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Posted by epoxyearl | Dec 04, 2011 @ 09:58 PM | 10,919 Views
Please take what I'm saying to be infomative rather than a history lesson...Many years ago a Piper PA-18 was damaged,either by wind or an accident,I'm not sure.anyway,by the time the broken and bent pieces of the cabin were removed,Jack Poage and Ned Surratt had this bright idea to "improve"it.Well,they moved the wings down to the upper longeron,about shoulder level,and shortened the darn things to about 28 feet.Since the top of the rudder was damaged,they just fiddled about with it,and came up with a kinda Corbin Ace-ish affair that was attractive and purposeful.They shortened the wing struts and added a sorta windshield/canopy to hide Ned.They painted it white with some red and blue stripes and called it The Midwing Special.It does have an attraction,I'll admit,that I'd always wanted to model it.Neil Snodgrass beat me to it,and cleaned everbody's clock in the ?80's?in stand-off scale.He still has it ,and although it's for sale,you prolly won't buy it.Good work Neil.Enough talk for now.Watch a 15 minute video at WWW.2000 Air Victory Museum Air Fair" Later.click "comments"for picture.