flying story.