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Posted by Blaze0021 | Nov 27, 2016 @ 09:20 PM | 6,582 Views
It was a Hellcat of a weekend. My friend Mike brought out his Dynam F6F Hellcat and it was my first showing of my Tower Hobbies F6F Hellcat.

This is a performance flight of my Tower Hobbies F6F Hellcat, using the Lemon Rx 7-Channel Receiver with Stabilizer and Lemon Rx DSMX Diversity Antenna Satellite.

Tower Hobbies F6F Hellcat w/ Lemon Rx DSMX Receiver / Stabilizer Performance Flight (6 min 48 sec)

I purchased this plane through the Tower Hobbies website for $119 (currently on sale at Tower Hobbies for $99.99, and with the Coupon Code 014BB you can save an additional $15, making the overall price of this Hellcat $84.99):

Not wanting to invest in the additional drama of retracts or flaps, I chose this more simplistic Hellcat model over the Dynam and HobbyKing versions. Assembly of this model was incredibly easy and straightforward. The wing is connected to the fuse with one nylon screw, and the horizontal and vertical stabilizers are joined and bound to the fuse with one metal screw. No gluing of any parts are required. Another thing to note was the excellent quality and finish of this model - Tower Hobbies definitely knew what they were doing when they made this Hellcat. The servos performed flawlessly and centered reliably, and the control surfaces already felt pre-exercised. All that was left to do was to install and center the control rods to the horizontal and vertical stabilizers, and create a...Continue Reading