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I have an ancient Telemaster 40 that was for sale. It wasn't getting any serious interest. So I stripped it down of all of its monokote/econocote. Whatever it was it took about 15 hours to get to bare balsa. I used an Xacto, packing tape and Scotchbrite pads. Time consuming. No wonder it's a job most avoid. Hunting cool color schemes down. May just go with stock red and white. It was a Hobby Lobby plane. It has builder markings in it.
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After flying my Blade Nano S2 enough to wear down the performance of the stock, brushed motor, I decided to install Horizon Hobby's brushless upgrade, BLH3325, into the S2. I chose to basically copy the install posted by HF member, Chris1683 in the HF thread, Ideas about brushless upgrade, because, well, it seems like the best way.

As many nano-enthusiasts will attest, keeping the weight of the nano as low as possible is an important factor. The weight of the nano can affect everything from tail hold to flight time, as well as climb-out and flipping performance! Before the installation, I weighed the S2 without a battery. The scale waffled between 26g and 27g, but seemed to settle on 26g, as shown in Fig. 1. I decided to pull the HH brushless motor and ESC from my Nano CPS since I knew that they would add only about 2g, overall.

One key to keeping the weight of the brushless upgrade on the low side is getting rid of the connectors that come with the upgrade and shortening the wires as much as possible. Of course this makes soldering even more difficult, and it's not easy for me to see such small solder points. I almost felt like I was soldering blind!

As shown in Fig. 2, I removed the brushless ESC from its shrink-wrap and then soldered on new, slightly thicker wires. The only decent place to mount the ESC is on front of the receiver board, and the stock wires were getting in the way. So I removed the stock wires and soldered the thicker wires to the...Continue Reading
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Shot at a recent Open House Fly-In event at the Burnaby Lake Flyers field.
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I have a FeiBao 1/7 scale F-5 for sale

. I set up the jet as a 120mm EDF. I still have the split Turbine pipe, fuel tanks, intakes and small other items to convert back to Turbine.
You will have to install wood mounts to install your Turbine. The front nose wood mount needs fixing (ran off the runway into the grass )...Daaaaa
Comes with a 9ch X spectrum receiver. The flight stabilizer is an Eagle tree guardian. Air Breaks and all the servos
I used a 3 cell 2200 for the BEC Pro receiver power and two 6 cell 5000 battery packs to fly it.
The jet WILL NOT come with the 120mm EDF unit or the 160 HV ESC.

I will take $1700 for it, I have Paypal. you will have to pay for boxing and shipping or pick up in KY zip 40160.

I am starting a new project and the Boss said "Clean out the hanger".
I am King of the castle ,,,,,, when she's not home.....

Feel free to PM me for any questions and photos.

Thanks for looking.


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After working through some of the kinks with the FT Simple Cub, I managed to add another kink by bending the prop shaft. I had actually never done that before. But I guess all that lawn darting can lead to it. I didn't even realize it had happened until I had done some repairs and was ready to fly it again.

FT Simple Cub... Bent motor/prop shaft? (2 min 2 sec)

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Got this kit from sunset models as a shrank down version of the 120 kit. The stick sizes weren’t scaled down to standard size so 3/8 spruce was just too small for spars. 1cm carbon square used instead. Wing is SOLID so far.
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A while ago (2005) I build this catamaran with 2 Phoenix 125 speed controlers and 2 Graupner inline 700m 24v. brushless motors.
The first time I went sailing, the 2x 16 NiMh cells melted!
So i parked the boat and recently i dusted the thing and decided to try again.
I bought 2 LiPo 6s 22.2v 5400Mah and tried my luck... and failed. Again.
The double speedcontrolers where fried while testing the motors and setup.
Now i need two new speed controlers who can stand the heat, abuse and the current.
Can anyone give mee advice?
I would like to enjoy this boat and stop putting money in this project.

Trying an other hobby is not the answer i expect :-)
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今回はFRPでWTCを作るつもりです。 WTC(water tight compartment)...not cylinder
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マグネットを4か所仕込むところまで。当初8か所にするつもりでしたが、磁力が強いので4か所に減らしても 可かと。
...Continue Reading
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Item No.:E564-003
Model Name: 1:20 RC Mercedes-Benz Arocs Container Truck
Size of vehicle (cm): 60.6*16.1*21.7
Radio controlled: trailer split joints, trailer hight level control.
Speed: 10km/h
Remote distance: 20 meters;
Simulated Lights/Sounds (mute button)
Rechargeable battery and USB charging line included
For more products visit:
Business enquire: [email protected]
Double-Eagle Rc 1:20 Mercedes Container Truck Model toys (0 min 58 sec)

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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Makerfire Happymodel 3s 11 1v 300mah HV30 60C Lipo battery review. Suitable for power whoops like a HappyModel Mobula 7 HD, FullSpeed Tinyleader, 75mm Crazybee F4 Pro CineWhoop, URUAV UR85/UR85HK etc. I test performance & duration on a Fullspeed Tinyleader HD CineWhoop.

You can get these Makerfire Happymodel 3S 11.4V 300mah Lipo Batteries HV 30C/60C with XT30 connector in uk here:

You can get these Makerfire Happymodel 3S 11.4V 300mah Lipo Batteries HV 30C/60C with XT30 connector internationally here:

Makerfire Happymodel 3s 11 1v 300mah HV30-60C Lipo battery review (7 min 19 sec)

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My max 5 lost power have to turn it off and on the red light be blinking can someone help